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Genre :


Release Date :

April 22, 2010

MPAA Rating :


Director :

Jacques Perrin, Jacques Cluzaud

Starring :

Pierce Brosnan

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“..Though there's a formlessness to it all, the wow factor will thrill the "Earth" crowd, making "Oceans" a surefire bet for families and nature lovers..”
by Jay Weissberg [Variety]
4 of 5

“..This really is a film that manages to show us things we've never seen and make what we have already seen look different and new..”
by Kenneth Turan [Los Angeles Times]
3 of 4

“..This hypnotically photogenic journey into the depths of the ocean blue exists to appeal to the imaginations of young and old alike..”
by Ed Gonzalez [Slant Magazine]
4 of 4

“..There are life-and-death dramas, moments of playfulness and tenderness, which create an ever-increasing sense of wonder..”
by Liam Lacey [Globe and Mail]
3 of 4

“..The wow factor alone makes Oceans a great Earth Day/Earth Week at the movies..”
by Roger Moore [Orlando Sentinel]
3 of 4

“..the voice-over almost manages to turn the majestic into the mundane..”
by Steven Rea [Philadelphia Inquirer]
2.5 of 4

“..the most striking thing about Oceans is its banality..”
by Tom Meek [Boston Phoenix]
2.5 of 4

“..the majestic imagery fails to tell a story or advance a message..”
by Wesley Morris [Boston Globe]
2 of 4

“..pretty and relatively painless - although not particularly exciting..”
by Stephen Whitty [Newark Star-Ledger]
4 of 5

“..Perfect for families and exquisitely shot, this entry from the Disneynature division is even better and fresher than last year's "Earth"..”
by Joe Neumaier [New York Daily News]
Review rate : A-

“..Oceans will dazzle you with something even stranger..”
by Owen Gleiberman [Entertainment Weekly]
4.5 of 5

“..Oceans is more of a random collection of images from the deep. But, boy, what images..”
by Cary Darling [Dallas Morning News]
3 of 4

“..Oceans is a lovely, meditative dive into the life aquatic..”
by Claudia Puig [USA Today]
3 of 4

“..It is a good documentary and is worthwhile, especially for those with an interest in such things. It's just not as satisfying..”
by Jeff Vice [Deseret News]
3.5 of 4

“..If you can't spare a few thousand hours to wander through the vasty deep yourself, "Oceans" will do nicely..”
by Kyle Smith [New York Post]
“..All the crystalline imagery and poetic immediacy that we have come to expect from this new generation of up-close-and-personal nature documentaries is here..”
by Jeannette Catsoulis [NY Times]
3 of 4

“.."Oceans" happily leaves us wanting more..”
by Moira MacDonald [Seattle Times]

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by Andrew Barker [Variety]


“..the ham-fisted script is incapable of a multilayered approach, while the helming and editing are at the level of mediocre TV..”
by Jay Weissberg [Variety]


“..a bland version of Liam Neeson's Taken..”
by Sukanya Verma [rediff.com]


“..so is this terrific movie..”
by Joe Neumaier [NY Daily News]


“..the movie often feels like a full-length ad for a great workplace, which just happens to stash whips and chains in the stationery closet..”
by Elizabeth Weitzman [NY Daily News]