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'Despicable Me' Tops Box Office in U.K.

2010-10-20 11:10:42

Russell Brand has another reason to celebrate beside his weekend wedding for his movie enters number 1 in U.K. Box Office.

'Jackass 3D' Triumphs Over 'Red' at Box Office

2010-10-18 10:10:30

Despite supported by A-listers, the action movie only collects half of the documentary's opening gross.

'The Social Network' Not Shaken by Newcomers, Stays on Top of Box Office

2010-10-11 09:10:00

The drama still holds the first spot in its second week as 'Life as We Know It' and 'Secretariat' debut at the second and third places respectively.

Josh Duhamel Upset With Shirtless Poster

2010-10-09 11:10:09

The actor is 'pissed' with the 'Life as We Know It' promo which was inspired by a scene in which he chases a baby in his underwear.

Katherine Heigl Heats Up Life as We Know It World Premiere

2010-10-01 03:10:30

Showing up in a glam red dress, the blonde beauty shares smooch with husband Josh Kelley on the red carpet rolled in front of Ziegfeld Theatre in New York City.

Katherine Heigl's Life as We Know It Debuts New Clips

2010-09-27 04:09:48

After shocked upon learning that they are godparents to Sophie, Holly Berenson and Eric Messer have to juggle their social lives and raising the baby girl.

Josh Duhamel Is Photoshopped in Life as We Know It Poster

2010-09-14 09:09:12

The actor, whose Achilles heel is smaller than the other, specifically asks the producers to enhance that part of body.

Josh Duhamel Strips Down to His Undies in Life as We Know It Poster

2010-08-28 02:08:13

The godfather of an orphan baby in the film is captured walking across a room, only wearing white pants and footwear in the one-sheet.

Katherine Heigl Heartbroken While Filming Life as We Know It

2010-06-01 11:06:58

She was sad that she has to leave her adopted baby Naleigh home while she's filming the movie with her baby co-star.

Katherine Heigl's Life as We Know It Welcomes First Trailer

2010-05-27 01:05:09

An unlikely couple is forced to live together under a roof to raise an orphan baby girl, starting from inexperienced parents to become a real family.

Miley Cyrus: I Would Do That Pole Dance Again

2010-03-19 01:03:25

'I would do that pole dance a thousand times again,' the 'Hannah Montana' star says when defending her controversial performance.

Robert Downey Jr. Among Stars at Warner Bros.' 'Big Pictures' at 2010 ShoWest

2010-03-19 12:03:18

Also coming to the event was Sam Worthington who will be awarded Male Star of the Year and 'Sex and the City' actresses who will be honored with Best Cast Ensemble.

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