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Genre :

Action, Mystery, Thriller

Release Date :

November 27, 2013

MPAA Rating :


Director :

Spike Lee

Starring :

Josh Brolin, Elizabeth Olsen, Sharlto Copley, Samuel L. Jackson, Hannah Simone, Lance Reddick, Rami Malek, Michael Imperioli, Grey Damon, James Ransone, Caitlin Dulany, Joe Chrest

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Review rate : A-

“..the most impressive performance may be Spike Lee's. He uses skill without gimmickry, flash without fuss, to tap the mesmerizing soul of this pulp..”
by Owen Gleiberman [Entertainment Weekly]
2 of 4

“..swing and a miss: Spike Lee's Oldboy "reinterpretation" hoists the hammer and baseball bat with vigour, but fails to make its own mark..”
by Peter Howell [Toronto Star]
3.5 of 4

“..surprisingly, the movie doesn't bear much of the stylistic stamp we've come to expect of Lee, who's in his generic journeyman mode here..”
by Kerry Lengel [Arizona Republic]
1.5 of 4

“..Spike Lee's superfluous duplication of Oldboy brings to mind Samuel Johnson's famous 18th-century witticism, likening a woman preaching to a dog walking on its hind legs: "It is not done well; but you are surprised to find it done at all...”
by David Hiltbrand [Philadelphia Inquirer]
2 of 4

“..Spike Lee can't find the right tone in this remake of the 2005 Korean cult hit. Bloodier and goofier, yet less funny and less thrilling, it's a near-miss..”
by Rafer Guzman [Newsday]
1.5 of 4

“..sadly, nothing feels alive in this movie..”
by Peter Travers [Rolling Stone]
1.5 of 4

“..relentlessly gruesome, self-consciously shocking and pretty much pointless..”
by Lou Lumenick [New York Post]
3 of 5

“..one of the strangest, most off-putting movies for the Thanksgiving holiday..”
by Joe Neumaier [NY Daily News]
2 of 4

“..Lee's rendition is meant to be more straightforward and grounded in reality, less stylized but just as dark and shocking as its 2003 predecessor. And it does have a couple of powerful, disturbing plot twists..”
by Claudia Puig [USA Today]
2.5 of 4

“..Lee's Oldboy closes with a semi-happy shrug - a finale that is careful to tie up all loose ends and, in the process, makes the tense, strange picture that preceded it easier to forget..”
by Rene Rodriguez [Miami Herald]
3.5 of 4

“..Lee has not only made a perfectly worthy remake of an already perfectly worthy movie, he has Americanized it as a pop parable for the early 21st century..”
by Geoff Pevere [Globe and Mail]
3 of 4

“..Lee directs this deranged undertaking with great formal control and confidence... The suspense is taut, provided you can prevent yourself from frequently yelling, "That's not possible." Remember: comic book..”
by Colin Covert [Minneapolis Star Tribune]

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