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One Week


Genre :


Release Date :

March 06, 2009 (Canada)

Director :

Michael McGowan

Starring :

Joshua Jackson, Liane Balaban, Campbell Scott

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Just watched it for the first time on Netflix. Very powerful movie for a guy like me who left TO and headed west.

posted by DPP on Nov 21, 2012 12:39:43

amanzing movie

posted by Mae on Oct 01, 2010 07:49:53

Hey rdog, go back to watching Iron Man.

posted by JT on Sep 23, 2010 08:53:43


posted by dsnylnd7 on Sep 13, 2010 12:18:13

This movie I was expecting to be utter tripe but was pleasantly surprise. I loved it. well done all around and great cameos

posted by loki2826 on Jul 19, 2010 08:59:57

This movie was wonderful. Funny. Poignant. Loved the narration. Amazing landscapes. Great composition. The music/soundtrack was great. The best movie I have seen in years. I just watched it last night and I'm ready to watch it again. Also interested in purchasing the soundtrack I enjoyed it that much.

posted by TxGirlinNOLA on Jul 07, 2010 04:11:49

It´s a touching and great movie, also a great sense of belonging for Canadians.

posted by cklapp on Jan 13, 2010 08:25:28

does anybody know the music track on the dvd startup?

posted by bjoern on Dec 04, 2009 08:26:40

this bored me. if you want to see something similar to this, then check out into the wild. its much better.

posted by rdog on Oct 17, 2009 09:52:01


posted by Steph on Oct 14, 2009 02:47:10

Exellent film, loved it. Wish they would have been a bit more accurate with the location of Canada's biggest, like the hockey stick, it's in Duncan. The shot where he is in North Vancouver, all of a sudden he's in Hope? Still what an awesome movie. One of my new favorites. And what about the soundtrack????

posted by Islander on Sep 30, 2009 12:18:32

An inspiring movie.

posted by Pedro on Sep 17, 2009 03:54:11

Although it seemed a bit like tourism propaganda this was a a movie that makes you think. It stirs up emotions if you or a loved one has had a similar diagnosis. Seems like this movie has not been released in the USA.

posted by bobadagabin on Aug 15, 2009 10:12:21

Wonderful movie!

posted by DramaLuvr on Jul 24, 2009 09:41:11


posted by Amanda on Jul 20, 2009 02:05:43

Loved it!!

posted by Craig on Jul 16, 2009 04:27:00

this film was amazing

posted by caz on Jul 08, 2009 07:29:05

Fabulous movie... laughed and cried... one of my favorites!

posted by XHayley07 on Jun 15, 2009 01:15:10

It´s sooooo great!!!

posted by aLex on May 08, 2009 01:20:46

I thoroughly enjoyed this flick! It was great just to see some of Canada up on the big screen. I too am waiting for a DVD release date!

posted by Kaijuman on May 05, 2009 01:50:10

Absolutely amazing. I fell in love.

posted by Canuck on Apr 03, 2009 11:14:08

So good I went twice and will buy the DVD. What a great film...being unapologetically Canadian makes it that much better!!

posted by One Week on Mar 25, 2009 10:13:57

2 thumbs up... I've gone through a similar experience. Very deep, and emotional.

posted by One Week on Mar 15, 2009 12:54:00

It got to the core of my heart

posted by Maria B. on Mar 14, 2009 08:07:31