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Fy-Ah Fy-Ah: The Jad Masters 1967-1970 : Bob Marley

Fy-Ah Fy-Ah: The Jad Masters 1967-1970
Artist : Bob Marley
Genre : Reggae
Label : Universal UK
Release Year : 2004


1Fire Fire
2Bend Down Low [Wail'n'Soul'm Version][Version]
3Freedom Time
4Dem a Fi Get a Beatin'
5Play Play
6This Train [Wail'n'Soul'm Version][Version]
9Mellow Mood [Wail'n'Soul'm Version][Version]
10Pound Get a Blow
11Watch Stir It Up Video Stir It Up
12Thank You Lord [Wail'n'Soul'm Version][Version]
13Nice Time [Wail'n'Soul'm Version][Version]
14Bus Dem Shut
15Steppin' Razor
16Don't Rock My Boat
17The Lord Will Make Away Somehow
18I'm Hurting Inside
19Chances Are [Wail'n'Soul'm Version][Version]
20Lyrical Satirical 1
21Hypocrites Version [Version]
22Mellow Mood Version [Version]
23Thank You Lord Version [Version]
24Nice Time Version [Version]
25Sugar Sugar
26Soul Shakedown Party
27Cheer Up
28Stop that Train
29Soul Captives
31Can't You See
32Do It Twice
33Soon Come
34Go Tell It to the Mountain
35Back Out
36Mr. Chatterbox
37Adam & Eve
38Thank You Lord [Pouder Version][Version]
40This Train [Pouder Version] [Version]
41Selassie Is the Chapel
42A Little Prayer
43Soul Shakedown Party Version [Version]
44Soon Come Version [Version]
45Mr. Chatterbox Version [Version]
46How Many Times
47Touch Me
48Bend Down Low [JAD Version][Version]
49Rocking Steady
50Soul Rebel
51Nice Time [JAD Version][Version]
52Gonna Get You
53There She Goes
55Stay With Me
56Chances Are [JAD Version][Version]
57Treat You Right
58Stranger on the Shore
59Fallin' in and Out of Love
60Mellow Mood [JAD Version][Version]
61Milke Shake & Potato Chips
62Put It On
63Splish for My Splash
64The World Is Changing
65What Goes Around Comes Around
66It Hurts to Be Alone
67What Goes Around Comes Around Version [Version]
68One Love, True Love [*][Demo Version]
69How Many Times [Dub Plate special][#][*][Dub]