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The Essential DJ 12" Inch and Mega Mixes : 2 Live Crew

The Essential DJ 12
Artist : 2 Live Crew
Genre : Rap
Label : Little Joe
Release Year : 2002


1Throw the D*cK [Original 12" Version]
2We Want Some P*ssy [German House Mix]
3Watch Me So Horny Video Me So Horny
4Mega Mixx IV [Banned in the USA]
5Get It Girl [Extended Mix]
6C'mon Babe [Doo Doo Brown Mix]
7Banned in the U.S.A. - What Is This? [Much 2 Black Mix]
8Mega Mixx [DJ Laz & Felix Sama]
9Pop That P*ssy
10Bass 9-1-7
11Mama Juanita [Laid Back Mix]
12Get the F*cK Out My House [House Mix]
13We Want Some P*ssy [Liberty City Long Hard Mix]
14Throw the D*cK [Original Dub Instrumental Mix]
15Watch 2 Live Party Video 2 Live Party
16Big Boy Of Da Chain
17Big Booty Hoes
18Get Retarded
19Smurf Rock
20Bass Rock Express
21Bass Mechanic
22Show You A Shot
23I Gotcha Baby
24Pull It All The Way Down
25Shake Them Tixxies
26Boot The Booty
27Must Be The Booty
28Work For This Money
29Let Me See You Ride
30Smurf Rock Remix