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Pictures: Alice Cooper Brings Snake to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

2011-03-15 02:03:30

Wearing bloody clothes, the 63-year-old rocker was inducted by Rob Zombie at the March 14 ceremony.

'Breaking Dawn' Wedding Scene to Be Filmed in April

2011-03-15 02:03:05

The exact date is not mentioned, but the important scene has been reported to be shot in Vancouver, Canada.

Ashley Hebert Is the New 'Bachelorette'

2011-03-15 01:03:07

'I'm open hearted and interested in meeting the guys and hopefully fall in love,' the dental student who has been single for four years long said.

'Yellow Submarine' Is Sunk Before Mars Needs Moms! Fails

2011-03-15 01:03:16

Insiders deny that Disney kills Robert Zemeckis' next project after 'Mars Needs Moms!' which he produces failed at box office.

Mars Needs Moms! Debuts New Clips and Holds Los Angeles Premiere

2011-03-07 04:03:50

The special screening takes place at the El Capital Theater in Hollywood, California on Sunday and has Seth Green, Dan Fogler and Mindy Sterling among the attendees.

New Trailer for Disney's Animation Mars Needs Moms!

2011-02-17 04:02:56

In an effort to save his mom, nine-year-old Milo poses as one of the Martians and is involved in some actions.

Mars Needs Moms! Debuts First Trailer and New Images

2010-11-24 11:11:44

Never realizing how much he needs his mom until she is nabbed by Martians, Milo is now in a quest to save his mom from the aliens.

New Images From Mars Needs Moms! and 'Scream 4'

2010-11-13 03:11:00

The picture from the animation features both the aliens and the humans, while one photo from the horror movie sees Sidney being chased by Ghostface.


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