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The Night Circus


Genre :

Fantasy, Drama

Release Date :

TBA 2014

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The Night Circus is an ambiguous, beautiful, and moving book. If you only read a book this year (it took me two days to read it), it has to be The Night Circus. The writing is elegant, and the descriptions so vivid, that anyone will want the circus to be real and in their town. There are many inside jokes, many little stories inside each story, and no book has a better setting than the one created by Erin Morgenstern. However, the elegant way she writes is sometimes bad. The plot is unclear, and the things overly described. She avoids actually stating objects; instead she just describes it. Morgenstern is one chapter describes a meal in this way (I just made this paragraph up for an example): There is a giant meal with food of all the colors of the rainbow. The delicious meal is placed on the old wooden table which has a popcorn smell, and could have been from a century-year-old theater popcorn stand. Everyone who eats the food immediately wonders who the chef was: the nationally-famed chef on TV? the king’s chef? but the host never tells them, just to make it mysterious and better. There is no food that is actually said to be in the meal! Also, the plot is supposed to be a “game.” The “game” in the book is nothing like a normal “game.” It is even worse than the one in the Hunger Games. There are two magicians who have to show off their magic skills in the venue, which is the circus. The person who loses is eliminated from the physical world. What makes the story ambiguous is that those are the only rules, and it’s all confusing, how the game works.There is a second plot, that intertwines with the first plot in the end, but it would be a spoiler to describe it.This book does not really grab a readers’s attention in the first half of the book, because there are so many mysteries and plot is unclear. However, I read through it excitedly because I wanted to learn what the plot was. However, in the end I still could not grasp it, but the entire book gave me a delightful journey. The circus as described wonderfully in The Night Circus is definitely what everyone needs to go through at least once in their lifetime.

posted by Toad22222 on Dec 14, 2013 07:26:14

i absolutely love the night circus and am dyeing to see it in the theatre.

posted by nc_lover on Jan 01, 2013 10:40:54