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Free Agents: The Murda Mix Tape : Mobb Deep

Free Agents: The Murda Mix Tape
Artist : Mobb Deep
Genre : Rap
Label : Landspeed
Release Year : 2003


1This Is Not Supposed To Be Positive (Intro)
3Survival of the Fittest 2003
4Paid in Full
5Double Shots
6What Can I Do?
7Favorite Rapper
8Let's Pop (feat. Dog from ACD)
9It's Over
10The Illest
11Just Got Out The Box (skit)
13Clap First
14Watch That Ni**a
15Came Up
16Don't Call Tasha
17One Tribe (skit)
18Cradle To The Grave (Freestyle)
19Tough Love (Freestyle)
20Can't F*** With Us (Freestyle)
21Right Back At You (Freestyle)
22Shook Ones (Freestyle)
23First Infantry - Forth of July (feat. Prodigy, Alchemist, Twin & Evidence)
24First Infantry - Speak With The Heat (feat. Havoc & Twin)
25First Infantry - Serious (feat. Prodigy)
26First Infantry - Backwards (feat. Mobb Deep)
27Mobb Deep - Get Back Remix (feat. Noyd)
28Mobb Deep - Burn Something (feat. Littles)
2950 Cent - Bump That (feat. Noyd & Havoc)
30Infamous Mobb - Mobb Ni**as (feat. Prodigy)
31Infamous Mobb - Killa Queens (feat. Noyd)
32Infamous Mobb - War (feat. Havoc)
33Noyd - Bang Bang
34Noyd - Air It Out (feat. Havoc)
35Twin Gambino - B.I.G. T.W.I.N.S.
36Cormega - Thun & Kicko (feat. Prodigy)
37Tragedy - What's Poppin' (feat. Havoc)
38Kool G Rap - Where You At (feat. Prodigy)
39Kool G Rap - Thug Chronicles (unreleased version feat. Havoc)
40Poet - The Heat Is On (feat. Prodigy)