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His Definitive Greatest Hits : B.B. King

His Definitive Greatest Hits
Artist : B.B. King
Genre : Blues
Label : Polygram International
Release Year : 1999


1The Thrill Is Gone [1969]
2Paying the Cost to Be the Boss [1968]
3Don't Answer the Door, Pts. 1 & 2 [1966]
4I Like to Live the Love [1973]
5How Blue Can You Get? [1964]
6Why I Sing the Blues [1969]
7Chains and Things [1970]
8To Know You Is to Love You [1973]
9When Love Comes to Town [7" Edit and Mix] [1988]
10Playin' With My Friends [1993]
11Never Make a Move Too Soon [1978]
12Better Not Look Down [1979]
13There Must Be a Better World Somewhere [1981]
14Hummingbird [1970]
15Every Day I Have the Blues [1965][Live]
16Sweet Little Angel [1965][Live]
17Help the Poor [1964]
18So Excited [1969]
19Broken Heart [1983]
20Ghetto Woman [1971]
21Ain't Nobody Home [1971]
22Darlin' You Know I Love You [1983]
23In the Midnight Hour [1985]
24Into the Night [1985]
25My Lucille [1985]
26The Blues Come over Me [1991]
27Since I Met You Baby [1992]
28I'm Moving On [1991]
29Let the Good Times Roll [1976][Live]
30Woke up This Morning (My Baby's Gone) [1965][Live]
31Three O'Clock Blues [1974][Live]
32Please Love Me [1965][Live]
33Caldonia [1980][Live]
34Rock Me Baby [1990][Live]