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Greatest Hits [Japan Bonus Tracks/Bonus CD] : The Cure

Greatest Hits [Japan Bonus Tracks/Bonus CD]
Artist : The Cure
Genre : Rock
Label : Universal International
Release Year : 2002


1Watch Boys Don't Cry Video Boys Don't Cry
2Watch A Forest Video A Forest
3Let's Go to Bed
4Watch The Lovecats Video The Lovecats
5Watch The Caterpillar Video The Caterpillar
6Watch In Between Days Video In Between Days
7Watch Close to Me Video Close to Me
8Why Can't I Be You?
9Watch Just Like Heaven Video Just Like Heaven
11Watch Lovesong Video Lovesong
12Watch Pictures of You Video Pictures of You
13Watch Never Enough Video Never Enough
14Watch Friday I'm in Love Video Friday I'm in Love
15Watch Mint Car Video Mint Car
16Wrong Number
17Watch Cut Here Video Cut Here
18Watch High Video High
19Watch Just Say Yes Video Just Say Yes
20Boys Don't Cry (Acoustic)
21A Forest (Acoustic)
22Let's Go To Bed (Acoustic)
23The Walk (Acoustic)
24Lovecats (Acoustic)
25Inbetween Days (Acoustic)
26Close To Me (Acoustic)
27Why Can't I Be You (Acoustic)
28Just Like Heaven (Acoustic)
29Lullaby (Acoustic)
30Lovesong (Acoustic)
31Never Enough (Acoustic)
32High (Acoustic)
33Friday I'm In Love (Acoustic)
34Mint Car (Acoustic)
35Wrong Number (Acoustic)
36Cut Here (Acoustic)
37Just Say Yes (Acoustic)