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Stretch Armstrong Canned by Relativity

2013-10-14 12:10:23

Relativity and Hasbro decide to discontinue the making of movie about the well-muscled toy so that they can focus on other projects.

Taylor Lautner Exits Stretch Armstrong as Film Scheduled to Open in 2014

2012-01-31 09:01:38

Scheduling conflict has reportedly forced the 'Twilight Saga' actor to leave the superhero movie project, which has just been taken over from Universal Pictures by Relativity Media and Hasbro.

Taylor Lautner Called Stretch Armstrong 'Worst'

2010-06-25 03:06:31

The 'Twilight' star admits that his next starring role has the worst superhero power but he's excited that the film is based on a story-less toy.

Taylor Lautner Turns Down 'Max Steel' for Stretch Armstrong

2010-02-27 10:02:01

Although he has signed on for the Mattel's movie first, the young star reportedly skips it after realizing that Hasbro has done better jobs with its movie projects than its rival company.

Taylor Lautner Is Stretch Armstrong

2010-02-06 10:02:29

The 'Twilight' hunk is going to be seen playing the character, which is based on Hasbro action-figure, in Universal's 'Stretch Armstrong'.


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