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Genesis 1976-1982 : Genesis

Genesis 1976-1982
Artist : Genesis
Genre : Rock
Label : Virgin
Release Date : May 15, 2007


1Dance on a Volcano
4Mad Man Moon
5Robbery, Assault and Battery
7A Trick of the Tail
8Los Endos
9Dance on a Volcano [DVD]
10Entangled [DVD]
11Squonk [DVD]
12Mad Man Moon [DVD]
13Robbery, Assault and Battery [DVD]
14Ripples... [DVD]
15A Trick of the Tail [DVD]
16Los Endos [DVD]
17Eleventh Earl of Mar
18One for the Vine
19Your Own Special Way
20Wot Gorilla?
21All in a Mouse's Night
22Blood on the Rooftops
23Unquiet Slumbers for the Sleepers
24...in That Quiet Earth
26Eleventh Earl of Mar [DVD]
27One for the Vine [DVD]
28Your Own Special Way [DVD]
29Wot Gorilla? [DVD]
30All in a Mouse's Night [DVD]
31Blood on the Rooftops [DVD]
32Unquiet Slumbers for the Sleepers [DVD]
33...in That Quiet Earth [DVD]
34Afterglow [DVD]
35Down and Out
37Ballad of Big
39Burning Rope
40Deep in the Motherlode
41Watch Many Too Many Video Many Too Many
42Scenes from a Night's Dream
43Say It's Alright Joe
44The Lady Lies
45Watch Follow You Follow Me Video Follow You Follow Me
46Down and Out [DVD]
47Undertow [DVD]
48Ballad of Big [DVD]
49Snowbound [DVD]
50Burning Rope [DVD]
51Deep in the Motherlode [DVD]
52Many Too Many [DVD]
53Scenes from a Night's Dream [DVD]
54Say It's Alright Joe [DVD]
55The Lady Lies [DVD]
56Follow You Follow Me [DVD]
57Behind the Lines
58Watch Duchess Video Duchess
59Guide Vocal
60Man of Our Times
61Watch Misunderstanding Video Misunderstanding
63Turn It on Again
64Alone Tonight
66Please Don't Ask
67Duke's Travels
68Duke's End
69Behind the Lines [DVD]
70Duchess [DVD]
71Guide Vocal [DVD]
72Man of Our Times [DVD]
73Misunderstanding [DVD]
74Heathaze [DVD]
75Turn It on Again [DVD]
76Alone Tonight [DVD]
77Cul-De-Sac [DVD]
78Please Don't Ask [DVD]
79Duke's Travels [DVD]
80Duke's End [DVD]
81Watch Abacab Video Abacab
82No Reply at All
83Me and Sarah Jane
84Watch Keep It Dark Video Keep It Dark
86Who Dunnit?
87Watch Man on the Corner Video Man on the Corner
88Like It or Not
89Another Record
90Abacab [DVD]
91No Reply at All [DVD]
92Me and Sarah Jane [DVD]
93Keep It Dark [DVD]
94Dodo/Lurker [DVD]
95Who Dunnit? [DVD]
96Man on the Corner [DVD]
97Like It or Not [DVD]
98Another Record [DVD]