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Step Up 3-D


Genre :

Drama, Music, Romance

Release Date :

August 06, 2010

MPAA Rating :


Director :

Jon Chu

Starring :

Rick Malambri, Sharni Vinson, Adam G. Sevani, Stephen Boss, Harry Shum Jr., Kylie Goldstein, Ruby Feliciano, Alyson Stoner

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i like girl

posted by rowdy on Dec 11, 2012 07:20:30


posted by 7777777 on Sep 23, 2011 05:05:48


posted by 7777777 on Sep 23, 2011 05:05:06

What is the name of song where is Natalie warming up??

posted by ABCD on Apr 09, 2011 07:44:24

holas mi nombre es jhon marco y estudo estupendo la pelicula solo quice decir eso nomas

posted by JhonMarco on Apr 08, 2011 09:19:33

the sound track and dances of step up 2 & step up 3 have rocked not only the dance floor but also my mind :)

posted by sai sundeep on Apr 04, 2011 03:36:10

does anyone have the song "joyride"?

posted by ann on Mar 09, 2011 10:48:08

I really like this movie and really want too meet adam u R A REALLY GREAT DANCER..I AM A DANCER TOO HIP HOP EXCELLENT JOB EVERYONE:)

posted by Taylor on Mar 02, 2011 08:30:26

I really like this movie and really want too meet adam u R A REALLY GREAT DANCER..I AM A DANCER TOO HIP HOP EXCELLENT JOB EVERYONE

posted by Taylor on Mar 02, 2011 08:30:18

I <3 Moose he is the world best dancer!

posted by Akira on Mar 01, 2011 03:10:38

ugh Bailey how old r u?

posted by Kelsey Evans on Feb 24, 2011 08:29:47

Chromed - Fancy Footwork nice music. :)

posted by dmaia on Feb 18, 2011 02:44:38

i love this i have watched this movie about 7 times now ova and ova again... kate,luke,moose use are mean...

posted by Amrux on Feb 05, 2011 02:59:12

moose and kate cooolll ..

posted by SAM on Jan 28, 2011 06:05:04

My parents say i can only have a facebook if i get a 90% grade average cuz they think i'll spend all my time on there,but i am SO MAD!!!!Any thoughts?Plz tell me some wayz 2 convince my parents in letin me without getin a 90% grade average.I am as stupid as a animal.I'm gonna smash a window.Almost ALL my friends have one.PLZ help.

posted by Bailey on Jan 27, 2011 07:54:56

Moose is cute in some parts of the movie but Justin Bieber is way better.Oh an stop hating selena people who hate selena because she did nothing wrong.He picked her.She can't help that.Selena is 18 and Justin Bieber is 16.I think Justin wants her,but Selena does'nt like him so just plz leave her alone.Selena did nothing to you and she does'n want to ut now she's probably thinking oh you know these people like don't mean nothing.She does'nt care.

posted by Ur best friend on Jan 27, 2011 07:32:38

The moves in the first movie where better.

posted by Miss everything on Jan 26, 2011 03:48:51

No,it ain't jdb.Shut up about it.u don't have 2 go on an on.NO,NO,NO

posted by Kelsey on Jan 26, 2011 03:44:19


posted by Kelsey on Jan 26, 2011 03:41:26

It could b,i'll ask everyone.Hey guys and girls,u think jdrewbieber down below is justin bieber?

posted by Bailey on Jan 23, 2011 12:59:20

ugh,i bet none on this pg thinks it is actually justin bieber.He would prob be on his own stuff about him on this site clearing up rumors and not here talking to u.Think about it.

posted by Jamie on Jan 23, 2011 12:57:48

How do u know jdrewbieber is not bieber?

posted by Bailey on Jan 23, 2011 12:54:42

jdrew is not commentin cuz u annoyin him or her.No,it is not justin bieber.What would justin be doin on dis site when he has tons of others that r real+he's famous and u need 2 get a life.

posted by Jamie on Jan 23, 2011 12:47:22

oops,i forgot to rate it last time.jdrew?ashlyn?

posted by Bailey on Jan 23, 2011 12:41:51

um,jdrewbieber,are u justin bieber?prob not lol,u not foolin anyone.

posted by Bailey on Jan 23, 2011 09:00:38

I noticed everyone wuz rating this for 5 stars,but it wuz great.Follow me on twitter.

posted by jdrewbieber on Jan 23, 2011 08:58:31

I luved the movie and soundtrack.5 stars from me.step up 4?

posted by Bailey on Jan 23, 2011 08:52:14


posted by nells on Jan 23, 2011 04:07:45

i don't think it is justin drew bieber but this jdrewbieber person must of wanted attention.

posted by yourluv on Jan 23, 2011 04:06:44

I half 2 agree wit jamie:)

posted by crazylover on Jan 23, 2011 01:11:23

stop waitin 4 me 2 comment bc i'm not gonna sit here and talk 2 a 6 year old.

posted by Jamie on Jan 23, 2011 01:09:53

Stop waitin 4 me 2 comment bc i'm not gonna sit here and waist me time talking 2 a 6 year old.lol

posted by Jamie on Jan 23, 2011 01:08:09

it prob not but it worth a ask.

posted by Bailey on Jan 23, 2011 01:04:41

5 stars if u think it's bieber

posted by Bailey on Jan 23, 2011 01:00:38

AMAZING..!! i love you ! i hope step up will be update to step up 4 ^^

posted by Moose on Jan 22, 2011 10:33:45

I loved it..... anyone know if we can get the soundtrack on itunes... i couldn't find it

posted by soccerplayer965 on Jan 22, 2011 09:17:59

The Name Of The Song When They First Kiss On The Roof Is Called "This Girl" By Laza Morgan

posted by Mrz.Nelly on Jan 15, 2011 05:25:14

It was AMAZING! The best step up movie yet

posted by ctay on Jan 09, 2011 09:06:26

i loved the movie it was the best dance movie i seen yet but i would wanna no where is the location of the first kiss scene

posted by manu620 on Jan 08, 2011 10:03:08

i was see this movie it was awesome excellent

posted by mac on Jan 02, 2011 11:47:16

this was hott! a lot of hott songs in it! i have been dancing my whole life and let me tell you i couldn't sit still during this movie. great songs: beggin-->madcon bust your windows-->jazmine sullivan almost all of them are awesome, but those are my fave. beggin is my new ringtone. anyways, love from miami! C=

posted by beccaboom on Dec 30, 2010 11:23:47

Joyride by Tania Doko doesn't exist, trust me I have searched so can someone please get me the correct song for Natalie warming up!

posted by Krisanndhf on Dec 30, 2010 03:29:01

"I Like That" is the one that plays in the club when he's filming her. I want the one when she is warming up in the speaker room!

posted by Krisanndhf on Dec 30, 2010 03:27:15

It's "I Like That" By by Richard Vission & Static Revenger Starring Luciana

posted by CG0222 on Dec 28, 2010 09:51:20

The song with the natalie dancing in front of the boomboxes is Joyride- Tania Doko, but I can not find the download anywhere@

posted by Baabygirl0916 on Dec 27, 2010 12:23:00

Can someone please get me the song that plays when Natalie is in the speaker room. I am begging, been looking for days it is driving me nuts!

posted by Krisanndhf on Dec 26, 2010 09:57:51

What is the song in step up 3 in which Natalie is dancing next to a boombox wall? This is not far into the movie. He walks in on her while she is training near a wall made of boomboxes. After this they go train together on the building and parkour. The song goes something like this: "break your ground now wont you come over.." it is a house song

posted by Grygli on Dec 26, 2010 05:40:06

best dance movie ever

posted by sacvs on Dec 25, 2010 10:11:58

Could anyone plaese tell me the name of the song when natelie was warming up in the speaker room ?

posted by smarty on Dec 24, 2010 06:15:07


posted by seekas on Dec 23, 2010 12:57:53

I'm so in love with this Movie.... FLAWLESS

posted by Dance-whiz on Dec 23, 2010 06:23:11

does n e one know what the name of electronic song is when madd chad comes out at the battle of red hook ??

posted by shakesU on Dec 23, 2010 03:16:36

what's name of the song in the movie at the last.. when their meet at the train station.. please

posted by meankent on Dec 17, 2010 11:08:20

The song most people are asking about is "Who You Are by Jessie J" the full version just got released and i goes like "seeing is deciving, dreaming is beleiving"

posted by gjid on Dec 11, 2010 07:35:49

one of the best movie that i ever seen bfor abt dance,sharni vinson u r soo sick, i lik ur acting sooo much.... itz really like a trade mark to the whole dance world....!

posted by a$hiq on Dec 08, 2010 12:21:47

My inspiration to dance......

posted by Manikanta prasad on Dec 05, 2010 08:42:56

Very cool movie it is the best movie ever i like adam sevami and alyson stoner you guys rock!

posted by Jojo on Dec 05, 2010 02:54:04

Dude this rocked! All I want for x-mas is this soundtrack and movie!!! I can dance all the movess from this movie!

posted by Stepupfreak on Dec 01, 2010 08:25:15

One of my dance teachers danced in this:)

posted by hannahhboo on Nov 20, 2010 05:09:46

Itz 2 gud,

posted by Pvr cinemas on Nov 15, 2010 10:08:05

This movie is just insane, and I love it! Does anyone know what the song that Natalie is warming up to in the boombox room is called? BEFORE she and Luke goes out to train. Thanks:)

posted by Maria S on Nov 13, 2010 11:17:04

excellent movie and moose i luv ur style!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by aric on Nov 12, 2010 03:37:50

i want alyson stoner to have my phone number. it is 603 889-7885 only because she did reaaly great in the movie and she should win an oscar or 2

posted by cbtdf12 on Nov 08, 2010 03:17:56

i love it, alyson stoner and adam servani did really great in the movie.

posted by cbtdf12 on Nov 07, 2010 04:50:07

I really love the song "who you are" Can u tell me everyone, how to get the full version of that song?thx

posted by mae on Nov 06, 2010 11:04:47

I fall in love with the song "who you are". Can you tell me, everyone how to get the full version of that song????? Thx

posted by mae on Nov 06, 2010 10:57:16


posted by Step Up 3D on Nov 06, 2010 07:14:41

this movie is awesome! I like moose!! he is so cool..

posted by ara on Nov 05, 2010 03:16:27

Love this movie man.. It really gives me much inspiration for making new bboy moves=) Best movie ever.. I watched it at least 2 times a day.. Haha.. Crazy..

posted by marco on Nov 01, 2010 07:06:04

Love this movie man.. It really gives me much inspiration for making new bboy moves=) Best movie ever.. I watched it at least 2 times a day.. Haha.. Crazy..

posted by a on Nov 01, 2010 07:04:25

this was a great movie. saw it 4 times in the movie theatre i LUV ADAM SEVANI :D

posted by reena on Oct 27, 2010 06:14:47

this was a great movie. saw it 4 times in the movie theatre i&#9829;ADAM SEVANI :D

posted by reena on Oct 27, 2010 06:14:16

i love it cant wait to watch this on dvd and repeat and repeated again ahaha.

posted by David on Oct 24, 2010 10:17:09

love part.. when moose say.. "what about moose" huhuhuhu~ so sweet man!!

posted by Belle on Oct 22, 2010 10:12:14

I loved this movie! <3

posted by Joy on Oct 21, 2010 11:40:54


posted by FAII on Oct 20, 2010 07:20:18

Awesooommmeee!!! Cool moves!!! And nice story about friendship ... 2 thumbs up!!!

posted by aling7 on Oct 19, 2010 12:59:47

i love this moviee<33

posted by -Dee\'Loveee<3 on Oct 18, 2010 06:08:30

the movie is AWESOME !!! i love it so much !!

posted by madeline on Oct 16, 2010 03:10:35

Cool dance combine with up beat songs = PERFECT!!

posted by deasy on Oct 13, 2010 09:30:48

dons: thats the song : i like that

posted by jonhn on Oct 12, 2010 04:47:56

the song is fancy footwork when they are training :)

posted by whocares on Oct 12, 2010 02:12:10

I really love dhiz movie im kinda tryna find out who sing dhat song when everybody split up

posted by Naynay on Oct 11, 2010 08:32:17

what is the title of the song when natalie is dancing in the club and luke is filming her? thanks :)

posted by donns on Oct 11, 2010 01:34:43

does anyone now what that song when the are in the boombox room before the training? i can't find it.

posted by johnie on Oct 04, 2010 02:43:07

The song name is Beggin' - Madcon Filme Excelente

posted by EDAD on Oct 02, 2010 08:10:45

l'ho visto quand'ero in vacanza e lo rivedrò appena esce qui in italia...è fantastico,lo dico io che amo il rock e detesto questo genere di film!!!!!

posted by Vanka on Oct 01, 2010 08:29:19

AMMMAAAZIINGGGG!!! the best movie everrr!!!! and i meen it!!! as a girl who watch toonnss of movies i can clearly say step up 3 is the bestt!!!!!:)))) p.s: moose and luke are sooooooo adorable and sooo cute!!!!<333 step up 3 rules!!!

posted by Noam:) on Sep 28, 2010 05:16:40

great movie... when is it dvd coming??

posted by Mohit on Sep 27, 2010 07:05:55

muito bom

posted by marcos on Sep 26, 2010 08:20:35

When is it coming to DVD? Or is it coming to dvd?

posted by Myee on Sep 26, 2010 05:10:46

Pls tel me wtz da songs name where natalie and luke kis ont da vent

posted by Mafia on Sep 26, 2010 03:42:40

The movie is great...im looking 4 the song where natalie and luke is on the roof

posted by Wher natalie and luk on Sep 26, 2010 03:36:28

The movie is great...im looking 4 the song where natalie and luke is on the roof

posted by Wher natalie and luk on Sep 26, 2010 03:28:49

The movie is great...im looking 4 the song where natalie and luke is on the roof

posted by Wher natalie and luk on Sep 26, 2010 03:23:19

The soong that Moose and Camille were dancing in the street to is I Won't Dance (the official step up 3d mix) by Fred Astaire.

posted by surferrboi on Sep 26, 2010 01:37:38

app present paleoclimatology

posted by sandersont on Sep 24, 2010 03:37:42

lime anthropogenic contends 103

posted by brewstereg on Sep 24, 2010 03:36:22

what is the perfect tittle of the song "na na na na hey hey hey goodbye"

posted by ronnie on Sep 24, 2010 03:09:56

hey nicole...the songs title is this girl by laza morgan :)

posted by vishal on Sep 23, 2010 07:08:50

can neone tell me the songs name ..when the sad part is going on and the lyrics r something like allow or some thing ...

posted by vishal on Sep 22, 2010 05:10:34

can someone tell me the title of the song when they first kiss??

posted by nicole on Sep 22, 2010 02:07:51


posted by charlotte on Sep 21, 2010 06:05:15

wat was the name of the song that madd chadd(robot dude) was dancing to in the qualifing round?

posted by a guy on Sep 21, 2010 06:00:56

two thumbs up

posted by mikaela on Sep 21, 2010 03:01:05

The Best movie!Go show the world your dreams are for real..Amazing

posted by sher on Sep 20, 2010 12:24:07

this is the best movie i ever watch in my life...wicked!

posted by naza on Sep 20, 2010 07:05:23


posted by RUTH TONNA on Sep 19, 2010 03:02:30

Soundtracks choreography moves excellent but BGM :-(

posted by itzme kris on Sep 16, 2010 11:05:43

@amy Natalie warming up Joyride Tania Doko THE MOVIE IS AWESOME.^^ LOVE IT!<3

posted by Kimmy on Sep 15, 2010 09:37:57

anybody know whats the song call when natalie was warming up in the speaker room?

posted by amy on Sep 15, 2010 09:14:47


posted by tgv on Sep 14, 2010 12:15:19

Moose dancing on water... "Madcon - Beggin"

posted by Aryz on Sep 12, 2010 11:40:48

hi! I loved this movie! so... I wnat the music "Freak- various artists" someone can tell me how i got that? please (it's 5 stars not 3 :S)

posted by sophy on Sep 12, 2010 08:24:08

hi! I loved this movie! so... I wnat the music "Freak- various artists" someone can tell me how i got that? please

posted by sophy on Sep 12, 2010 08:23:18

this is one of the best movies i ever saw yay :)

posted by BITCH SHAKER on Sep 12, 2010 06:31:56

best movie literally ever :)

posted by Moose\'s Camille:D on Sep 12, 2010 03:49:16

dissolved ruddiman emission

posted by summereklu on Sep 11, 2010 04:38:40

2009 research probably

posted by diondrarod on Sep 11, 2010 04:37:22

""""thnx a lot 4 dis movie, i was abo 2 quit dancing bt wen i saw dis movie it was an inspiring thing dat i never ever gonna quit dancing""""" "THNX A LOT"

posted by YASH on Sep 11, 2010 01:36:06

AMAZING! The choreography, the acting, the storyline, the sets - just amazing!

posted by likeomg on Sep 10, 2010 02:00:05

No, it sounded sorta like jazz or blues when the litttle girl was talking about how he sucked at dancing right after chamille forgave him and they were walking.

posted by BriNC on Sep 09, 2010 09:23:58

coooooooooooooooooollll Im a huge fan from the Philippines

posted by Xenon on Sep 09, 2010 08:09:16

this girl :) do you mean this song?

posted by sabi on Sep 09, 2010 06:13:22

I luuuuuuuv this movie!!!!!!! But what is the song where moose and chammile dance when they go by the ice cream truck? It sou ds like a really old song but i like it!:)

posted by BriNC on Sep 08, 2010 11:37:55


posted by inox on Sep 08, 2010 08:52:16

does anyone know that song that plays when luke and natlie are kissing on the air vent?? xx

posted by meel on Sep 08, 2010 05:10:14

movie is so beautiful,i wish i will come and see the cast of step up 1,2 and.sharni vinson and brianna evican,i'am ur fan from philippines i'm only a teenagers,14 yr old,i'd like to see in personal.thank you,i like to have a change to see you in personal in my birthday in may 8,2011,am i'am grizchelle cruz

posted by grich on Sep 07, 2010 07:21:11

Best Movie Ever Lovee The Dancing Your Movies Ensipiroy Me!

posted by Fanni_98 on Sep 07, 2010 06:40:29

this movie is based on a true story.. its my life !

posted by Boombox on Sep 07, 2010 02:41:19

Pls, the song when Moose and Camelia are dancing in the street.

posted by star on Sep 07, 2010 02:17:05

hello i'm from kazakhstan step up 3d films cool

posted by alisher on Sep 06, 2010 06:53:43

Pls, the song when Moose and Camelia are dancing in the street...Thnx

posted by Sabs on Sep 06, 2010 03:25:32

hello there.. may i know the song playing when they dancing with suit and mask? before julian ruin it all.. thanks

posted by one on Sep 05, 2010 09:53:11

What is that song when the samurai battle moose in the club? Thanks!

posted by StepUp3DLover on Sep 05, 2010 09:48:41

when they were dancing with the mask it was called bust the window.

posted by ohyee on Sep 05, 2010 09:36:25

does anyone knows what's the song when they are practising before the third round of the world jam?

posted by teehee on Sep 05, 2010 03:36:44


posted by Auriuxlt on Sep 05, 2010 01:49:27

what was the name of the song at 13:10 please

posted by Dada on Sep 04, 2010 10:36:49

the song where the woman is singing, 'i stare at my reflection in the mirror, why am i doing this to my self' is by Jessie J Cornish, it's not been released yet. but she is amaziinngggg!!!

posted by B B on Sep 04, 2010 08:19:06

i do love adam sevani! i super like his smile. so cute! &#9829; anyway,does anyone know the title of the song. when the final jam was starting and some do the exhibition? :)

posted by seven on Sep 03, 2010 12:10:59

very nice movie !!!! the song, everyone is searching for is Get Cool - Shawty Got Moves (Credit Music) so sexy ...

posted by jojoo on Sep 03, 2010 10:57:45

coolest dance movie everrrr!

posted by Raymond on Sep 03, 2010 01:39:07


posted by DON on Sep 02, 2010 08:40:47

whats the name where a woman is singing: why am I doing this to myself?

posted by glamouraddicted on Sep 02, 2010 08:14:13


posted by mayank on Sep 02, 2010 05:19:23

The movie is very cool! But there not so much 3D effects.. If a question what's the song when Luke and Nathalie are going out for a running?

posted by Nish on Sep 01, 2010 12:45:48

Cool SOUNDTRACK I love it !

posted by BWlast on Sep 01, 2010 11:29:30

What is the song when Luke kiss Nathalie in the film ? What a good movie, I just wanna dance now !

posted by Thoooom on Sep 01, 2010 07:24:17

i loved this movie! from the beginning to the end i was totaly captivated!

posted by YoYo on Sep 01, 2010 07:19:21

it was AMAZING

posted by step up 3D on Sep 01, 2010 01:08:59

Zoooo geweldig! love it!

posted by Menduuu on Aug 31, 2010 11:36:22

wads the song for the "baby baby ooo ooo"?

posted by falcon3 on Aug 31, 2010 10:30:07

nice movie bad step up 3 was the bast

posted by sarah on Aug 31, 2010 09:40:33

the song for vic is "laza. this girl" 42.20

posted by titi0805 on Aug 31, 2010 08:16:18

the song is "laza. this girl"

posted by titi0805 on Aug 31, 2010 08:13:49

wad is the song when they play the credits while the dude is doin his thing wit his fingers?

posted by Y2Justin on Aug 31, 2010 06:28:05

OMG this movie is the BEST 3D movie I have ever seen I saw it like 4 days ago at the cinema wiv family so on saturday im going with friends to watch it again!! Thats how much I loved it!!!!!!!!

posted by Step up 3 #1 fan! on Aug 31, 2010 05:54:29

Step up 3 wow!

posted by Bimba on Aug 31, 2010 05:39:48

The movie was amazing !! :) can't wait to buy it, the music and the danssteps were sooo good ;p

posted by StepUp3D !! <3 on Aug 31, 2010 03:47:25

this movie was in one word AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! ive seen it six times and i still love it!

posted by step up 3D on Aug 31, 2010 01:05:55

I found the song when they are practicin, before they went to Moose. Afrojack & Major Lazer - Pon De Floor

posted by FALLOJY on Aug 30, 2010 12:38:01

so love the movie and music :) love u step up crew u are awsome

posted by lovee it on Aug 30, 2010 12:37:54

wat was the name of the song at 42:20

posted by vic on Aug 30, 2010 10:38:06

i realy liked the movie. It was great. amazing <3

posted by anna on Aug 30, 2010 08:40:42

I frigging love this move.... i'm so obsessed that i've watched it for like 10 times in the theater.. its so cool!!

posted by lin_mimi on Aug 30, 2010 07:02:26

i love the way's she moves and i wish i can dance like her

posted by natalie on Aug 30, 2010 05:56:53


posted by Dj Dizzy K on Aug 30, 2010 05:50:47

Whats the song when luke and moose are in lukes car in new york?

posted by Msha on Aug 30, 2010 04:34:42

@ej the song is called beggin - madcon

posted by robotboy on Aug 29, 2010 11:42:30

What is the song when the girl was warmin up? "i think it is at the time (20:10).." And the song when they were practicing before they went to moose? thx ;)

posted by FALLOJY on Aug 29, 2010 11:37:47

It was the best dance movie ever seen!!!.. Seen it 9 times already and i never gets old.. Everything in this movie is new!.. The moves, theme, and style!!.. Wish i was really there to see the making..

posted by nabillukman on Aug 29, 2010 06:20:58

does one of you know the name of the song when there were battleling by the WC. nobody knows... thnx, i´ll check every day if you let a command above me..

posted by Jev on Aug 29, 2010 05:55:40

The song "Who You Are" isn't released by it's owner. So you won't get the full version of that song, till it's released. People say it will get released next month.

posted by StepUp3D<3 on Aug 29, 2010 05:25:22

The song played when Moose and Camille get in a fight so as Luke and Natalie is Who You Are - Jessie J Cornish. The song played at the train station is What We Are Made Of - Scott Mallone Step Up 3D rocks! I love it. Can't get sick of it. I've watched it about 11 times all in theaters. I gotta admit that i'm pretty obsessed.

posted by StepUp3D<3 on Aug 29, 2010 05:23:03


posted by hima on Aug 29, 2010 03:18:19

wow!what a film.gr8

posted by silver screen on Aug 29, 2010 03:16:36

What's the song, when moose and Camille get in a fight, you know when moose sits behind his laptop, being sad and looking at other people who are happy ? ty - I LOVE THIS MOVIE

posted by ZahnaOnline on Aug 29, 2010 02:09:14

been looking for the song at the end with the guy's hand dance... just found it, it's Drivin' Me Wild by Common ft. Lily Allen

posted by wilburthefrog on Aug 28, 2010 10:11:33

can anybody tell me the song that was played when Moose was listening to his laptop after he fought with Camille and the song that Luke and Natalie kissed in train station.? please tell me..

posted by Ciko on Aug 28, 2010 09:35:09

CHUVAK the songs called new york alicia keys

posted by shaunnie on Aug 28, 2010 08:30:11

what is the song name in whcih luke and the girl performed last???

posted by zacky on Aug 28, 2010 06:23:31

@ Chrissi. Thanx a lot :)

posted by Sta. on Aug 28, 2010 05:38:19

CHUVAK! It was: jay-z ft. alicia keys-new york.

posted by Sta. on Aug 28, 2010 05:36:29


posted by faaabster on Aug 28, 2010 02:46:27

can somone tel me what was the title of that song when Luke show the city to Moose

posted by CHUVAK on Aug 27, 2010 12:41:52

Guys,does anybody know what's the song sounds at the end? the lyrics smthing like this : keep moving,keep moving,her body,her body,so sexy,so sexy etc. help please :)

posted by Sta. on Aug 27, 2010 11:08:41

@CHUVAK Irresistible - Wisin y Yandel nice movie!!

posted by Su3D fan on Aug 27, 2010 10:11:50

The Movie rocks I just saw it now in my home!!!!! when it releases in india ill watch it in theatres!!!! ;)

posted by AdY on Aug 27, 2010 09:12:50

nice movie.love it much...anybody knows what's the title of the song when they dance with the water flowing on the dance floor?

posted by ej on Aug 27, 2010 08:03:08

this was a awesome movie with hot dance moves

posted by junie b. on Aug 27, 2010 06:18:19

movie was awsum! Luvved it so much, the dancing was hot! Wish i could dance like that!

posted by xxxBianxxxoxox on Aug 27, 2010 06:16:58

Luvd it , it was awesome totally luvd it

posted by Remaliah on Aug 27, 2010 04:25:42

@ Sta. It's called Shawty Got Moves - Get Cool

posted by Chrissi. on Aug 27, 2010 04:22:37

@ CHUVAK: 'New York - J zay ft Alicia keys'

posted by marjo on Aug 27, 2010 03:31:44

i love step up 3

posted by step up 3 on Aug 27, 2010 01:03:10

@ rachel: the name of the song is 'This girl - Laza morgan'

posted by marjo on Aug 26, 2010 08:16:30

the movie was awesome!!

posted by lizzy on Aug 26, 2010 07:26:52

@ mikkoy is Scott Mallone - What We Are Made Of

posted by FJ on Aug 26, 2010 05:58:40

sick film im becoming a street dacer my self

posted by carlos on Aug 26, 2010 02:52:51

it's just great!i have seen it in 3d, very,very nice.&#9829;

posted by isabekka on Aug 26, 2010 02:13:58

can anyone tell me the title of the song in which they are in the train station, and were kissing each other.. please.

posted by nikiwat on Aug 26, 2010 01:34:37

the movie is super nice i like it .. nice to see joshua and twitch of SYTYCD season 4 i guess .. i like it so much .. wish it will have part 4 :P

posted by mikkoy on Aug 26, 2010 01:20:58

would of been better if the 3d was more effective x

posted by minx on Aug 25, 2010 04:49:08

De movie was mor dan gr8 pruly gon watch it again. Wow i liked de hands tricks @ de end of da movie. Dat was dope whats da name of dat song with T.I on?

posted by Jethro waMrapper on Aug 24, 2010 10:42:21

does anyone know the song when they are kissing on the big fan?

posted by mike on Aug 24, 2010 05:55:06

its gay not all the songs on on this website:( someone please post all of them ???

posted by tori on Aug 24, 2010 05:41:43

awesome movie just got the dvd from bali....i dont get it these songs dont seem like the somgs on the video??

posted by tahhh on Aug 24, 2010 05:39:23

Does any one knows the last song with " sexy girl? " i dont know? Help me please!

posted by Harriejpw on Aug 24, 2010 04:10:22

does anyone know what the song is when Luke and Natile are stood kissing on the air vent :L ?

posted by rachel on Aug 24, 2010 03:20:04

Whats the song when moose got trapped in the bathroom by the samurai? And whats the song when the pirates first meet moose?

posted by robotboy on Aug 23, 2010 12:56:29

best song ever , when natalie is dancing in the club and luke is filming her : i like that-richard visson :)

posted by natb on Aug 23, 2010 12:49:28

to anybody who would like to know what is that song called when natalie and luke go on the rooftop and start training its called " how i like it" - by afrojack

posted by kgfinest on Aug 23, 2010 11:36:21

What song singing "looking than looking than looking than me"

posted by berger on Aug 23, 2010 07:53:49

the best movie ever i want to see over and over does any one know if the dvd is out yet

posted by ninibun on Aug 23, 2010 05:47:58

Does anyone flipping know what the song that sounds like let the bass kick called!? They played a little part when they started training on the rooftop

posted by blahh on Aug 23, 2010 05:25:20

does anyone knows what's the title of the song during moose trying to ask forgveness to his BestfrienD?? ad the song played at the end of the movie??

posted by nei on Aug 23, 2010 05:20:28

The best film EVER

posted by $androow on Aug 23, 2010 05:18:26

the song during the tango dance was Bust your window by Jazmin Sullivan :)) thats my favorite song in the ost...:))

posted by nei on Aug 23, 2010 05:16:01

Whats the song called when moose is dancing around the sreets with his friends afta they get back together?

posted by Sophie on Aug 23, 2010 04:47:30

cool! can do some of moves here in the movie

posted by b-boy agapits on Aug 23, 2010 04:23:51

I have been to see the movi 7 times and its so amaizing best film i hav ever seen i totally love it xxxxx

posted by Han on Aug 23, 2010 03:54:55

Its truely a amazing experience..njoy

posted by Prafful on Aug 23, 2010 03:54:07

@jiin,i found the title but still cant find the exact version in the movie,its Diplo Feat. Afrojack - How I Like It&#65279;

posted by ckone on Aug 23, 2010 03:48:00

THE BEST DANCE MOVIE EVER! Changed something in me...as a persona:) thank you!&#9829; BOOM BOX!

posted by Agnes on Aug 23, 2010 02:41:23

same as ckone, will wish to know the song when Luke and natalie were free running before they reach Moose opposite the building.

posted by Jiin on Aug 23, 2010 02:40:27


posted by tugs on Aug 22, 2010 12:36:13


posted by mrs sevani!(; on Aug 22, 2010 12:24:39

damn, die film is zo nicee !

posted by Ulsiepulsie_ on Aug 22, 2010 11:27:32

i love the movie ! it encourage me to dance and dance ., love you guys . ! the best movie .

posted by xtine on Aug 22, 2010 08:18:59

does anyone know the song that play a short while when the main guy and girl were competing in her first training and reach moose class opposite

posted by ckone on Aug 22, 2010 07:20:57

Loved it! Marselle - I think the song you are thinking of is 'Swing' by Savage (a New Zealander!) It was definitely playing when they walked in anyway...

posted by Abz on Aug 22, 2010 04:57:45


posted by sth334/ on Aug 22, 2010 02:42:09

i wanted to dance so bad durin this movie

posted by bb on Aug 22, 2010 02:29:09

This is watcha call a soundtrack! I wish i had the cd..the m0vie was awesum! Madd chadd rockz!-shady

posted by Step up 3D on Aug 22, 2010 01:47:41

i tru;y luv thz moviee!(: great job

posted by step up fan on Aug 21, 2010 10:14:54

hey guys,plzzz help me find the song from the moment of 1st battle, when a guy was dancing in botting-style...sorry for my english, i'm from russia:)

posted by marselle on Aug 21, 2010 07:20:09

desperately want to watch diz movie! gawd! amfft!

posted by kebong on Aug 21, 2010 06:31:52

super like! :)

posted by nikky on Aug 21, 2010 06:01:01

the movie was the best dance movie i've ever seen!! really the best loved it!!!

posted by chelle on Aug 21, 2010 03:39:50

it's awesome

posted by david on Aug 21, 2010 02:56:10


posted by M.J. on Aug 21, 2010 02:42:06

film zajebisty;):d lepszego o tancu nie widzialam no chyba ze Dirty Dancing ale to o innym tancu. efekty z kina nie do powtorzenia;):D

posted by Angela on Aug 21, 2010 01:28:09


posted by YamniVincent on Aug 20, 2010 11:37:37

I love it!!!

posted by dance freak on Aug 20, 2010 10:40:11

this movie is dop.best movie ever.'loved the dances'the clothes the shoes were dop...this movie inspired me to keep what i'm best at.'Dancing'..Cool Movie Tho

posted by DD aka Drea Dance on Aug 20, 2010 06:52:14

Theatre didn't show it in 3d, and without the 3d...well, the dancing was lacking ALOT from Step up 2. And I honestly was completely unimpressed by the main girl "dancer"... what real dancer can't do every move she did?!?! We were all laughing every time she was on. Pretty face, pathetic club dancing though

posted by CBridg on Aug 19, 2010 11:34:11

fabulous moves, cool set ups, awesome songs, funky costumes! great storyline; tho it was predictable, still pretty interesting. i'd be watching it again and again for sure. this movie's da shit! gotta catch it!

posted by LynnLee on Aug 19, 2010 11:09:35

Best movie I have every seen!!!!!! It makes you just wanna get up and dance!! Super funny and very romantic! Has everything in one movie! Glad this is what I paid to see.. It was wayyyyyyy worth all the money!!

posted by =)) on Aug 19, 2010 10:26:03

it is the best dancer movie i have ever seen :)))

posted by bubu04 on Aug 19, 2010 09:48:42

cbridg you don't now what you are taking abouth

posted by podyface on Aug 19, 2010 08:40:14

its so freaking COOL ^_^V i just love it so much

posted by ojoochan_009 on Aug 19, 2010 07:43:37

it was single handedly the best film out so far in 2010 and prob will be the best film in 2010 best dance movie ever

posted by jay777364 on Aug 19, 2010 07:11:34

I'm looking for the song when Luke and Natalie broke up. I really need it, it was beautiful! Does somebody know the title???

posted by sy on Aug 19, 2010 06:57:10

i loved this movvie to bits, i watched it twice in the cinema , as goood second time as it was first time <3

posted by JENALING. on Aug 19, 2010 06:17:54

I´m looking for the song where a woman sings about dreams?? I don't know :P

posted by lies on Aug 19, 2010 06:07:02

This Movie Is The Best I Have Always Wanted To Be A Street Dancer But Dnt No How To Lol. :( Atleast I Have Sharni Vinson To Inspire Me Thats Who I Wanna Be Like :) x

posted by Wanna Be BFabb on Aug 19, 2010 05:56:16

the best movie ever the dancing was amazing the songs were amazing the story was amazing and stephen boss, well hes just amazing :)

posted by megandy on Aug 19, 2010 05:50:45


posted by ., on Aug 19, 2010 04:44:57

the beeeeeest !!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by .. on Aug 19, 2010 04:43:48

-the best ever. &#9829;

posted by Crzylove_ on Aug 19, 2010 04:22:01

i love you <3 and versatile.... the song you are looking for is "This girl" by laza morgan, he sounds exactly like sean kingston :) enjoy x

posted by Kess on Aug 19, 2010 03:29:49

does any one know the song when natalie is in the boom box room warming up ?

posted by <3 on Aug 19, 2010 01:46:55

loved it,made me wanna dance, bit cheesy sumtimes tho and DO NOT buy the soundtrack thought it was have the songs from the film e.g. the ice cream truck song and the tango song, but nope not 1 song i recognised from the film

posted by micheyt on Aug 19, 2010 01:28:56

this is a awsome movie

posted by emmilydro on Aug 19, 2010 01:01:49

the acting in this movie was horrible

posted by bsham on Aug 18, 2010 12:22:33

I can't get enough! I had to go back for a second view! What is there not to like? Ever since I watched it in theaters I watch all the trailers, videos and listen to the soundtrack constantly. When does it come out on dvd?

posted by jalfred on Aug 18, 2010 11:55:49

movie was GREAT!!! had fun! grooved.. tugsh tugsh tugsh! shweeet!..

posted by bfabber on Aug 18, 2010 11:49:38

best movie everrrrr

posted by tina on Aug 18, 2010 10:41:01

Loved the film

posted by Madz <3 on Aug 18, 2010 09:29:12

omg the movie was awesome and it makes me want to be a dancer

posted by loveful on Aug 18, 2010 07:11:55

that love song could be Laura Evans-Dream Awake

posted by Flip-$tyle on Aug 18, 2010 05:24:29

i'm looking for the last song in the train station, does anybody know its name? PLEASE!!

posted by polux on Aug 18, 2010 04:45:28

I loved the lil kids freestyling. They tore up the floor man. Go pirates.

posted by Bfabb on Aug 18, 2010 03:39:54

this film was great and i couldnt get enough i went to the cinema twice to see it and the acting is great also, its one of my best films ever. plus luke is hot!!

posted by NB on Aug 18, 2010 02:40:12

its very awesome....

posted by ana nicole quiano on Aug 18, 2010 02:08:11

I lovedthe film, what was the song when they were doing the tango?

posted by DJ RahH on Aug 18, 2010 01:47:32

Oh thank you so much. but i can't find it on youtube?? Who is the artist? thank you again... :)

posted by HELP on Aug 18, 2010 01:26:27

the movie was excellent! it got every thing you could probably expect in a movie!! i can't wait for step up 4!!!!!!

posted by step up 3-D on Aug 18, 2010 01:24:57

AMAZINGG!!! the film was incredible and i couldnt stop dancing in my seat! i love all these songs, im guna get this soundtrack for my birthday! :D :D :D :D

posted by hello on Aug 18, 2010 01:23:37

its THIS GIRL by LAZA love ths moviee!

posted by 3deezyy on Aug 17, 2010 11:09:02

to «HELP». the song is happy just to be like i am! enjoy (:

posted by got it on Aug 17, 2010 09:41:21

Great movie, buy you really should watch the 2nd Step Up movie before whatching this one! helps it make a lot more sence! Moose finally has his kiss!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

posted by ManyMoviesCharlie on Aug 17, 2010 09:13:17

what is the song i think iyaz is the singer in the scene where they played with bubbles? and the sad song in the last part?

posted by hayato on Aug 17, 2010 09:06:31

HELP ME.. I WANT TO KNOW THIS SONG.. THE SONGS GOES LIKE : look at the mirror why am I doing this to myself it's hard to be true to who you are + lyrics

posted by help on Aug 17, 2010 05:52:12


posted by emilyxo on Aug 17, 2010 05:40:18

This was out of this world!!!my love for dancing came back&nw im being the grl i use to be!!! there isnt a better movi than step up 3!!!!

posted by Sunshine on Aug 17, 2010 04:29:21

anyone know the name of the song at the end of the movie when the guy was finger tutting?? i luv this movie, it made me want to dance, learn to breakdance, and do freerun and parkour xDD

posted by kc(: on Aug 17, 2010 03:57:53

this was the best movie evera way better then the other step up movies =)

posted by cookie on Aug 17, 2010 03:07:25

I haven't seen this movie yet but i want to see itso bad. Can somebody please tell me where to watch it online free with no surveys?

posted by greenny on Aug 17, 2010 02:53:06

hello,im brenda from indonesia. ive seen the trailer. and i am wondering when is it coming out in indonesia? i am very very excited to see this movie. i am a huge fan of step up and step up2. and i am dying to see step up 3!

posted by brenda on Aug 17, 2010 01:07:15

Hello wveryone. Maybe someone know how called the song then pirates split? in soundtrack i cant find it

posted by Sarka on Aug 16, 2010 12:56:42

Awesome Movie , Love The Drama on it and the Music <3

posted by Kero on Aug 16, 2010 12:28:32

it was the best film ever i went to see it on the 11th of august, i havdent seen the first and second and only went because my friend wanted to see it but i love it now best film ever (apart from twilight lol x)

posted by step up 3d on Aug 16, 2010 12:16:43

LoooveiT LoooveiT LoooveIT

posted by juuuuicy on Aug 16, 2010 11:58:33

I love the movie!!! But I want to know the title of the song at the last part when the cool dude was tutting... :D

posted by Kinee on Aug 16, 2010 10:48:41

Some1 know the name on the song when the icecream dude turn up the sound ? in the icecream car :D hehe

posted by :D on Aug 16, 2010 10:23:04

Some1 know the name on the song when the icecream dude turn up the sound ? in the icecream car :D hehe

posted by The song ;D on Aug 16, 2010 10:21:44


posted by rachyb on Aug 16, 2010 10:08:54

Can anyone tell me the name of the song that can and moose dance to on the street

posted by Hey1234 on Aug 16, 2010 10:04:09

very good!!! loved every minute

posted by jessgurl13 on Aug 16, 2010 09:47:39

best dance movie ever

posted by isaac on Aug 16, 2010 08:07:38


posted by Ken on Aug 16, 2010 05:11:52

some people learn to dance, some people are born to.

posted by crazymovers on Aug 16, 2010 04:47:01

hail to the cast and dancers of step up 3!

posted by evolution on Aug 16, 2010 04:44:47

amazing movie. By far my favorite

posted by prodigy1 on Aug 16, 2010 04:01:19

A great movie don't skip out on it

posted by ohyeah on Aug 16, 2010 02:30:59

ive already watched it.. very good movie and inspiring.. i really really love it!! the BEST!!

posted by hershey on Aug 16, 2010 01:43:23

step up 3d is the best..im starting to like hiphop again because i turned to advanced lyrical dance ..

posted by Moose on Aug 16, 2010 01:33:15

I LOVE MOOSE :)(L) & the movie's amazinnnng <3

posted by (: on Aug 16, 2010 01:01:14

super film ale 3D do D.... my&#347;la&#322;em &#380;e to przez kino wiec pojecha&#322;em do drugiego kina i tosamo

posted by Sylwester175 on Aug 15, 2010 12:05:18

i really didnt want to see this movie i thought it was going to be crap!!! me and my little sister went and the movie was AWESOME!! the dancing was unbelieveable i think it was the best on out of the 3!!!!

posted by divina on Aug 15, 2010 11:38:01

LLLLOOOOVVVVEEEE!!!!!!! I adored everything about this movie! Its incredible!!! Words cant even describe how good it was:) The dancing was SICK! SOOO much better than the first two. I'm gonna see it again and again:P i only hope to be a tenth as good as they are someday:)

posted by daNcEr_DiiVa on Aug 15, 2010 10:02:41

super super cool!!! adam sevani & alyson stoner, great dancers!!!

posted by aNs3j on Aug 15, 2010 09:57:36

Didn't want to see this movie. My grandson wanted to see it so we went. The movie was great, super dancing with unbelievable energy and skill. If you go you will enjoy this movie if you just sit back and enjoy. I am 71 years old, and it was awesome.

posted by johnny u on Aug 15, 2010 08:52:24

this movie surprised me wit the breakdancing kids the return of the MSA Crew and Alyson stoner really brought back the old breakdancin boy in me haha unbelievably shocked by the dancing and music so far my favorite tracks are Move If You Wanna by MIMS/ Shawty Got Moves by Get Cool/ Fancy Footwork by Chromeo/ This Girl by Laza Morgan just going to get the movie and look up the score tho kick ass flick deuces!

posted by Jay Bee on Aug 15, 2010 08:45:59

The movie was one of the best i've watched ever!! :D

posted by Cute on Aug 15, 2010 08:44:51

it was really the best dance show movie it was absolutely great..... i love it and i wont tired of watching it again and again hahaha

posted by jhennie on Aug 15, 2010 08:42:32

best movie ever.....i loved it esp.adam g. sevani"moose"

posted by hot sevani on Aug 15, 2010 08:03:23

OMG this was AMAZING!!!! Definalty the best out of the 3!! the dancing was unbelievable!!!! WATCH IT!

posted by Jenn on Aug 15, 2010 07:39:55

One word to describe the movie "FANTASTIK"

posted by Paula on Aug 15, 2010 06:10:28

best movie eva. nothing will top it. robot dude was wicked and dances were sick.

posted by tooki on Aug 15, 2010 04:26:19

All the other Step Up movies were alright but this one was the best so far. And how they had dancers from SU2 was really good. I loved it!

posted by TixVan on Aug 15, 2010 03:58:23

does anyone know the song when luke gives up .. i stare at my reflection .. i think thats how it goes

posted by Peter on Aug 15, 2010 03:31:50

omg, I love love LOVED this movie. it's not one of those so called 3D movies where only certain parts are 3D, the whole movie is! & it was great ! definitely worth paying to go see it ! (L)

posted by itsnikky on Aug 15, 2010 03:22:45

if yuur looking fer the songs, look up the SOUNDTRACK . :)

posted by jessica on Aug 15, 2010 03:15:39

we saw it in regular not 3d (get motion sick from 3d) and the movie was still kick ass!!!! the dancing was amazing. new what was going to happen but the danceing blew me away!!!!

posted by captainmorgan on Aug 15, 2010 03:04:46

It was so good that I saw it twice. The other step up movies were good but this one was great. It had better music and better dance moves. Going to buy it when it comes out.

posted by lynn8576 on Aug 15, 2010 01:22:42

This was an awesome movie. When they are on that vent with the slurpee the song was "This Girl" by Laza Morgan. some of the other songs in the movie were "Club Can't handle me" by Flo Rida, "Fancy Footwork" by Chromeo, "Bust your windows" by Jazmine Sullivan

posted by ahuff217 on Aug 15, 2010 01:03:17

loved the movie saw it tonight and thought it was perfect, great scenes good movie

posted by LEEsawIT on Aug 14, 2010 11:33:11


posted by natty794 on Aug 14, 2010 11:30:19

This Film Was The Best Film I Have Seen :) The Dances Was Amazing , Final Dance Was Amazing 5 Star's :) <3 x

posted by HeatherBabes ;) on Aug 14, 2010 11:14:48

This was just so cool..i cant believe for this...this is not just stunts...its extreme stunts..:D..and many extreme variation of it..unbelievable...and most of all...i like bboy kids..:D

posted by popperx on Aug 14, 2010 10:40:24


posted by :) on Aug 14, 2010 10:25:11

waw!!! it was the best movie ever!! the moves,the songs,the shoes the t-shirts the pants eeeevvvveeeerrrryyyy thing was super super cool and every body that did not see it jet then u guys have 2 see it ,it is super dope!!!!

posted by bfab aka paula on Aug 14, 2010 09:51:49

This was an awesome movie! I escpecially loved the moose-camille chemistry! FANTASTIC CHOREOGROPHY!!!!

posted by mandmoose on Aug 14, 2010 09:23:45

what are all the song names when they r showing the clip if u now plzz say =]

posted by V.I.P. on Aug 14, 2010 06:43:52

This movie was hella amazing. I came out the theaters thinking I can dance xD hehe.

posted by VLD on Aug 14, 2010 06:32:38

this movie was amazing. i absolutly loved it. :)

posted by taynee2011 on Aug 14, 2010 05:10:27

ammmmmmaaaaziiiing <33

posted by jessica on Aug 14, 2010 04:34:28


posted by Jaq on Aug 14, 2010 03:56:57

LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! <3 But does anyone know the song when they're on that little vent with the slurpee and have their first kiss?

posted by Krissia on Aug 14, 2010 03:16:23

i lovedddd it! best one yet i reckon! :D

posted by Rose:) on Aug 14, 2010 03:14:32


posted by marjooe :D on Aug 14, 2010 03:11:34

I love it I love it

posted by lil wayne on Aug 14, 2010 01:42:20

step up 3D is my favourite movie of all times!

posted by kayla on Aug 14, 2010 01:20:49

Adam Sevani and Sharni Vinson are my idols! i love you all sososo much!

posted by pointebalerina1<3 on Aug 13, 2010 12:56:58

most amazing movie of my life! saw it one night met adam sevani and sharni vinson the next! i love you all sososos much!

posted by pointebalerina1 <3 on Aug 13, 2010 12:54:55

nice movie! hey, wats d name of the song when the leads are playing with their SLURPEE/ ICEE drink?

posted by dancer07 on Aug 13, 2010 07:51:30

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE could someone tell me what the song is when Natalie is training on the rooftop for the first time. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. Its bugging me sooo much

posted by Natalie on Aug 13, 2010 07:50:56

What is the song called when natalie is near the big speakers in step up 3d when luke begins to train her?

posted by Ramz on Aug 13, 2010 05:27:20

This movie was good! I was really impressed with how well done everything was. The acting was a little lame, but the dancing was incredible!

posted by I love dancing. on Aug 12, 2010 12:52:06

This is the best movie ever !

posted by sweetmarii on Aug 12, 2010 12:48:08

Great dancing. Can't deny that. And the 3D is put to good use at times, sometimes it's just eh but still. Only problem I had with the movie was VERY PREDICTABLE. I was calling all the shots before it happened. You know how it's going to end, but it's still worth it for the dancing half.

posted by raspberry on Aug 12, 2010 12:30:44

me and my friend went to see it the other day and we had a smile on our face the whole way through we couldnt believe how people can do some of they moves :)

posted by me on Aug 12, 2010 11:36:52

The dancing was brilliant, the plot was not. What more can I say?

posted by minilamb on Aug 12, 2010 10:54:04

The song when Moose and Camille dance is a remix of 'I Won't Dance' by Frank Sinatra.

posted by Benjy on Aug 12, 2010 07:40:09


posted by djxgame3 on Aug 12, 2010 05:44:44

Loved it! Considering going to watch it again! X

posted by nicolej,xx on Aug 12, 2010 05:41:02

it would have been awful if it wasn't in 3D. the dancing was good.. acting was awful and story line was the same as every other dance movie. See it in 3D or not at all

posted by candance90 on Aug 12, 2010 05:11:57

amazing film, loved it :) luke is hot ;)

posted by biggy on Aug 12, 2010 02:18:35

I like it))) Alexandr the 3d)))

posted by Ej on Aug 12, 2010 01:55:07

richard vission & static revenger ft luciana - i like that - this is the song when luke and natalie meet first time

posted by monic on Aug 12, 2010 01:47:22

mad movie i saw it the other day

posted by mad on Aug 11, 2010 11:41:56

I have to admit that when i seen the commercials I thought it was going to be stupid. I got convinced by a couple of my girlfriends and went to see it last night!! Was I completely surprised!!! This movie is Amaziingg!!! There is a lot more dancing in this one. I had a smile on the whole time I was watching it :)

posted by L_Adriana on Aug 11, 2010 09:39:10

whats that slowish song that sounds like its karina pasian during the breakup part with the guitar instrumental?? omgg im looken ALL over for iittt

posted by i_m on Aug 11, 2010 08:44:23

I WAS WRONG! THATS NOT THE SONG! im sorry! the actual song for that scene is This Girl Laza Morgan

posted by me on Aug 11, 2010 08:41:22

It was a GREAT movie. Everyone who is looking for the song that Luke and Natalie kissed to near the water on the air vent I finally found it. It is called Fancy Footwork Chromeo :) <3 I thought it was Sean Kingston at first too lol hope I helped!

posted by Kelcei on Aug 11, 2010 08:34:54

does anybody kno the name of da song wit the lyrics..."I look at the mirror why am I doing this to myself" and "it's hard to be true to who you are" ive been lookin for this song all night after i got done watchin step up 3D bt i couldnt find it does anybody kno?

posted by ~Me~ on Aug 11, 2010 07:07:45

luv dis film! sum sick dancin in dis!!!!

posted by Sunny! on Aug 11, 2010 05:17:06

the best film i have ever seen! amazing tracks in the film and dance moves, really inspirational and definately worth a watch!

posted by mike on Aug 11, 2010 05:07:33


posted by brian on Aug 11, 2010 04:44:09

What is the song named when luke and nathalie broke up?! I didn't find it !!! Help me please

posted by Lalie on Aug 11, 2010 04:41:02

OMG! my mouth was opened the whole time it was so awesome the storyline was weak but the dance moves stages and everthing else were awesome loved it!

posted by dancelover on Aug 11, 2010 04:33:25

Loved it. :) way better then the first or second. :)

posted by star on Aug 11, 2010 03:34:14

Does anyone know the name of the song, which is playing somehwat in the begining of the movie, it has the most amazing beat to it. I believe they only put maybe 15 seconds of the song into the movie.

posted by kaity on Aug 11, 2010 02:28:07

the part where natalie & lukie are on the air vent with the slurpees & kiss i qot the sonqq !!!!!!!!! its Laza-This Girl

posted by Shesamazinqx33 on Aug 11, 2010 01:57:54

hah loved this movie saw it twice might actually go see it again..addicted!!

posted by Melinerr:) on Aug 10, 2010 12:54:40

soo good. but does anyone know the song when they first go into the club and moose is walking down that hallway with the cool lights? a girl sings it and i think she repeats a bunch of stuff

posted by briee on Aug 10, 2010 11:43:18

man there is this song that plays when they are daincing on the roof and i think its by sean kingston but idk what its called could you please tell me if you know!! becauce me and my boyfriend had the most amazing kiss ever when that song played but neither of us know what its called and its supposed to be "our song" now!! please help me find it!! please!!

posted by i love you <3 on Aug 10, 2010 11:20:16

omg there is this song that plays when they are on the roof and i dont know what its called!! could anyone please help me if they know what its called!!

posted by Taut :D on Aug 10, 2010 11:08:32

Loved Thiss Wouldd Go And See It AGain And Again Loved All Thee Songss Brilliant Movie Best One Yett Dance Moves Are Unbeliveable :Dxxx

posted by Abbey <3 on Aug 10, 2010 10:50:56

Loved Thiss Wouldd Go And See It AGain And Again Loved All Thee Songss Brilliant Movie Best One Yett <3

posted by Abbey <3 on Aug 10, 2010 10:49:07

I'm looking for the song when Luke and Natalie broke up. I really need it, it was beautiful! Does somebody know the title???

posted by Viana on Aug 10, 2010 10:31:48

The best movie ever!! Dancings unreal and Moose is unbelievable!! :D :D xxx

posted by Hannah on Aug 10, 2010 10:11:17

what is the name of the song when Luke found out who Natalie really was and moose started making up?

posted by madelein on Aug 10, 2010 09:47:25

Loved it to the max !!! Does any 1 kno the name of the song when luke n nat go free runin as its not on the sound track n I can't remember the name of it

posted by HJB90 on Aug 10, 2010 09:24:07

The movie was amazing. And the moves we unreal. Anyone who says it was "gay", or it "sucked" it's their opinion. But, to be honest, it was fantastic.

posted by Susan! on Aug 10, 2010 08:54:36

Amaziqq movie hot guys in it sexy dances(:

posted by Wangsterr :P on Aug 10, 2010 08:48:39

Frickin loved it and it inspired me to keep dancing!!

posted by Mikey on Aug 10, 2010 08:42:11

you seed steep up 3 why is steep 2 : the street???

posted by joharah on Aug 10, 2010 07:35:22

great movie love the 3d wud watch again and again xx

posted by kerri87 on Aug 10, 2010 06:09:29

it was the shitiest movie that i have ever seen

posted by dolfo the don on Aug 10, 2010 05:31:22


posted by me on Aug 10, 2010 05:30:24


posted by O47 on Aug 10, 2010 05:26:06

hey i was just wondering if anyone knew what the slow song was after the group got kicked out of the house? pretty sure thats the part. p.s. awesome moive!1

posted by stacey on Aug 10, 2010 04:07:59

What is the song named when luke and nathalie broke up?! heeeelp me find it!

posted by s.o.s on Aug 10, 2010 03:26:38

I really loooooooove this movie :) it is soooo good! id like to watch it again =D

posted by Princessss;) on Aug 10, 2010 03:24:18

Loved it ! was amazing ! wanna see it again :D

posted by Lilaa * on Aug 10, 2010 01:21:00

i love this movie :) it is soooo good :O i cannot wait to buy the dvd :D and the 3D glasses are huuut :)<3

posted by FROM QUEBEC on Aug 10, 2010 01:14:51

the dialogue was a little iffy but the soundtrack, choreography and overall awesomness made up for it. amazing movie.

posted by yoyo on Aug 09, 2010 12:55:11

i loved this movie i didnt like moose in the second movie but i absoulutely love him in the 3rd such a great dancer recomend this to people born from the boombox.

posted by KAte on Aug 09, 2010 12:52:40

Step up just gets better and better!! dance moves got better, final stages got ridiculously awsomer and romantic scenes are even more romantic!! when they kiss, i actually shreek out loud! :D

posted by Coolios on Aug 09, 2010 12:09:15

this is the bet step up movie so far !!! i love moose !!! Can wait till the dvd comes out !!

posted by Ari on Aug 09, 2010 12:07:16

i supper Recommend this movie!! Its awsome.!

posted by SillyOne on Aug 09, 2010 12:07:03

freaking love this movie, just watched it today. Two thumbs up, You gotta see this movie.

posted by ALMIGTYYME on Aug 09, 2010 12:06:07

best movie ive saw i n 2010, i love all their dance movies. GREAT cant wait too see the next one!

posted by jillain on Aug 09, 2010 11:22:00

any one know what the song camille and moose danced too ?

posted by mee on Aug 09, 2010 11:12:45

loooove it !

posted by ciara mcneal on Aug 09, 2010 10:49:44

it was a fuckin awesome film : ) <3 loved it

posted by lovemykicks <3 on Aug 09, 2010 10:31:26

What's the name of the slow song that started when Luke found out who Natalie really was up until Mooseand Camile made up??? Where can I find it?

posted by wjspan on Aug 09, 2010 10:04:24

f**king love this film!!! the dancing is amazing and omg that luke (rick) is well fit.. wouldnt say no to him :) hope they do a step up 4 with all the same people again, would be well good.

posted by sam on Aug 09, 2010 09:33:18

It was AMAZING!!! I loved it :)

posted by Pixie on Aug 09, 2010 08:58:06

what is the name of the song when Luke found out who Natalie really was and moose started making up? And where can I download it?

posted by wjspanwjspanwha on Aug 09, 2010 08:51:59

BEST MOVIE EVER! loved it i hope there is another one if you like dance movies I RECCOMEND THIS ONE!

posted by CMAC22 on Aug 09, 2010 08:42:52

AMAZING all I need to say. My friend and I stood up in the middle of the movie to dance the tracks were SOOO hott!!!

posted by $kip on Aug 09, 2010 08:33:12

Actors were great. There was humor. The choreography was amazing! All in all, GREAT movie.

posted by eyo on Aug 09, 2010 07:56:22

Does anyone know the name of the song that was playing when Natalie and Luke were training for the first time through the obsticle course???

posted by Becca on Aug 09, 2010 07:45:05

amazing absolutely loved it going to see it again and again :)

posted by alsasa on Aug 09, 2010 07:36:08

this movie was awesome! question: i forgot which part it was...but one the background songs said something like, "taking me for rich or poor"...i thought it was sean kingston. anyone know the song and artist im talking about? thanks!

posted by versatile on Aug 09, 2010 07:30:56

Anyone know the name of the song that played during the night club scene, when Luke was following Natalie around with his video camera and they meet for the first time?

posted by matt on Aug 09, 2010 07:12:54

what song is playing when they r dancing in water???

posted by yoogi on Aug 09, 2010 06:50:41

OMG this movie is da bomb

posted by Haypay on Aug 09, 2010 06:37:59

I wanna see born from the boombox~ and plot was a bit iffy but everything else made up for it and more the dancing= WOWOW

posted by Cecilia on Aug 09, 2010 05:30:39

What was the name of the song TI sang in this movie I can't figure it out

posted by Daddy on Aug 09, 2010 05:30:08

I loved the movie! I was in @_@ the whole time & and Moose had me at the 1st scene lol love to watch him dance! Def getn the dvd!!

posted by Angelique on Aug 09, 2010 05:17:13

the best movie in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by dj on Aug 09, 2010 05:09:03

I saw this film yesterday and I can honestly say its the best film i've ever seen! I'm a dancer too, have been street dancing for 10 years now.. but MAAAN I wish there was an event like that round my endz!

posted by eftx on Aug 09, 2010 04:51:05

The song on the airvent was Laza Morgan - This Girl But I neeeedddd to know what the sad song was when the pirates split?! PLEASSEEE help me someone!!

posted by chlo-x on Aug 09, 2010 04:48:34

i really wanna know what the song was called when luke found out who natalie really was. does anyone know what the song is called??

posted by stepup4ever on Aug 09, 2010 04:43:10

SOO... GOOD!!!

posted by SARAH on Aug 09, 2010 04:42:47

most awsome movie of all

posted by travis on Aug 09, 2010 04:39:50

does anyone know the name of the song when luke and natalie are freerunning on the rooftops??

posted by simon on Aug 09, 2010 03:57:22

this is by far the best movie i've EVER seen. it has been out for 4 days and i've already seen it twice. FABULOUS!

posted by Joanne<3 on Aug 09, 2010 03:28:54

Is the best movie dance off the life and the world

posted by Fr3sH on Aug 09, 2010 03:09:09

what was the song called when luke was kissing her on the air vent?!?! plz tell me(:

posted by nicolebabehz808 on Aug 09, 2010 02:46:59

did moose and camille kiss in the movie ?

posted by millie on Aug 09, 2010 02:46:26

this film was DopE! thats all i gotta say

posted by random_dude on Aug 09, 2010 02:36:00

What's the name of the slow song that started when Luke found out who Natalie really was up until Moose and Camile made up???

posted by ssss. on Aug 09, 2010 02:18:03

holy shit that was a really good movie im going to see it again

posted by boogeyman on Aug 09, 2010 01:57:44

I saw thismovie on the second day it came out. Phenomenal! The soundtrack was siiiccck & the actors; amazing . Would love to see more (:

posted by Amanda O. on Aug 09, 2010 01:45:49

i just got home from this movie and i have never seen anything like it this is the movie for the next 67 years i will bye this dvd and tell every body about it and tell them to go see and bye it :0

posted by kailee jade on Aug 08, 2010 12:52:28

the song when they are kissing on the air vent is 'This girl by Laza Morgan'

posted by MooseJr on Aug 08, 2010 12:32:36

I loved it Moose your awesome if you havnt seen it watch it

posted by Nitro on Aug 08, 2010 11:26:39

love it love it love it, best dance fim ever mate, gna go watch it again(:

posted by tayla morris on Aug 08, 2010 11:12:23

Ok. I saw it two time in two days! It is incredible. Nobody can't HATE it, seriously, i've never saw something like that! (:

posted by Lorraine on Aug 08, 2010 11:03:55

yea i want to know the slow song :) xx

posted by x on Aug 08, 2010 10:54:49

I freaking love this movie...im definitely buying it when it comes on DVD...and i want the soundtrack, the music in the movie is amazing i was dancing in my seat..choreography is fantastic

posted by forever*liyah on Aug 08, 2010 10:30:16


posted by Gigi on Aug 08, 2010 10:19:31

i want 2 watch it but i saw the others and they were gr8 =)

posted by namz on Aug 08, 2010 10:19:29

Great Movie! It made me want to be a dancer!

posted by MelissaB on Aug 08, 2010 10:16:38


posted by Step up 3d on Aug 08, 2010 09:02:15

I loved it and thought it was awesome! The water dancing part was my favorite. I will probably buy it too when it comes out!

posted by krista on Aug 08, 2010 08:49:04


posted by FAN on Aug 08, 2010 08:25:52

I saw this movie & I just feel like dancin' :D 'x

posted by ... on Aug 08, 2010 07:59:46

How can I find a copy of the Frank Sinatra Re-mix "I won't dance"? It's not on the Soundtrack.

posted by Kariann on Aug 08, 2010 07:42:54

aww mah gwsh i bck 4rm tha movies nd gwsh tha moviee was d bset movie evr mdee i am so hapii nd i wnar wtch iht agn :) x

posted by ultraa_queen on Aug 08, 2010 06:28:59

Love all the music andd the MOVIE!!!!

posted by Danielle on Aug 08, 2010 06:15:35

i really enjoy watching this movie... but i would like to kno wats the name of the song they played wens shes hiding from him at the begining... by the purple lights... plzzzzz

posted by b\' on Aug 08, 2010 05:30:52

whats the song when it shows them practicing?

posted by xHollow on Aug 08, 2010 05:02:19

Yeh noelle0212 i want to know what that song is called as well, it was such a nice song ay

posted by amba321 on Aug 08, 2010 04:35:03

Does any one know the name of the song at the end of the movie when the guy in the chair is dancing his own hand?

posted by rexruur on Aug 08, 2010 04:31:02

Does any one know the name of the song at the end of the movie when the guy in the chair is dancing his own hand?

posted by rexror on Aug 08, 2010 04:29:29

This movie was incredible, it made me wanna go out and bust a move haha. Totally worth seeing over and over again. By far the best dance movie yet. Cant wait till i can go out and buy it.

posted by lovea303 on Aug 08, 2010 04:04:34

this movie is amazing i must say. i think of dancing a totally different way now.

posted by superparty on Aug 08, 2010 03:05:13

loved it!

posted by chan :) on Aug 08, 2010 03:02:48

It's just awsome!By the way, can someone tell me the name of the song while Luke was driving in the street!

posted by Icy on Aug 08, 2010 02:19:13

THANKYOU minerva and jay :) !!

posted by tissy on Aug 08, 2010 02:11:34

whats the song thats playing when the 2 kiss for the first time on that air vent thing ?

posted by Tissy on Aug 07, 2010 12:57:44

What's the name of the song that is being played at the end when they're at the train station? It's a slow love song.

posted by Emily on Aug 07, 2010 12:50:02

what wed site

posted by bhj on Aug 07, 2010 12:18:42

awesome music and dancing!

posted by samantha88 on Aug 07, 2010 12:01:17

good movie maybe gonna see it again later today(: with my boyfirend((: i saw it this morning with my bffs and later with the boyfriend to see it ;)

posted by R.W+T.S=<3 on Aug 07, 2010 11:58:58

I loved this movie! More than likely gonna buy it when it comes out!!!

posted by Mercedes on Aug 07, 2010 11:51:43

no thats not the one im lookng for the lyrics are more like be true to who you are, who you are, who you are and is scene wit moose and camille.

posted by noelle0212 on Aug 07, 2010 11:44:35

this girl is the name of the song when the 2 are kissing by the airvent

posted by drea on Aug 07, 2010 10:48:30

Thissy the song is ; this girl - laza

posted by Elliee on Aug 07, 2010 10:31:46

The song at the end of the movie when the credits starts is called "Shawty Got Moves" by Get Cool.

posted by J on Aug 07, 2010 09:52:01

could you please hit me back what title of the song in the part of kissing scene?

posted by Bien on Aug 07, 2010 09:51:58

simply amazing <3

posted by danni on Aug 07, 2010 09:12:14

Loved the movie!!!! I just fell in love with moose. Im looking for the Frank Sinatra song I wont dance remixed that they dance to in the movie so frustrated!!

posted by Tie on Aug 07, 2010 08:27:45

yep, that's the one!! but i can't find or download the song itself :(

posted by hanne on Aug 07, 2010 08:14:32


posted by urmocha2go on Aug 07, 2010 08:11:02

What is the song at the very end when they are playing the trailer??? it goes--- she moving her body, moving her body so sexy, can't hide it... the way she hit the floor. if anyone knows--- PLEASE TELL ME! :) thanks

posted by urmocha2go on Aug 07, 2010 08:10:03

I think the slow song is Vanessa Amorosi - True To Yourself , but you can't find it on youtube, but you can find the lyrics on google, and they sound like the song.?

posted by Undskyld-engel on Aug 07, 2010 07:57:45

what's the song called when Luke is sitting alone and sad.. it's a woman singing something like "just be true to who you are" ???

posted by hanne on Aug 07, 2010 07:51:08

what's the song called when Luke is sitting alone and sad... it's a woman singing something like "just be true to who you are" ???

posted by hanne on Aug 07, 2010 07:49:54

Tissy do you mean this song? Laza Morgan "This Girl" I think It's the right one :)

posted by RaivisLV on Aug 07, 2010 07:25:55

whats the song thats playing when the 2 kiss for the first time on that air vent thing ? posted by Tissy on Aug 07, 2010 12:57:44 Tissy do you mean Laza Morgan "This Girl" I think It's the right song ;)

posted by RaivisLV on Aug 07, 2010 07:24:09

Tissy, the song is by Laza Morgan- this girl :)

posted by Jay on Aug 07, 2010 07:13:36

this music .... excellent <3 !!

posted by shake on Aug 07, 2010 05:36:37

this was the most awesome movie ive ever saww! im in love with danceing. <3 WOOH!

posted by MiZExcellent on Aug 07, 2010 05:31:54

what is the name of the song when nathalie and luke are training and pick up moose from school? (im sorry my english isn't good)

posted by myname on Aug 07, 2010 05:30:04

The slow song is :I want dance" (:

posted by Niqqa(: on Aug 07, 2010 04:46:04

I love this movie&#9829;It's way better than I ever expected!

posted by Galla on Aug 07, 2010 04:38:14


posted by jh on Aug 07, 2010 04:37:16

hi pls help .. i love the song when the korean lady lend her garage and they started to dance its also the song when moose introduce the memebers, its before the grand competition. and i recognize chillin by wale was played after than

posted by june on Aug 07, 2010 03:43:33

wlasnie tu zwracam sie do kolezankiem Emily ...

posted by mrcichy on Aug 07, 2010 03:15:24

where can i find the name of the song when camille and moose make up. something bout be true to yourself.

posted by noelle0212 on Aug 07, 2010 03:01:09

Where can i find the name of the song when moose and camille make up. something about be true to yourself.

posted by noelle0212 on Aug 07, 2010 02:59:58

tissy, the song was called "This girl" by Laza Morgan

posted by minerva on Aug 07, 2010 02:09:25

Does anyone know the name of the slow song they played?? it was sang by a girl...i believe it played when Luke and Natalie were kissing!!!

posted by hallie131 on Aug 07, 2010 01:36:43

this girl

posted by jkl on Aug 07, 2010 01:32:58

What's the song where Moose and Camilla are dancing? Cant find it on Youtube anywhere.

posted by Emily on Aug 07, 2010 01:18:43

if you watched the movie anyone know the name of a song at the end of movie? [it plays when a guy that sit down and play with his hand]

posted by Bguy on Aug 06, 2010 12:57:55

you are a great dance crew performance battle keep it going..

posted by Me Buck on Aug 06, 2010 12:17:16

predictably but pretty good 3D quality

posted by deedee on Aug 06, 2010 09:25:05

good movie i want to see it again... i like the way they dance... i watched it at south pike in freeport and the movie stopped half way through the movie and we flipped shit on the theater people... i liked it and im not one to go see that dancy stuff haha... yeah its a good movie so go see it... BEST MOVIE EVER(: :D :D :D :D :D :D i love STEP UP <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 :D

posted by StepUp(: on Aug 06, 2010 09:00:57

and EXCLELLENT movie hope to see it again i like the way they dance..... BEST MOVIE ever... good movie and i love all the music in it OMG I LOVE MOOSE(: hes a cutieeeeee haha yeah well i cote 5stars go see it ppl

posted by hockey<3 on Aug 06, 2010 08:53:59

with out a doubt the best dancing moving so far hope they make anouther 1

posted by young weezy on Aug 06, 2010 08:53:36

The best movie I ever seen and i dont like this kinda stuff it was AMAZING i wanna see it again(: :D

posted by rewroxs289 on Aug 06, 2010 08:48:18

Omg The Best movie In The Freakin World !!

posted by Jazmine !! on Aug 06, 2010 07:25:30

wow, best film ever!!!!!!

posted by treacle on Aug 06, 2010 07:01:30

During the film , there is Frank Sinatra's song "I wont dance" , but it's a remix. Does anybody know the name or a link to listen to this song. thx

posted by adri_zk on Aug 06, 2010 06:13:24

zomg sickest movie i have seen EVER moose is the sexxiiest babe BORN FROM A BOOMBOX xD

posted by Drewww on Aug 06, 2010 06:06:18

Omg bombest movie , but hated Natalie grr, moose is so better then the rest he busts the moves like no other (x BORN FROM A BEATBOX

posted by Maay on Aug 06, 2010 05:54:19

cant wait for number 4

posted by liz on Aug 06, 2010 05:28:16

amazing..gobsmacking..like watching a younger michael jackson -the quy who played moose?

posted by misty on Aug 06, 2010 04:54:50

Wale ft M.I.A & Lady gaga - Chillin'

posted by Kevin on Aug 06, 2010 03:38:51

where can i find the songs that were played thru out the movie?

posted by Baba on Aug 06, 2010 02:57:22

great movie.. Moose is by far the best dancer in that movie... acting could of been better by several characters, but after all; its a must see film.. you wont regret it one bit.

posted by Baba on Aug 06, 2010 02:53:23


posted by sexysex. on Aug 06, 2010 01:41:21

what was that happy jazzy song?

posted by sample on Aug 05, 2010 11:32:56

track in 1.40 - is Roscoe feat T-pain & Fabo - My own Step (djGraff Ext mix )

posted by jackson on Aug 03, 2010 04:45:13

Pues yo soy mexicana y lo uico que puedo decir es ke esta poca madre, en meico hay talento es una lastima que no se aproveche de esta manera, esta mega chingona, ojala yo pudiea bailar asi, cada que lo eo se me cae la baba de asombro.... CHINGONSISIMA ES LO QUE PUEDO DECIR.... ojala lo entiendan!!

posted by Carozzita on Aug 02, 2010 09:40:31

what is da song in da trailer dat starts going STEP IT UP STEP IT UP RYGHT NOW

posted by enii on Aug 01, 2010 11:18:26

hi!im jade from philippines and i am also a dancer...but i dont have any crew....huhuhuhu...can i join with you??? hahaha..just kidding!!i know it wont happen...hahhayzzz...bye for now...

posted by jadebuliboli on Jul 31, 2010 07:24:19

im from germany.. my enlgish is not perfect but w ill try had anybody seen he trailer? if yes than .. in the end theres a short part of a 'song' or whatever the lyrics ist going like -> step it up step it up step it up .. only 3 seconds or something i search that song erverywhere i didnt find anything has anybody got a clue what the song is called?

posted by yasi on Jul 30, 2010 09:56:11

Wow, it is wondorfulos

posted by Movie Stills on Jul 30, 2010 02:03:00

missnoone :)@ Haha your not the only loner going to watch this :)

posted by One Big Smily Face on Jul 28, 2010 10:58:57

awesome thank u so much

posted by DanceLover on Jul 28, 2010 10:58:41

nevermind, i found it.

posted by lc314 on Jul 28, 2010 06:36:32

the song at 1:40 isn't 'my own step'. 'my own step' starts at 1:50. it's like a remix or something, and i can't find it ANYWHERE.

posted by lc314 on Jul 28, 2010 06:30:40

i so <3 dis movie watched it yestuday i jst fell in <3_xx lol z love at first sight

posted by SugaarBabii88 on Jul 28, 2010 04:30:20

I laaaahve it ahaha (L) gonna watch it bymyself aint i a loner :)

posted by missnoone :) on Jul 28, 2010 04:13:35

It looks bootie-lishes :)

posted by Like a Pom Pom on Jul 27, 2010 06:04:27

this is gonna be the sickest movie ever

posted by R.Habib on Jul 26, 2010 12:28:02

1:40 is Roscoe dash ft. T-pain- my own step

posted by Ya diggg on Jul 26, 2010 11:00:09

gon be goood!! so is new stomp the yard: one step is a awsum joint

posted by ghost tha jerk on Jul 24, 2010 08:53:25

download stepup,the streets,3d songs from torrentz <><><>

posted by ram on Jul 24, 2010 02:57:18

this movie is gonna be sick i love it specialy the dance moves

posted by ally on Jul 21, 2010 06:29:05

Because i <3ed step up and step up 2 :the streets i am REALLY excited for the 3rd one. are you going to make a 4th one, well i really hope you will i can't wait ....:)

posted by Ingrid on Jul 18, 2010 11:37:28


posted by nicole on Jul 18, 2010 02:54:14

it sounds well cool =)=)

posted by libster on Jul 18, 2010 01:32:13

in which cinemas can you watch step up 3-D

posted by ms.Arabian_princess on Jul 17, 2010 05:43:07

I've got every song from this film! ;)

posted by Aneette on Jul 15, 2010 03:24:48

1. Airplanes (feat. Hayley Williams of Paramore) 2. B.O.B. feat. playboy tre and t.i. - bet i bust 3. Benny Benassi ft Channing - Come Fly Away 4. Benny Benassi ft. Channing - Come fly away 5. Danity Kane - 2 of you 6. Dizzee Rascal Ft. Justice & Genesis - Fix Up, Look Sharp 7. Dj Dgrow - Barbie Sounds 8. DJ Frank E ft. Dada Life & Tiesto - Squeeze it step up 3 9. Flo Rida - Club Can't Handle Me (Ft. David Guetta) 10. Flo rida -Drake -Transporta- Trey Songz etc 11. Flo Rida feat. Nelly Furtado - Jump 12. Justice - Genesis 13. Kalio ft. Roscoe Dash - Ballin 14. Kaye Styles - Brother like you 15. Kaye Styles - First Born - 4 All the Lies Ft Lisha Not Profane Remix 16. Keyshia - Qualify 17. Lauren Evans - Dream Awake 18. Laza Morgan - This Girl 19. Lil Wayne ft. baby the birdman - Pop bottles 20. Linkin Park - Step Up 21. Mary J Blige - Queen 22. One Week & David Guetta - Untitled 23. OST Step Up 3D - Episode finale dance 24. Roscoe Dash Ft. T-Pain - My Own Step 25. Sean Paul - Come & Get It 26. Shawty Lo ft. Lil' Wayne and Trey Songz - Got What They Need 27. Sophia Fresh - This Instant 28. The Bloody Beetroots ft. Steve Aoki - Warp 1.9 29. Toni Braxton Ft. Sean Paul - Lookin At Me 30. T-Pain - Take Your Shirt Off 31. TQ - Electronic Remix (Ft. The Vill) 32. Trey Songz - Already Taken 33. Trey Songz - Say Aah 34. Wisin y Yandel - Irresistible 35. YV ft. T-Pain & Fabo & Polow Da Don - Own Step

posted by Shad\'s on Jul 14, 2010 05:13:41

is coool i love this mouvie

posted by lavniutza999 on Jul 10, 2010 02:38:42

download movie

posted by hasan on Jul 07, 2010 02:42:18

1. Club Can't Handle Me- Flo Rida & David Guetta 2. My Own Step- Roscoe Dash & T Pain & Fabo 3. This Instant- Sofia Fresh & T Pain 4. Already Taken- Trey Songz 5. This Girl- Laza Morgan 6. Fancy Footwork- Chromeo 7. Beggin- Madcon 8. Up- Jessie McCartney 9. Bust Your Windows- Jazmine Sullivan 10. I Can Be Freak- Estelle 11. Whatchadoin- Nasa 12. Tear Da Roof Off- Busta Rhymes 13. Move If You Wanna- Mims 14. Shawty Got Moves- Get Cool 15. Irresistible- Wisin & Yandel

posted by Shadi on Jul 04, 2010 05:01:31

question, in the trailer in a peice of music it was like "step it up step it up step it up" whats the name of the song?

posted by Becks. on Jul 01, 2010 06:50:19

@Becks is Roscoe Dash feat. T-Pain & Fabo - My Own Step

posted by CristianoPT on Jul 01, 2010 03:12:37

AtlanticRecords posted on facebook that The Step Up 3D Soundtrack will hit stores on July 20th ... soo keep on waiting =) Songs so far: T-Pain - Take Your Shirt Off; Laza Morgan - This Girl; Roscoe Dash feat. T-Pain - My Own Step; DJ Frank E feat. Dada Life & Tiesto - Squeeze It; Trey Songz - Already Taken; Roscoe Dash feat. Kalio - Ballin'; Flo-Rida feat. David Guetta - Club Can't Handle Me; Wisin & Yandel - Irresistible; Sophia Fresh feat T-Pain - This Instant; Flo-Rida feat. Nelly Furtado - Jump; Lauren Evans - Dream Awake; Benny Benassi feat. Channing - Come Fly Away; Transporta - I Wanna Dance With You; TQ feat. The Vill - Electronic Remix

posted by CristianoPT on Jun 21, 2010 08:42:39

AtlanticRecords&#65279; posted on facebook that The Step Up 3D Soundtrack will hit stores on July 20th ... soo keep on waiting =) Songs so far: T-Pain&#65279; - Take Your Shirt Off Laza Morgan - This Girl Roscoe Dash feat. T-Pain&#65279; - My Own Step DJ Frank E feat. Dada Life & Tiesto - Squeeze It Trey Songz - Already Taken Roscoe Dash feat. Kalio - Ballin' Flo-Rida feat. David Guetta - Club Can't Handle Me Wisin & Yandel - Irresistible Sophia Fresh feat T-Pain - This Instant Flo-Rida feat. Nelly Furtado - Jump Lauren Evans - Dream Awake Benny Benassi feat. Channing - Come Fly Away Transporta - I Wanna Dance With You TQ feat. The Vill - Electronic Remix

posted by CristianoPT on Jun 21, 2010 08:40:32

it's coooooolll

posted by partick on Jun 21, 2010 03:51:13

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posted by nhbfz auhnrjmi on Jun 20, 2010 02:18:01

step up fragman 01:36 01:41 ??? song ????

posted by clubber on Jun 18, 2010 06:14:52

NEW SOUNDTRACK!!!! Transporta - Dance With You :)

posted by daniex0r on Jun 17, 2010 04:33:54

dude it's step up 3 ...where the hell you get 4 uhh :S....

posted by XEROPHYTE on Jun 17, 2010 01:19:35

iv got every song on step up 4 :)

posted by harvz b on Jun 15, 2010 06:57:56

sound tracks plz.........give mE link of album........

posted by shreyas on Jun 14, 2010 12:11:19

its OWN STEPS but ltl remixed ;)

posted by Shadi on Jun 13, 2010 06:31:59

Soundtrack: 1. Roscoe Dash feat. T-Pain -I Got My Own Step | 2. T-Pain - Take Your Shirt Off | 3. Frank E feat. Dada Life & Tiesto - Squeeze It | 4. Laza Morgan - This Girl | 5. Trey Songz - Already Taken | 6. Roscoe Dash - Ballin | 7. Sophia Fresh- This Instant (Ft. T-Pain) | 8. FloRida feat. David Guetta & Nicole Sharzinger - Club Can't Handle Me

posted by daniex0r on Jun 10, 2010 10:06:05


posted by d1zy on Jun 09, 2010 11:16:23

its cool:D:D

posted by patrick on Jun 09, 2010 01:16:56

song at 1:40??? someone must know it

posted by bbubz5 on Jun 06, 2010 01:56:35

Roscoe Dash Ft. T-Pain - Own Step Dj Frank E Ft. Dada Life & Tiesto - Squeeze It Sophia Fresh Ft. T-Pain - Instant T-Pain - Take Your Shirt Off Trey Songz - Already Taken YV Ft. Fabolous , Polow Da Don , T-Pain - Own Step

posted by Bboy on Jun 01, 2010 08:32:52

from which side i download step up 3 songs plzzz help me

posted by sid on May 28, 2010 02:13:32

T-pain-own step

posted by Suraj on May 28, 2010 01:07:05

whats the song from start until 0:29 ?

posted by Ariel on May 26, 2010 06:33:30

step up 3d e troppo fresko I Love song numeri 1 Jon Chu spacca tutto sei un grande .

posted by Lil Tuck on May 21, 2010 04:06:47

step up 3d e fantastico siete i numeri uno

posted by lil tuck on May 21, 2010 04:01:07

Step Up 3D T-Pain - Take Your Shirt Off Dj Frank E Ft. Dada Life & Tiesto - Squeeze It B.o.B Ft. Playboy Tre & T.I. - Bet I Bust (but im not so sure) Sean Paul - Private Party (Not sure) Flo Rida Ft. T-Pain - Zoosk Girl (Not Sure) Flo Rida Ft. Lil Wayne - Fresh I Stay Pt. 2 (Not Sure) Trey Songz T-Pain Flo Rida B.o.B Sean Paul Dj Frank E Esttele

posted by Bboy on May 18, 2010 06:17:20

I cant find the song 1:40 pls somebody help me!!!YV Ft T-Pain,Fabo & Polow Da Don - Own Step starts on 1:47!!! I'm really need this song!!!

posted by antarit on May 11, 2010 07:11:26

song at the start 0.15 plz!!!!!!

posted by bobkat on May 11, 2010 07:09:02


posted by SOURABH on May 11, 2010 01:26:36

hey wow beatiful movie.

posted by ulix on May 10, 2010 12:53:13

Dj Dgrow Barbie Sounds Flo Rida ft. Nelly Furtado Jump Lauren Evans Dream Awake Laza Morgan This Girl Lil Wayne ft. baby the birdman Pop bottles Linkin Park Step up Ost step up 3D Episode finale dance DJ Frank E ft. Dada Life & Tiesto Squeeze it T-Pain Take Your Shirt&#65279; Off TQ ft. The Vill Electronic Remix Trey Songz Say Aah YV ft. T-Pain & Fabo & Polow Da Don Own Step Trey Songz Already Taken B.o.B. ft. Playboy Tre & T.I Bet I Bust

posted by ady on May 10, 2010 11:24:53

The Step Up Three Soundtrack Isn't Out In Stores & Won't Be Released Until About To Weeks Prior To The Movie. The Lists Aren't Up Anywhere On The Internet.

posted by EssBaby22 on May 09, 2010 09:28:12

Trey Songz - "Already Taken"....iz out

posted by Zak on May 08, 2010 05:39:41

man when is the music coming out....? 3 of dem r out lyk "take ur shirt off","my own step"nd "sqeeze it"... wat abt otherzzz....!

posted by ZAk on May 08, 2010 05:38:22

1.38 songz name is step it up

posted by cj on May 08, 2010 01:14:10

DJ Frank E ft. Dada Life & Tiesto - Squeeze it song the party!

posted by Keviin on May 05, 2010 11:45:16

The song at 0.35 is Squeeze it by Franck E, Dada life & Tiesto ;)

posted by denisq23 on May 04, 2010 02:09:55

where can i get the soundtrack?

posted by divya on May 03, 2010 11:59:16

Hi I am a big fã of the step-up in March anyone know the name of the song that's on the trailer to oo: 14 minutes?

posted by big fã step up 3 on May 03, 2010 11:17:54

Its time to being 3d in dancing.....

posted by Eshan on May 03, 2010 10:47:15

My own steps - T pain - 1:42

posted by tune_in on May 03, 2010 07:44:31

Good move

posted by xxx on May 01, 2010 12:46:57

Someone can tell me what is the name of the music that touches the Trailer 1:42 of this song also has the step up 2 the streets

posted by steeep uppp on May 01, 2010 02:57:55

Alguem me pode dizer qual o nome da musica que toca aos 1:41 do Trailer

posted by fa nº 1 on May 01, 2010 02:32:03

One song is: Take your Shirt Off - T-Pain TUNE!

posted by ATP on May 01, 2010 02:29:41

song at 0:35 is not WARP, but listen to the music before he says "welcome to my house" that sounds like the same song!

posted by hlkdhudcl on Apr 30, 2010 11:09:34

YV Ft T-Pain,Fabo & Polow Da Don - Own Step 1:40

posted by mircea on Apr 29, 2010 10:54:16

I cant find the song @ 1:40 pls somebody!!!!!!

posted by helpppp on Apr 29, 2010 07:56:08

soundtucks plZ !!!!

posted by kriss on Apr 29, 2010 02:17:34

i still can't find a soundtrack list anywhere on the internet, anyone know where to look? thx :)

posted by helpp on Apr 27, 2010 12:38:16

song @ 0:35 is WARP by the bloody beetroots ft Steve Aoki.. hope that helps some people...

posted by lbcguy523 on Apr 27, 2010 11:40:42

songs used in step up3 can any body inform me

posted by rahul on Apr 26, 2010 02:08:32

anybody knows where can i find soundtracks

posted by res on Apr 26, 2010 01:28:02

but the dance crew are best in the steet dance

posted by fUnnY on Apr 25, 2010 09:41:03

step up may be lose the street

posted by fUnnY on Apr 25, 2010 09:40:12


posted by ***** on Apr 24, 2010 09:49:40

i simply loved the trailer, can't wait for 6th aug. but y they didnt take andy from step up 2, she dance amazing

posted by nick on Apr 22, 2010 08:02:34

does anybody know the song that starts at 1:40

posted by bbdc on Apr 21, 2010 01:13:22

jst can't wait for aug 6th....ahhh mahn step up-2 was amazing...and nw by having a glance at the trailor of step up-3d ..i think tht it is perfect......:) :)...

posted by Piyush on Apr 20, 2010 10:35:03


posted by yaboooya on Apr 19, 2010 11:55:03

guys, has anyone found the title of the track at 00:35??? It sounds fucking sick and i really wanna dance to it

posted by Wilhem on Apr 19, 2010 09:57:17


posted by acridium on Apr 18, 2010 12:03:16

look here: depositfiles...

posted by acridium on Apr 18, 2010 12:02:05

Sexy Dance 3-D won't be good like the first & the second. Go to see StreetDance 3D !!! Go to see this film and not Sexy Dance 3-D !!! Opinion of a French Girl in her French City.

posted by InMyOwnFrenchCity on Apr 18, 2010 11:51:20

the song title IS NOT a T-Pain - TAKE YOUR SHIRT OFF...

posted by MBx on Apr 17, 2010 09:26:25

OMG, could anybody tell me the name of the song from trailer (00:32) ???

posted by MBx on Apr 17, 2010 09:23:17

oh no I'm sorry.. the song at 0:52 is take you shirt of.. sorry

posted by mimi on Apr 17, 2010 07:36:08

the song at 0:35 is called take your shirt of :) it's by t-pain i think

posted by mimi on Apr 17, 2010 07:34:36

*New Step Up 3D Song* in YouTube

posted by danny on Apr 17, 2010 03:08:32

Believe me i want to know what song it is too, i know own steps, but i want to know the one at 0:35?

posted by jessjenga on Apr 16, 2010 10:59:55

whats the name of the song @ 0:35 somebody plss telllll meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

posted by bboy on Apr 16, 2010 07:33:42

this movies trailer is awesome and i cant wait till it come s out in august

posted by zac123 on Apr 15, 2010 10:17:37

Yv Ft. T-Pain, Fabo and Polow Da Don-Own Steps

posted by yourhero on Apr 15, 2010 04:12:19

what's this song..1.40 plzzzzzzzzzz

posted by lil gelo on Apr 14, 2010 07:44:52

plzzzzzzzzzz......tell me the song....o:34

posted by jo!!! on Apr 13, 2010 11:52:56

OOOOOOHHH!!! it's cool, but where soundtrack? (((

posted by acridium on Apr 12, 2010 11:01:54

can anyone tell me what the name of the songs from the trailer are please?

posted by muzikIZmylife on Apr 12, 2010 07:20:52

I HAVE IT AWREADYYY! cool soundtracks. mahn

posted by fashiongagaohlala on Apr 12, 2010 03:21:45

StreetDance 3D is better than Sexy Dance 3-D. Go to see StreetDance 3D ! ! ! Opinion of a French Girl in her French City.

posted by InMyOwnFrenchCity on Apr 11, 2010 12:07:28

the second song in the trailer is my own steps by t-pain. does anyone know where to download the soundtrack or when it comes out, cuz its not on itunes

posted by blahhh on Apr 11, 2010 10:59:00

you can get it on itunes

posted by kazooo on Apr 10, 2010 12:45:39

t-pain take your shirt off :D:D

posted by csiszuuuuu on Apr 09, 2010 08:15:40

its such a bullshit where are the soundtrack??????????????????/

posted by onks on Apr 09, 2010 07:45:21

wher are the sountrack..? if any1 gt the sountrack tell me the website plsss

posted by chins on Apr 09, 2010 03:28:22

what is the song from 0.32

posted by Najda. ! on Apr 09, 2010 02:33:26

wher r th sound tracks ???????????????????fuck u

posted by kishor on Apr 09, 2010 02:25:06

the first song is take ya shirt off by t-pain

posted by makubex on Apr 09, 2010 01:32:02

wheres the soundtrack?

posted by gossipsfly on Apr 08, 2010 06:11:52

me too i need to know the damn song...

posted by stepitupstepitup on Apr 07, 2010 03:53:11

i just need to know the second song before i can really rest in peace

posted by GrayHayden on Apr 06, 2010 10:11:45

I dun even no if the 3D is good, but i'd pay the extra couple of bucks just cuz i like the movie

posted by iluvStepUP on Apr 06, 2010 07:50:20

It's awesome I think the Dance Begin Soon...

posted by Rehan on Apr 05, 2010 09:27:43

soundtracks or smth like that?

posted by someone on Apr 05, 2010 08:28:11

plzzzzzz i nees da fisrt and last song in da trailer plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

posted by FEAKO on Apr 05, 2010 03:55:57

I found another: YV&#65279; feat. T-Pain, Fabo & Polow Da Don - Own Step T-Pain Ft&#65279; Polow da Don - I&#65279; got my own step

posted by pele PL on Apr 04, 2010 10:12:09

T-Pain - "Take Your Shirt Off. It all what found POZDRO

posted by pele PL on Apr 04, 2010 10:00:56

I would like to find soundtracks which are in the trailer* may be someone had found it?

posted by Yulia on Apr 03, 2010 03:29:40

i can't wait aaaaa

posted by yeyeye on Apr 02, 2010 04:07:00

anybody know the name of the track from trailer (0:32)

posted by meeWho on Apr 01, 2010 11:53:55

uum is the soundtrack on the internet?

posted by kelcy marie on Apr 01, 2010 07:06:45

they just realesed the trailer go to google then type in "trailer addict-step up 3d" .....you will be amazed ...the realese date is august 6

posted by kaleb crazykidd on Apr 01, 2010 07:04:58

i just saw the trailer for this movie and i was completely blown away ! the 3d will only make it better ! im sooo exited and i want to thank jon chu for his amazing step up movies !!!!

posted by legacy dancing4lyff on Apr 01, 2010 07:01:11

i cant wait to see this movie ...i really wanna cry causeim in love with all the step up movies and the 3rd one will be off the chain !

posted by legacy on Mar 30, 2010 07:26:35

i love adam sevani aka moose he is cute he dances like michael jackson

posted by Angelique on Mar 20, 2010 04:05:21


posted by CAROLINAGIRL39 on Mar 04, 2010 10:12:44

Just saw a sneak peak of the film. The people of Step up 2? Just wait...

posted by bluntsarcasm on Feb 18, 2010 03:25:01

it should be good but why cant they use the people from step up 2 i mean the where off the chain imagine what they would be in 3D but is this movie STEP UP 3 OR STEP UP 3D

posted by jeff hardy on Dec 13, 2009 04:01:06

it should be awesome i mean its step up 3 if step up 3 can be better than step up 2 then this is a must see

posted by enigma on Dec 13, 2009 03:56:24

yeah man!! the release date is on birthday!!!!!!! i am execited to watch adam sevani again.

posted by gurbakshish on Nov 05, 2009 10:24:48

I have watched step up 1 and 2 and seriously were really reall GOOD!! I hope this one is just as awesome!!!!

posted by Aneri on Aug 14, 2009 11:59:52


posted by Hdyjqmvq on Jul 16, 2009 01:36:00

Can everyone send me the trailer? I haven´t seen it! :-(

posted by Mitch on Jul 13, 2009 06:50:58

i haven't seen it yet but come on it's step up . wat i don't get is it step up 3 or step up 3D

posted by eddie on May 31, 2009 12:25:07

It would be the best if the movie combines kenny wormald and chaning tatum, and raobert hoffman

posted by bobby7 on Apr 07, 2009 02:31:41

I'm so gonna download it and then watch it 13 times....

posted by anteeee8 on Jan 13, 2009 11:26:29


posted by angry! on Dec 23, 2008 10:24:37

I know! This is the best ever, best movie, best time, best cast, bestMSIC, best DANCE! I <3 it!

posted by PC30ty.tk on Dec 06, 2008 02:45:40

em I know that 'Andie West' is still in this movie but thats all :( lol it should be good! x x x

posted by xx....xx on Oct 07, 2008 07:07:33

i have not seen this movie yet but it should be good i mean come on it is STEP UP!!

posted by prinston girl on Sep 28, 2008 10:13:32