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The Complete Upsetter Collection : Bob Marley

The Complete Upsetter Collection
Artist : Bob Marley
Genre : Reggae
Label : Trojan
Release Year : 2000


1Soul Rebel
2Soul Rebel [Version 4]
3Soul Rebel [Alternate Version]
4Soul Rebel [Dub Version]
5Run for Cover
6Try Me
7Try Me [Dub Version]
8It's Alright
9It's Alright [Dub Version]
10It's Alright [Alternate Version]
11No Sympathy
12No Sympathy [Dub Version]
13My Cup
14Version of Cup
15Rebel's Hop
16Rebel's Hop [Dub Version]
17Corner Stone
18Corner Stone [Dub Version]
19Jah Is Mighty [Corner Stone Version2]
20400 Years
21400 Years [Dub Version]
22No Water
23No Water [Dub Version]
25Reaction [Dub Version]
26Soul Almighty
27Soul Almighty [Dub Version]
28Shocks of Mighty, Pt. 1
29Shocks of Mighty, Pt. 2
30Shocks of Mighty [Dub Version]
31True Love
32Cloud Nine
33Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying [Dub Version]
34Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying [Dub Version]
35Duppy Conqueror
36Duppy Conqueror [Version 4]
37Upsetting Station
38Duppy Conqueror [Alternate Mix]
39Mr. Brown
40Mr. Brown [Dub Version]
41Small Axe
42More Axe
43Battle Axe
44Shocks 71
45More Axe
46The Axe Man
47Picture on the Wall
48Picture on the Wall [Version 3]
50Dreamland [Instrumental]
52Dreamland [Version 2]
53All in One Medley: (Bend Down Low/Nice Time/One Love/Simmer Down/It Hur
54All in One (Pt. 2): Love & Affection/Put It on/Duppy Conqueror
55Copasetic [Meldey-Dub Version]: Bend Me Low/Nice Time/One Love/Simmer D
57Downpresser [Dub Version]
58Long Long Winter
59Long Long Winter [Dub Version]
60Love Light
61Love Light [Dub]
62Love Light [Alternate Version]
63Send Me That Love
64What Confusion
65Man to Man
66Man to Man [Dub Version]
67Keep on Moving
68Keep on Moving [Dub Version]
69Keep on Moving [Moving Version]
70Keep on Moving [Alternate Version]
71Don't Rock the Boat
72Don't Rock My Boat [Dub Version]
73Don't Rock My Boat [Alternate Mix]
74Like It Like This (Don't Rock My Boat)
75Don't Rock My Boat [Alternate Mix]
76Put It On
77Put It On [Dub Version]
78Fussing and Fighting
79Fussing & Fighting [Dub Version]
81Memphis [Dub Version]
82Riding High
83Riding High [Dub Version]
85Kaya [Dub Version]
86Turn Me Loose
87African Herbsman
88African Herbsman [Dub Version]
89Stand Alone
90Stand Alone [Dub Version]
91Watch Sun Is Shining Video Sun Is Shining
92Sun Is Shining [Dub Version]
93Brain Washing
94Brain Washing [Dub Version]
95Brand New Second Hand
96Brand New Second Hand [Dub Version]
97Brand New Second Hand [Alternate Version]
98Concrete Jungle
99Concrete Jungle [Dub Version]
100Watch Rainbow Country Video Rainbow Country
101Rainbow Country [Dub Version]
102Watch Satisfy My Soul Video Satisfy My Soul
103Satisfy My Soul [Dub Version]
104Keep on Skanking
105Natural Mystic
106Natural Mystic [Dub Version]
107I Know a Place
108I Know a Place [Dub Version]
109Who Colt the Game
110Who Colt the Game [Dub Version]