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Warchest : Megadeth

Artist : Megadeth
Genre : Rock
Label : EMI
Release Date : October 02, 2007


1Killing Is My Business...and Business Is Good
2The Skull Beneath the Skin
3Peace Sells
4Watch Wake Up Dead Video Wake Up Dead
5Devils Island
6Set the World Afire
7Into the Lungs of Hell
8Anarchy/Problems [session take]
9Hook in Mouth
11Watch In My Darkest Hour Video In My Darkest Hour
12Watch No More Mr. Nice Guy Video No More Mr. Nice Guy
13"Dark Themes"
14Holy Wars...the Punishment Due
15Tornado of Souls [demo]
16Five Magics [demo]
17Watch Hangar 18 Video Hangar 18
18"Keeping Score"
19Watch Symphony of Destruction Video Symphony of Destruction
20Watch Go to Hell Video Go to Hell
21Watch Foreclosure of a Dream Video Foreclosure of a Dream
22Architecture of Aggression [demo]
23Skin O' My Teeth [Live]
24High Speed Dirt [Live]
25Ashes in Your Mouth [Live]
26Sweating Bullets [Live]
27Breakpoint [session take]
28Angry Again
29Train of Consequences
30Watch Reckoning Day Video Reckoning Day
31New World Order
32The Killing Road
33Strange Ways
36Watch A Tout le Monde Video A Tout le Monde
38Watch Almost Honest Video Almost Honest
39Use the Man
41A Secret Place [Live]
42One Thing
43Duke Nukem
45Watch Crush 'em Video Crush 'em
46Kill the King
47Dread and the Fugitive Mind
48Never Say Die
49Watch Moto Psycho Video Moto Psycho
501000 Times Goodbye
51Coming Home
52Kick the Chair
53Watch Of Mice and Men Video Of Mice and Men
55Watch Wake Up Dead Video Wake Up Dead
56Watch Hangar 18 Video Hangar 18
57Hook in Mouth
58The Skull Beneath the Skin
59The Conjuring
60Watch In My Darkest Hour Video In My Darkest Hour
62Devils Island
63Take No Prisoners
64Peace Sells
65Black Friday
66It's Electric
67Watch Anarchy in the U.K. Video Anarchy in the U.K.
68Holy Wars-- The Punishment
69Intro/Holy Wars...the Punishment Due [Live]
70Wake Up Dead [Live]
71Hangar 18 [Live]
72Lucretia [Live]
73Sweating Bullets [Live]
74In My Darkest Hour [Live]
75Tornado of Souls [Live]
76Ashes in Your Mouth [Live]
77Peace Sells [Live]
78Anarchy in the U.K. [Live]