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Genre :

Adventure, Fantasy, Action

Release Date :

March 06, 2009

MPAA Rating :


Director :

Zack Snyder

Starring :

Jackie Earle Haley, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Carla Gugino, Malin Akerman, Billy Crudup, Matthew Goode, Matt Frewer, Patrick Wilson, Stephen McHattie, Laura Mennell

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That's not just the best answer. It's the betsset answer!

posted by Lucinda on Apr 25, 2011 12:43:16

Too slavish to the source material, never separated itself as an original piece. Miscasted key characters with incapable actors. Good twist to the comic's ending which would have been silly looking onscreen. The comic is unfilmable as this attempt proves.

posted by Honest George on Jan 28, 2010 10:57:16

Brilliant film but at somebits I was thought it was like the editors hadnt cut any of it when some parts werent important to the story and werent really interesting

posted by jonny on Oct 10, 2009 02:36:11

the watchmen movie followed the comic excellently and showed the watchmen as different parts of a dysfunctional society

posted by pdp on Sep 28, 2009 07:27:21

i like the watchmen they did a great job my favorite wtachmen character is dr. manhatten rorschach silk specture omyzaid they are my favorite watchmen character i hope they make watchmen 2 in 2011.

posted by andries price on Apr 24, 2009 12:24:42

Off The Hook

posted by JBenitez on Mar 29, 2009 09:56:43

After ten minutes, I thought it was going to be great, but it completely lost its way, and was at least 30 minutes too long. The violence and mutilation was a little too graphic for me, considering that it's based on an action book. The plot really started to strain my normally tolerant credulity. The stuff that was supposed to be deep came across as shallow, and I kept thinking the end was imminent, then being disappointed. I think it needed two versions - one for fans of the original, and one for regular movie fans.

posted by Stu on Mar 28, 2009 08:46:02

Great! It captured the feel of the novel precise;y, I love the casting, and I honestly feel that the major change they made at the end worked for the better. Casting was fantastic, soundtrack was great. NOT just another super-hero movie. Far from it. I think it often appeals more to mystery or romance readers more than comic readers. Very complex characters and story line.

posted by Mags on Mar 26, 2009 09:46:54

amazing movie,but the sex was irrelevant to the story.

posted by lex on Mar 26, 2009 04:48:38

it's a nice movie, quite interesting... yet it's not that complex or "deep". actually, I think it's quite overrated. From my point of view is not much more than "another super hero movie" but with a darker ending (let's say, more tragic) it's a good way to fade away from the rest world.

posted by Me on Mar 25, 2009 12:48:51

Definitely not for immature or dumb audiences, 50% will say it was the most amazing movie/graphic novel ever,which i will agree with. The other 50% however, wont say anything about the movie and instead will talk about penis. They made it rated R for a reason, grow up

posted by Dpn840 on Mar 24, 2009 03:27:16

It's interesting how people either loved it or hated it. I think it's quite obvious that this movie is for more intelligent people - a lot of people can't understand it and get bored. I can understand that it is very long and complex, but personally I like that in movies. I feel it needed to be R18 (I don't know about overseas). It was a bit like the Dark Knight crossed with Saw in some ways....

posted by Alexx on Mar 22, 2009 11:32:42

I could have been doing homework

posted by Shamaymay on Mar 21, 2009 11:52:20

3 Hours of my life i will never get back!!

posted by steve on Mar 21, 2009 11:50:58

Great music, nice movie... but to long!!

posted by Dyt on Mar 21, 2009 03:27:35

Concentrated orange juice!! Dramatic heroes on EARTH... Like the Dark Knight... LOVE its story-telling, LOVE Zack's vision, LOVE IT!

posted by Ramesses II on Mar 20, 2009 07:41:42

music was great, not a bad film... way to much cock.

posted by ryan on Mar 20, 2009 02:19:15

I thought it went on for way too long. It had a basic storyline but didnt really kick off. The idea was there to make it a great movie but they just couldnt get it.

posted by Cas on Mar 20, 2009 01:57:03

I walked out of the cinema half way through!!!!

posted by Michelle G S on Mar 19, 2009 08:20:12

overall the movie really impressed me with its visuals, music and story. Granted, it has some shortcomings but they don't detract form the overall experience.

posted by denewbgp on Mar 17, 2009 09:57:04

NC17 lol Now I will admit the scene in the ship was "intense" but other then that all you see is a couple of asses that not even a big deal any more. Now I did wonder what parent thought when they got to the ship scene but its an R rated movie you should know better. Anything made from a "graphic novel" is not going to be for kids. My only negative is full frontal nudity on guys whether they are blue or not is not for me.

posted by jason4p8c10 on Mar 16, 2009 03:43:14

I thought it's originality made up for its inadequacies.

posted by Roy on Mar 15, 2009 04:32:56


posted by joe on Mar 14, 2009 08:20:38

Another in a long line of movies that mock, bash and destroy anything that was ever good. There's nothing creative or of any real moral value in this movie. It is a rubber stamp, formula based collage of snippets of the worst of humanity, sprinkled with eye and ear candy for one purpose only: To suck the cash out of the pockets of millions of idiots. Like an adult rated video game, stupid ignorant parents will allow millions of children to watch this evil mess and become brain damaged. Way to go Zack and company! You're all rich now.

posted by tailpipe on Mar 14, 2009 02:44:12

Anyone rating this movie less than three stars is obviously already negatively biased in some fashion toward it. If you took your kid to see an R rated comic book movie and were horified at the nudity and violence this is your own damn fault and makes you a bad parent. I'm still thinking about this movie days after seeing it.

posted by crud on Mar 13, 2009 12:56:46

Watchmen is a masterpiece, That people are closed minded is theyre problem not the movie. Fast and the furious is coming up go watch that instead ignorants.

posted by nocode3rdeye on Mar 13, 2009 07:40:43

I loved this movie!!! I cant wait to buy it. It kept me on edge from the beginning to the end, the cast grows on you and there is a great moral to the story. You will understand if you are somewhat spiritual and grasp the concept that we live in a conspiracy where the mass media controls us. It's really a great movie!

posted by David on Mar 11, 2009 01:08:21

Amazing!... This movie has a sense of showing it's heart, and then taking yours.;)

posted by *G. Critic on Mar 10, 2009 06:25:01

Amazing!... This movie has a sense of showing it's heart, and taking yours. ;)

posted by G. Cirtic on Mar 10, 2009 06:23:46

Loved it, I've seen it twice already. A large part of liking it is the novelty of seeing the transfer from paper to live action, so if u didnt read it its probably less enjoyable. I wouldnt even mind seeing it again, and i only saw dark knight twice

posted by JUDD on Mar 10, 2009 01:16:48

this movie was badass!! dont hate on the movie. It's either better or as good as the dark knight! :)

posted by ladiesman_2949 on Mar 09, 2009 08:10:45

This horrible movie cannot compare to the Dark Knight. It's most evident that you haven't read the reviews to this total waste of money that you call a movie! (LOL!)

posted by TJ on Mar 09, 2009 03:54:18

This was the worst movie I've seen in all of my 34 years! I want my money back!

posted by TJ on Mar 09, 2009 03:50:26

So, great!!! It starts with a bang and ends with a kiss. Very fun. Not rocket science but, I've had enough science. Let the fun continue!!!!!bg

posted by lost on Mar 09, 2009 02:22:07

I am not a prude by any means but the sex scenes, I felt didn't comtribute anything to the story- and I felt uncomfortable watching that in a "comic book" movie. I am all for equal opportunity nudity to a limit- as much as in the movie should have been nc-17!

posted by amberleecee on Mar 08, 2009 07:38:57

The movie doesnt have shocking events nor a problem

posted by Slom992 on Mar 07, 2009 01:35:16

i can't wait to see it!!!!

posted by watchmen_freak on Mar 01, 2009 10:16:41

I'm a long time Alan Moore fan and I think most conversions of his work miss the point but this was awesome! It stays completely loyal to the original story and I was absorbed for 3 hours! Best film of the year. Go and see it!!!!

posted by VOID on Feb 24, 2009 04:26:28


posted by ast on Jan 26, 2009 10:25:50