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Struck by Lightning Comments

Struck by Lightning


Genre :

Comedy, Drama

Release Date :

January 11, 2013 (Limited)

Director :

Brian Dannelly

Starring :

Chris Colfer, Allison Janney, Ashley Rickards, Christina Hendricks, Rebel Wilson, Dermot Mulroney, Sarah Hyland, Carter Jenkins

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eeeeeeeeep! ♥ him! so excited :o :) :D

posted by jessie colfer on Feb 11, 2012 07:35:50

I can not wait to see this? Chris is a writter! That just makes me so happy! I am fifteen and I'm writting a novel, and I hope to have it published someday. Though I am very nervous because I'm afraid people wouldn't like or understand what I'm trying to express to the world through my story. Christopher Paul Colfer YOU ARE AMAZING!!! keep doing what you do, 'cus you freaking rock, man!!

posted by Chrisfan#001! on Nov 30, 2011 08:48:19

is it true that Lauren Lopez is going to be in this? :D

posted by Meme on Jul 24, 2011 12:00:05

I used to date Paul aka Chris Colfer,I directed Locker Scene,I had Paul slammed into Locker,find me on twitter.Chris and I used to cruise LA and kiss at intersections.The cast knows who I am cause I used to hang around on set

posted by Jimmy Fatel on Dec 23, 2010 07:45:57