Wolf Creek 2 Reviews

  • Wolf Creek 2
    • Genre : Horror, Thriller
    • Release Date :
    • MPAA Rating : -
    • Duration : 106 minute(s)
    • Production Budget : -
    • Studio : Image Entertainment
    • Official Site : http://www.wolfcreek2.com.au/
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      Not quite bad, but it's not recommended either.

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Movie Reviews

  • Wolf tries too hard to shock to be effective. Mick's a rapist who defiles corpses, abuses animals and targets foreigners, adding up to a character more offensive than ominous. This is torture-porn that makes Hostel look like an after-school special
    1.5 of 4 by Scott Bowles [USA Today ]
  • Wolf Creek 2 merely offers more of the same casual brutality. The only shocking (and depressing) part is how inured to it moviegoers have become
    by Pete Vonder Haar [Village Voice ]
  • mostly, though, this Creek has run dry
    2 of 5 by Keith Uhlich [Time Out New York ]
  • Greg McLean's "Wolf Creek 2" closely follows the template of his acclaimed 2005 original, and ultimately the sequel's raisons d'etre seem to be emulating superior movies
    by Martin Tsai [LA Times ]
  • Reviewed by Jeannette Catsoulis [NY Times ]

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