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Man of Steel Final Trailer Teases Moments of Intimacy Between Superman and Lois Lane

2013-06-07 09:06:18

Clark Kent and Lois Lane share a warm embrace and a passionate kiss amid destruction in the video for Zack Snyder's film, introducing Henry Cavill and Amy Adams as the couple.

First Man of Steel Clip Sees Lois Lane's Professionalism Tested

2013-06-05 12:06:32

Amy Adams' tenacious journalist hides crucial information from Daily Planet Editor-in-Chief Perry White in the video for the highly-anticipated flick with Henry Cavill as Superman.

Superman Gets Logo and Animated Short Film for His 75th Anniversary

2013-05-31 01:05:04

Zack Snyder of 'Man of Steel' and Bruce Timm of 'Superman: The Animated Series' will team up to work on the short film in honor of the DC Comics hero.

Russell Crowe Shows Off 'S' Symbol on His Chest in New Man of Steel TV Spot

2013-05-27 11:05:12

Crowe portrays Clark Kent's biological father Jor-El, who in this video is seen telling his son that the iconic emblem means 'hope.'

New Man of Steel Trailer Serves as General Zod's Threatening Message

2013-05-22 11:05:58

The archenemy of Superman wants the caped hero to sacrifice himself for the Earth people in the new video for the Henry Cavill starrer.

New Man of Steel Photos Highlight Little Clark Kent

2013-05-06 12:05:11

The latest photos from Zack Snyder's upcoming film feature Clark Kent as a newborn, a young boy, and a full-grown superhero.

Summer Movie Guide 2013 (Part 1 of 2)

2013-04-29 04:04:29

From the glittering visuals of 'The Great Gatsby' to the jolting actions in 'Man of Steel', all are going to make your summer more colorful.

Ben Affleck to Receive Honorary Doctorate Degree at Brown University's Graduation Ceremony

2013-04-25 11:04:50

The 'Argo' actor and director will receive honorary doctorate in fine arts from Brown University along with five other figures, including novelist Junot Diaz.

Man of Steel Director Zack Synder Might Helm 'Justice League'

2013-04-25 10:04:22

Snyder could be the frontrunner for 'Justice League' helming job if his Henry Cavill-starring film becomes a hit at the box office.

Walmart to Sell Tickets for Man of Steel Early Screening

2013-04-24 02:04:18

In a Hollywood-first partnership with Walmart, Warner Bros. will exclusively sell in-store tickets to a June 13 screening of the Zack Snyder-directed film starting on May 18.

New Man of Steel Trailer: Superman Finds Reason of His Existence on Earth

2013-04-17 09:04:40

Clark Kent is believed to be the guardian angel of the people of Earth and destined to give them 'an ideal to strive towards.'

General Zod Demands Superman to Surrender in New Man of Steel Viral Video

2013-04-15 02:04:14

The static ends with the Kryptonian general saying, 'To Kal-El, I say this. Surrender within 24 hours, or watch this world suffer the consequences.'

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