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Michael Shannon Hints at His General Zod Look in Man of Steel

2011-11-15 03:11:15

The 'Take Shelter' actor teases that in the upcoming Superman movie, he will not wear 'a Fu Man Chu and some kind of SS uniform' as some fans might have predicted.

Henry Cavill: My Shirtless Scene Is Just a Small Sequence in Man of Steel

2011-11-01 08:11:10

Commenting on recent 'Man of Steel' set photos that feature him baring his six-pack figure, the 'Immortals' actor claims that the shirtless scene is only a small part of the film.

Russell Crowe Tweets About Fighting General Zod on Man of Steel Set

2011-10-20 03:10:37

The actor who plays Jor-El in the upcoming Superman reboot shares on his Twitter about doing his fighting scene with Michael Shannon's villainous character, dishing, 'He's very hard to put down.'

New Man of Steel Set Photo: Bearded Clark Kent Goes Shirtless

2011-10-14 04:10:56

The lead actor of the latest Superman reboot, Henry Cavill, has been snapped filming a scene in Vancouver where he goes shirtless and only wearing tattered pants in the rain.

New Set Photo of Man of Steel Sees Henry Cavill as Scruffy Clark Kent

2011-10-06 04:10:17

Instead of donning a full costume of the titular character, Cavill is caught on camera wearing untidy outfit while his face is covered with beard.

First Look at Russell Crowe as Jor-El on Man of Steel

2011-10-05 08:10:27

The 'American Gangster' actor who plays Superman's Kryptonian father has been photographed wearing a costume which has an 'S' symbol and a long red cape.

'Angels and Demons' Star Replaces Julia Ormond as Superman's Mother in Man of Steel

2011-09-26 11:09:16

Israeli actress Ayelet Zurer is set to begin filming for the reboot film soon, joining Henry Cavill and Russell Crowe who will play her on-screen son and husband respectively.

Michael Shannon's Zod Dons Black Kryptonian Suit on Man of Steel Set

2011-09-15 01:09:43

The actor playing the villainous character is spotted wearing a skintight suit similar to the one worn by Henry Cavill's Superman.

New Man of Steel Set Photo Gives First Look at Villainess Faora

2011-08-24 05:08:38

Other set pictures, meanwhile, offer glimpses at the design of the Superman costume worn by Henry Cavill.

Official Plot Synopsis of Man of Steel Allegedly Unveiled

2011-08-18 01:08:54

In the description of the plot, it is said that Clark Kent will question his destiny before using his powers to be the hero known as Superman.

Man of Steel: First Look at Amy Adams as Lois Lane in Photo and Video

2011-08-16 01:08:00

Donning a casual outfit, the movie beauty is spotted hitting the set in Planos, Illinois, which is doubling for Smallville.

Tornado, Hospital and Bank Vault Scenes in Man of Steel Teased

2011-08-11 09:08:06

The tornado scene is teased in an on-set footage, while the other scenes which will be filmed in hospital and bank vault are described by an insider.

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