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Global James Bond Day Announced as Part of 50th Anniversary Celebration

2012-08-30 10:08:51

To be held on October 5, the 'day-long series of events for Bond fans around the world' will include various exhibitions and shows around the globe and the release of new 007 documentary.

James Bond Dies and Is Back to Life in New Skyfall Trailer

2012-08-01 08:08:58

Bond's combat with villainous Silva is also highlighted in the freshly-released sneak peek, which presents tons of new intense scenes involving the pivotal characters in the upcoming 007 film.

M Orders a 'Bloody Shot' in Teaser for Skyfall New Trailer

2012-07-31 10:07:11

The snippet highlights a secret conversation between M and Mallory, as well as shows new scenes including a fight on a moving train on a bridge above a valley.

Skyfall Olympics TV Spot Shows Javier Bardem as Silva

2012-07-30 10:07:48

The arrival of James Bond in a chinatown and what or who is waiting him there are highlighted in the latest TV spot of the Sam Mendes-directed film.

First Look at Ben Whishaw as the New Q in Skyfall

2012-07-13 01:07:18

Whishaw is the first Q depicter in the history of the James Bond movie franchise who is younger than the 007 agent himself.

James Bond Celebrates 50th Anniversary With 'Designing 007' Exhibition

2012-07-06 09:07:03

The event displays tons of iconic properties from the Bond movie franchise including recreations of Jil Masterson's gold body in 'Goldfinger', as well as Sean Connery and his iconic Aston Martin DB5.

Christopher Nolan Says He's Interested to Direct a James Bond Movie

2012-06-05 08:06:09

The 'Dark Knight Knight Rises' helmer claims that if he finally decides to direct a 007 film, 'it would have to be the right situation and the right time in their cycle of things.'

First Skyfall Trailer Is Jam-Packed With High-Octane Scenes

2012-05-21 03:05:45

Returning as James Bond, Daniel Craig plays an association game during an interrogation session before getting into some intense actions in Beijing, London and Istanbul.

First Skyfall Poster Has James Bond in Classic Gun-Barrel Scene

2012-05-18 08:05:59

The black-and-white poster features tuxedo-clad Daniel Craig striking a pose in the iconic gun-barrel scene of the 007 film franchise.

New Skyfall Set Videos: James Bond Does Dead-Defying Stunt on Top of Moving Train

2012-05-15 01:05:30

Lead actor Daniel Craig has been caught on video tape filming a gunfight scene on a freight train at a station in Adana, Turkey.

Skyfall Set to Explore James Bond's Lassitude, Boredom and Depression

2012-04-30 02:04:47

Instead of focusing on gaudy gadgets and special effects, director Sam Mendes says he will get back to Ian Fleming's root and present Bond as an 'incredibly complex' character.

First Skyfall Teaser Trailer Screened at CinemaCon

2012-04-26 10:04:16

The first promo video for the 23rd James Bond movie puts its focus on an interrogation scene where agent 007 plays what seems to be a word association game with his interrogator.

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