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My Lives : Billy Joel

My Lives
Artist : Billy Joel
Genre : Rock
Label : Columbia
Release Year : 2005


1My Journey's End
2Time and Time Again
3Ever Step I Take (Every Move I Make)
4You've Got Me Hummin'
5Amplifier Fire
6Only a Man [Demo Version]
7She's Got a Way [Album Version]
8Oyster Bay
9Watch Piano Man Video Piano Man
10The Siegfield Line [Demo Version]
11New Mexico [Demo Version]
12Cross to Bear [Demo Version]
13Miami 2017 [Demo Version]
14These Rhinestone Days [Demo Version]
15Everybody Has a Dream
16Only the Good Die Young [Alternate Version]
17Until the Night [Album Version]
18Zanzibar [Album Version]
19It's Still Rock and Roll to Me [Album Version]
20Captain Jack [Live]
21The End of the World [Demo Version]
22The Prime of Your Life [Demo Version]
23She's Right on Time [Album Version]
24Elvis Presley Blvd.
25Nobody Knows But Me
26An Innocent Man [Album Version]
27Christie Lee [Demo Version]
28Easy Money [Album Version]
29And So It Goes [Demo Version]
30I'll Cry Instead [Live]
31Keeping the Faith 12" Dance Remix]
32Modern Woman [Album Version]
33Watch Baby Grand Video Baby Grand
34Getting Closer [Alternate Version]
35House of Blue Light
36Money or Love [Demo Version]
37The Times They Are A-Changin' [Album Version][Live]
38The Downeaster "Alexa" [Album Version]
39I Go to Extremes [Live]
41Watch All Shook Up Video All Shook Up
42Heartbreak Hotel
43When You Wish Upon a Star
44In a Sentimental Mood
45Motorcycle Song [Demo Version]
46You Picked a Real Bad Time
47The River of Dreams [Alternate Version]
48A Hard Day's Night
49Light as the Breeze
50Watch To Make You Feel My Love Video To Make You Feel My Love
51Watch Hey Girl Video Hey Girl
52Why Should I Worry
53Where Were You (On Our Wedding Day)? [Album Version]
54Highway 61 Revisited [Demo Version]
55Movin' Out
56You May Be Right [Live]
57Watch Big Shot Video Big Shot
58Don't Worry Baby
59Goodnight Saigon [Vietnam Veterans Version]
60Los Angelenos
61New York State of Mind
62Opus 1. Soliloquy (On a Separation)
63Opus 8. Suite for Piano (Star-Crossed): I. Innamorato
64Opus 8. Suite for Piano (Star-Crossed): II. Sorbetto
65Opus 8. Suite for Piano (Star-Crossed): III. Delusion
66Elegy: The Great Peconic
67[Untitled Track]
68No Man's Land [DVD] [Live]
69Pressure [DVD] [Live]
70Ballad of Billy the Kid [DVD] [Live]
71Leningrad [DVD] [Live]
72Allentown [DVD] [Live]
73My Life [DVD] [Live]
74I Go to Extremes [DVD] [Live]
75Shades of Grey [DVD] [Live]
76The River of Dreams [DVD] [Live]
77Goodnight Saigon [DVD] [Live]
78We Didn't Start the Fire [DVD] [Live]
79A Hard Day's Night [DVD] [Live]
80Big Shot [DVD] [Live]
81Piano Man [DVD] [Live]