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Genre :


Release Date :

TBA 2012

Director :

David Anspaugh

Starring :

Chris Brown, Vanessa A. Williams, Henry Simmons, Donta Storey

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posted by pinkprincess on Jan 29, 2011 06:20:58

Chris brown iz my man nd he so bad he can sing nd act breezy doin it big Dueces! TEAM BREEZY WE LUV U BABI! STAY FLY TIL DA DAI U DIE

posted by Mz.breezy on Jan 12, 2011 07:45:54

mmmm! chris brown is fine and a great actor!! cannot wait! :D

posted by deebaby16 on Jun 30, 2010 11:47:35


posted by Ama on Jun 04, 2010 06:49:40

I can?t wait to see this movie. and I can?t wait to see Chris brown in it!!!!!!!! love you Chris.always be my man!!!!!!!!!!

posted by mika on Apr 18, 2010 03:24:56

when is it coming out? it sounds good. and I love Chris brown!

posted by Idman on Apr 18, 2010 03:17:50

Is this movie made for television or is it going to be in the movies? and yes WHEN IS IT COMING OUT!!!!

posted by trini on Feb 07, 2010 12:33:05

Great Work! keep on Going.

posted by Cindy on Dec 18, 2009 12:51:03

when is this MOVIE COMING OUT?????????? i really wana watch it!!!!!!!!!!!! I KANT WAIT TO SEE C BREEZY ON THE BIG SCREEN AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOOXOXOX btw I LOVE YOUR NEW ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by jasmine on Dec 18, 2009 05:25:04


posted by kmkmlk,l on Oct 25, 2009 05:46:28

Are yall stiil gonna show the movie still after what happened about the rihanna incident

posted by Shatara G on May 11, 2009 12:32:39

I hope this is still coming out because I love watching Chris act. This Christmas was great!

posted by Tracie on Apr 22, 2009 06:14:00

diz movie goin to be da bomb and i kno dat 4 a fact. my husband gone do hyz thang and have da big screen POPPIN....da realest mz.chris brown 4 life

posted by chris brown wifey on Apr 02, 2009 02:07:34

i hope this movie is gonna be a hit.

posted by zorreya on Mar 21, 2009 08:31:35

omg!chris brown is going to be in another movie.now i know this movie is gone be hot cuz his last movie was off the chain!!!!!!!!!!

posted by Zorreya Pugh on Mar 21, 2009 08:27:37

all right chris doing another movie can't wait to see it!!!

posted by msrandom on Jan 26, 2009 02:47:54

this movie is goin to be ill cuz chris Brown's playing in it and anything chris brown plays in is the bomb

posted by Alexis Caswell (Mizz on Jan 17, 2009 07:47:09

out of five im sure this movie is a 509848. I know dis movie is gonna b da real Sh!t. I got notin but luv 4 ya Chris. U keep doin u cuz datz just wat i luv.

posted by <3 <3 <3 <3 on Jan 09, 2009 02:21:31

A Chris Man can't wait till da Movie comes out Give Me Notice -Killacam Morgan

posted by Cameron Morgan on Jan 04, 2009 02:20:42

My suga pie chris brown ure da best,im rily lukn frward 4 dat muvie evn if i hvnt seen it yet,i knw its da best. If u eva get da chance 2 read dis plz put ma name in mine im kimberly letourdie frm seychelles so dat ul knw i exist n im alwaz suportn u. Nt only dat u were very very hot in the BET AWARD. Congratulation 4 di award u won u deserve it,n im pround of u im ya #1 fan n i adore u. Just be gud 2 ya g.f n family. Dnt 4get dat i luv ya 2.

posted by Kimmy~brown on Nov 09, 2008 05:13:12

Al da muvi chris brown acts in z da best eva. No 1 cn eva get hz thrown. Chris baby keep up da gud work pay no mind 2 al em haterz honey dey cn say watever dey want it simply means ya 2 step ahead of em. Al da best URE da best give em wat u got baby. Gud luck. Luv u very much. Lots of kises 4 u. MUAH!!! Lil kimmy

posted by Kimberly letourdie. on Nov 09, 2008 05:05:26

my baby is gonna shake u all i've already seen it omfg it was hot and so was my boo

posted by chrisbrownsboo4evr on Sep 28, 2008 10:37:35

i think chris is going to blow this movie away! keep up the gud work boo!!!

posted by chocolate on Sep 11, 2008 07:19:14

this movie is gonna be tight

posted by crip killer on Jul 31, 2008 00:00:00

Well i go 2 all Chris Browns movies so of course im going 2 dis 1..luv him sooo mux...and no i not a fan im the misz

posted by MiSz BrEeZy on Jul 08, 2008 00:00:00

Im so exicted to see Chris Brown be an actor in this movie!

posted by Chris Wifey on Jun 30, 2008 00:00:00

Its me again just wanna tell u, love ya and i would die if something ever happened to you!

posted by Chis Wifey on Jun 30, 2008 00:00:00