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Harry on Broadway, Act 1 : Harry Connick Jr.

Harry on Broadway, Act 1
Artist : Harry Connick Jr.
Genre : Vocal
Label : Columbia
Release Year : 2006


2Racing with the Clock
3A New Town Is a Blue Town
4I'm Not at All in Love
5I'll Never Be Jealous Again
6Hey There
7Sleep Tite
8Her Is
9Once a Year Day
10Once a Year Day Playoff
11Her Is
12Small Talk
13There Once Was a Man
14Factory Music/Slow Down
15Hey There
16Steam Heat
17The World Around Us
18Hey There Reprise/If You Win You Lose
19Think of the Time I Save
20Hernando's Hideaway
21The Three of Us
22Seven-and-a-Half Cents
23There Once Was a Man
24Hernando's Jive
25The Pajama Game
26Oh, My Dear (Something's Gone Wrong)
27Can't We Tell
28Such Love
29I Like Love More
30My Little World
31All Things
32I Need to Be in Love
33Oh! Ain't That Sweet
34The Other Hours
35Take Advantage
36Take Her to the Mardi Gras

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