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Scarlett Johansson Drowns Her Prey in Under the Skin Full Trailer

2014-02-12 11:02:24

Playing a sexy alien predator, ScarJo strips and seduces unsuspecting males she picks up from the road.

Under the Skin Extended Teaser Trailer: Scarlett Johansson Picks Up Her Prey

2013-09-23 01:09:10

The 'Hitchcock' actress ensnares unsuspected male loners on the road by offering a free ride and then luring them to bed.

Scarlett Johansson Stuns at Under the Skin Venice Premiere

2013-09-04 12:09:32

The BAFTA-winning actress is on hand for the promo effort of her new film at Palazzo del Cinema in Italy.

Scarlett Johansson Gets Mysterious and Seductive in Under the Skin Teaser

2013-09-03 01:09:06

The Golden Globe-nominated actress portrays an alien in human form in the movie version of Michael Faber's novel of the same name.

First Official Look at Scarlett Johansson as Sexy Alien Laura in Under the Skin

2012-05-12 08:05:50

Sporting brunette locks, the Black Widow of 'Avengers' is pictured donning a furry coat while sitting on the driver seat of a car.

First Look at Scarlett Johansson as Sexy Brunette Alien in Under the Skin

2011-10-25 08:10:51

Ditching her blond locks, the Black Widow of 'The Avengers' is seen wearing jeans and a fur coat as well as red lipstick while shooting a scene on the Glasgow set of the upcoming sci-fi movie.

Scarlett Johansson Will Be Ruthless Sexy Alien in Under the Skin

2010-11-04 10:11:29

Called alien seductress, her character will use her greatest weapon - voracious sexuality - to snare human prey in the sci-fi drama.


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