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Live in Chicago : Ween

Live in Chicago
Artist : Ween
Genre : Rock
Label : Sanctuary
Release Year : 2004


1Buckingham Green [Multimedia Track]
2Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down) [Multimedia Track]
3Pork Roll Egg and Cheese [Multimedia Track]
4Take Me Away [Multimedia Track]
5The Grobe [Multimedia Track]
6Transdermal Celebration [Multimedia Track]
7Even if You Don't [Multimedia Track]
8Voodoo Lady [Multimedia Track]
9Baby Bitch [Multimedia Track]
10The H.I.V. Song [Multimedia Track]
11Roses Are Free [Multimedia Track]
12Mutilated Lips [Multimedia Track]
13Chocolate Town [Multimedia Track]
14I'll Be Your Jonny on th' Spot [Multimedia Track]
15Touch My Tooter [Multimedia Track]
16The Argus [Multimedia Track]
17Zoloft [Multimedia Track]
18Ocean Man [Multimedia Track]
19Don't Laugh (I Love You) [Multimedia Track]
20All of My Love [Multimedia Track]
21Big Jilm [Multimedia Track]
22You F**ked Up [Multimedia Track]
23Doctor Rock [Multimedia Track]
24She F**ks Me (Encore) [Multimedia Track]
25Booze Me Up and Get Me High [Multimedia Track]
26The Blarney Stone [Multimedia Track]
27Take Me Away
28The Grobe
29Transdermal Celebration
30Even if You Don't
31Voodoo Lady
32The H.I.V. Song
33Baby Bitch
34Roses Are Free
35Mutilated Lips
36Chocolate Town
37I'll Be Your Jonny on th' Spot
38Buckingham Green
39Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)
40Pork Roll Egg and Cheese
41The Argus
43Ocean Man