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Tai Chi Hero (2013)

Tai Chi Hero



Action, Adventure, Comedy

Release Date

April 26, 2013 (Limited)


100 min.

Production Budget

$40 millions


Well Go USA

Official Site

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Cast and Crew


Stephen Fung


Zhang Dajun, Stephen Fung, Daniel Wu


Chen Kuofu


  • Yuan Xiaochao
  • Angelababy
  • Eddie Peng
  • Shu Qi as Mother Yang
  • Daniel Wu
  • Feng Shaofeng
  • Tony Leung Ka Fai
  • Nikki Hsieh


Lu Chan (Yuan Xiaochao) is still trying to find his place in Chen Village, the legendary town where everyone is a martial arts master...and Chen-style Tai Chi is forbidden to outsiders. But since he helped save the town from a frightening steam-powered machine, Yuniang (Angelababy), beautiful daughter of Grandmaster Chen (Tony Leung Ka Fai), agrees to marry Lu Chan and bring him into the family. It's only a formality, though - she is the teacher, and he is the student - and that suits Lu Chan just fine, as the mutant horn on his head gives him incredible kung-fu power, but leaves him dumber each time, and closer to death.

Chen Village still stands in the shadow of danger. A prodigal brother returns, Lu Chan's presence invokes a curse on the town, and Yuniang's scorned fiancee has an appetite for revenge, as well as some new partners in crime.

The second in a trilogy from the creators of Ip Man and Detective Dee, and featuring action directed by the legendary Sammo Hung, "Tai Chi Hero" is a full-on, steampunk-infused, video game-influenced kung fu throwdown that will knock you out of your seat.

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Poster of Well Go USA's Tai Chi Hero (2013)
Yuan Xiaochao stars as Yang Lu Chan in Well Go USA's Tai Chi Hero (2013)

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“..is less about the many-stranded narrative..”
by Andrew Schenker [Slant Magazine]
“..despite a steampunk ambience, flashy video game and mangalike flourishes and fight choreography from the Hong Kong institution Sammo Hung, "Tai Chi Hero" merely fills the eye, offering little that stays with you..”
by Andy Webster [NY Times]
“..Tai Chi Hero may ultimately look better in light of its own sequel... but now, its pitched battle between silliness and solemnity feels like a split decision..”
by Adam Nayman [Globe and Mail]