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The Pastor's Wife


Genre :


Release Date :

November 05, 2011 (TV Premiere)

Director :

Norma Bailey

Starring :

Rose McGowan, Martin Cummins, Michael Shanks, Erin Simms, Enid-Raye Adams, Carrie Genzel, Jennifer Copping, Eric Keenleyside, Claude Duhamel, Julia Sarah Stone, Kyra Zagorsky, Lisa Durupt, Andy Nez, Jeremy Raymond, Debra Donohue

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This story, saddening as it unfolded in real life, even worse on TV. I think who ever decided to make a movie about this is cold hearted! The winkler kids watched this unfold right in front of their eyes. Now they are having to relive it!! All you are doing is Glamorizing a cold blooded killer! Mathew is not here to tell his side!

posted by Didisgusted on Nov 07, 2011 10:56:32