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Milla Jovovich Blasts Summit for Not Promoting 'Three Musketeers'

2011-10-22 12:10:05

The actress believes the production company is making so much money on the 'Twilight' franchise that they have the lack of drive to promote other projects.

Milla Jovovich and Orlando Bloom Stun at The Three Musketeers U.K. Premiere

2011-10-05 11:10:29

The 'Resident Evil' actress dazzles in a low-cut metallic black dress, while the 'Main Street' actor gets sleek in a black suit on the red carpet at west London's Westfield shopping center .

The Three Musketeers Gets New Release Date

2011-06-30 02:06:12

The Paul W.S. Anderson-helmed film is pushed back to October 21, while 'W.E.' and 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D' get release dates.

New 'Three Musketeers' Trailer Explains the Villains' Role

2011-06-29 09:06:32

Orlando Bloom is the ruler of the land, Christoph Waltz is the ruler of the sky, and Milla Jovovich is the deadliest assassin.

The Three Musketeers First Teaser Trailer Released

2011-03-26 10:03:26

The preview of the action adventure movie gives a look at D'Artagnan who, along with three legendary musketeers, prevents the villain from seizing the French throne.

Official First Look at Paul W.S. Anderson's 'Three Musketeers'

2010-12-25 02:12:54

Take a look at Matthew Macfadyen, Ray Stevenson and Luke Evans as the three musketeers, joined by Logan Lerman.

Logan Lerman Sports Bruises on Set of 'Three Musketeers'

2010-09-20 12:09:53

Spotted filming the movie in Germany during the weekend, the young star is seen having fake bruises on his face.

First Look at Orlando Bloom and Christoph Waltz in The Three Musketeers

2010-09-17 09:09:38

Bloom portrays Duke of Buckingham who sports goatee and glam outfit while Waltz channels a cardinal with a wig and red tunic.

First Pics of Logan Lerman and Mads Mikkelsen on 'Three Musketeers' Set Emerge

2010-08-27 09:08:03

The young actor sports long locks to portray D'Artagnan, while Mikkelsen wears an eye patch to play villainous Rochefort.

Pictures of Milla Jovovich's Costumes for The Three Musketeers

2010-07-06 09:07:40

Posting the images is the actress herself who plays Milady de Winter in the upcoming Paul W.S. Anderson's adventure film.

It's Official: Orlando Bloom Is The Three Musketeers Villain

2010-05-24 02:05:00

The actor has inked a deal to play the Musketeers' enemy, the Duke of Buckingham, who is described as 'so cool that you can chop him into cubes and serve with vodka.'

The Three Musketeers Begins Casting, Starts Production in 2010

2009-11-14 02:11:38

Paul W.S. Anderson states the principal photography of the adventure movie will be kicked off in September 2010, but he and the studio are currently casting the actors/actresses.


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