The Tale of Despereaux Comments

The Tale of Despereaux


Genre :

Animation, Adventure

Release Date :

December 19, 2008

MPAA Rating :


Director :

Sam Fell, Rob Stevenhagen

Starring :

Matthew Broderick, Dustin Hoffman, Emma Watson, Tracey Ullman, Kevin Kline, William H. Macy, Stanley Tucci, Ciaran Hinds, Robbie Coltrane, Tony Hale, Frances Conroy, Frank Langella, Richard Jenkins, Christopher Lloyd, Sigourney Weaver

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dwayne bonello tale of despereaux lokks terrible too me terrible animation and terrible story and the animation i dont like it and i give 1stars!

posted by dwayne bonello on Jan 14, 2012 03:36:36


posted by hater on Nov 09, 2010 09:34:55

I was dissapointed in this movie, i love the book, it's so good!!!!!!!!

posted by WhatEver on Nov 09, 2009 01:13:09

This looks like a good movie but it is a definite mockery to the original novel.

posted by Arianne on Feb 17, 2009 12:56:14

This looks like a good movie but it is a definite mockery to the original novel.

posted by Arianne on Feb 17, 2009 01:13:23

Great movie! William H. Macys movie The Deal is out on DVD

posted by Fan on Jan 26, 2009 03:59:04

Well send back!!!

posted by Sara on Dec 29, 2008 04:07:35

YOU are good at that movie and you are speacil to me!!!!You rock!!!!!

posted by Ruth on Dec 29, 2008 04:05:19

I want to see that movie so bad. they say that movie is good.

posted by Sara on Dec 29, 2008 04:02:36

What's the song called when they introducing Rat World? It's sort of Arabian flute, heavy drums playing? If you know get back to me...

posted by questionman on Dec 22, 2008 08:49:14

the book's great !

posted by kimchi on Dec 22, 2008 02:03:40

Am... I'm quite excited to see this animated movie because i want to hear how good Emma Watson in voicing a cartoon character....

posted by annbelievable on Dec 09, 2008 09:03:37

Wow - this animation looks really interesting. I am excited for this one!

posted by hooklnsnrk on Nov 21, 2008 11:57:04

It's a great book.I hope the movie is good.

posted by Jerry on Nov 21, 2008 04:43:24

Book is great.Can't wait!

posted by bob on Nov 21, 2008 04:40:43

I like it. I'm excited to see it.

posted by Moviebuff on Nov 05, 2008 10:55:32

me again book nothing like the movie ruined ruined it

posted by really??? on Sep 30, 2008 08:40:45

Just got done reading the book Roscuro is not Despereaux's friend he is the leader of the rats and every thing is wrong oh ya and his ears are way to big and they dont wear clothes and there is no school he learns everything from his sibbelings

posted by really??? on Sep 30, 2008 08:38:40

I am reading it in class and it is seriously the most fantastic book I have ever read. Kate Dicamillo is a very good author too.

posted by Lil\' Desperaux on Sep 20, 2008 01:20:43

i love this book it has to b one of my favorits a very easy read read in 2 days super good and i cant wate to c the movie

posted by tinker2355 on Sep 15, 2008 07:09:42

i love the book i am reading it in class it love it me and my class r going to see the movie!! i cant wait :)

posted by desperux on Aug 15, 2008 00:00:00