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Genre :

Drama, Romance

Release Date :

April 11, 2008 (Palm Beach Int FF)

MPAA Rating :


Director :

Todd Kessler

Starring :

Jesse McCartney, Jennifer Grey, Elisabeth Harnois, Rachel Thorp, Rance Howard, Margo Harshman

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Wonderful movie

posted by Abhi on Mar 08, 2013 05:01:51

I sooo Love this movie...I cannot stop watching....I have been telling my friends to see it....Jesse & Elizabeth are amazing...Solid performance..& yes I cried everytime ...I miss Keith...wish they had more happy scenes together....

posted by GGB on Jan 24, 2012 10:30:39

This movie is the best. I so love Keith myself. Keith and Natalie are just perfect for each other.

posted by Tracy on Jan 13, 2012 06:30:22

One of the best movies I have seen. An amazing movie that will leave you heartbroken

posted by Keith on Jan 02, 2012 07:01:57

the best:)

posted by Brielle on Dec 01, 2011 10:23:14

this movie was amazing! i cried.. its so much like my life!

posted by kaykay5799 on Sep 02, 2011 03:26:21

when you watch this movie, it feel as if the things are happening with you. is beautiful and painfully heart touching

posted by tree2h on Aug 22, 2011 10:36:07

I happened upon this movie last weekend and loved it so much I've watched it at least a dozen times. Jesse and Elisabeth are great! I can't wait to see Elisabeth in CSI! My husband was battling cancer and passed 2 yrs ago - this brought back memories! I feel like I'll miss Keith, too.

posted by rncox on Apr 30, 2011 06:55:56

I really love this movie, I cried so much at the end. Jesse McCartney and Elizabeth Harnois are both brilliant in this. I just want to watch it over & over

posted by Keith on Apr 26, 2011 06:01:50


posted by Paul on Apr 17, 2011 08:06:23


posted by PRAJWAL GIRI on Jan 01, 2011 11:41:57

This movie is AMAZING!! Only found it a few days ago and have watched it 3 times. Jesse is a great actor. It really touched my heart.

posted by Noah on Nov 29, 2010 11:03:57

Its not often that a movie comes along and makes you wanna fall in love..but this one has.

posted by godsman on Nov 27, 2010 11:49:35

This movie touched my heart

posted by mandy on Nov 19, 2010 10:51:30

cant forget such a great love story

posted by avinash on Nov 11, 2010 05:41:55

I can't get the music out of my head. It just makes me think about the movie.

posted by Devon on Oct 13, 2010 09:01:15

amazing,amazing and amazing music it's stuck in my head the heavy bass/guitar

posted by fahad on Sep 12, 2010 02:33:24

just kidding ehehehe

posted by unknown on Sep 02, 2010 09:25:15

this movie is perfect ...i cant beleive jesse mccartney can also act ....no offense...

posted by unknown on Sep 02, 2010 09:23:45

i have seen this movie many times. the first time i seen it i had never even heard of it but it had jesse mccartney in it, and who doesnt love him? so i rented it. it was, and still is the best movie i have ever seen. it makes me cry everytime i watch it. it never occured to me that he could play such an amazing role, who is, keith(:

posted by cutiepie on Aug 06, 2010 07:17:17

This movie is so amazing. It really hit home and I LOVED IT!

posted by misunderstood on Aug 03, 2010 12:02:18

The first time I watched this movie, never heard of it before.. It mezmerised me, to be honest. I crushed over Jesse, just insanity. It's never occured to me that he would ever play a person like that. But still, of course I will never know Jesse's real interests. Good job, over all.. It made me tear up both times. (: Quite a rollercoaster.

posted by Bittersweet on Aug 02, 2010 09:43:47

no words can describe this movie. it's just awesome. i can't believe the ending!!! keith...u rawk. jesse rawk <3

posted by jmac4eva on Jun 07, 2010 09:22:15

I LOVE this movie. it has been the best movie i have watched in a very long time. the storyline is beautiful and keith (jesse mccartney)is SO HOT !! the acting is very good especially by the lead elisabeth harnois. i really don't think this film got the acknowledgement it should have received. A very fine film indeed ! <3

posted by AmiieeRawrr on Jun 07, 2010 07:52:21

wat was the theme song? the heavy bass/guitar playin in the background - its totally stuck in ma head!!!

posted by Ornie on Apr 20, 2010 09:47:31

the movie was simple beautiful.

posted by Ornie on Apr 20, 2010 09:44:46

please,it would give someone the end of the song name?

posted by dalmi.* on Mar 16, 2010 09:53:19


posted by darianstar1214 on Mar 16, 2010 06:08:14

I love this movie, i thought it would be boring and predictable. But apparently this movie was incredibly touching and unique. You'll like it!!!

posted by megan on Mar 16, 2010 06:07:25

jesssseeee!! tee aamo koraaszonn veen aa meexicoo (LLLL""!!!

posted by karenlizbeth on Mar 08, 2010 04:16:15

best movie i have ever seen! I loved it! Have watched it 4 times and just saw it today

posted by Sucker for love on Feb 01, 2010 06:32:34

one of the best movies of all time. it makes one think deeper into life and they people around one in it

posted by movie watcher on Jan 30, 2010 07:35:56


posted by gabbi on Jan 01, 2010 01:01:51

Amazing film, first because Jesse was in second the movie,I will say again, it's amazing film :)

posted by jesse soul on Dec 24, 2009 07:27:06

hi i love this movie it makes me forget about that bad and just wanna forget everything and just feel free

posted by al0nna on Nov 11, 2009 10:38:32

This movie, is one of the best movies i have seen. i find jesse macartneys character kieth so interesting and so secretive, and he would be just the type of guy you would love to try asnd figure out. The way he shows his affections and emotions is so different but beautiful. this movie bought tears to my eyes the way it shows that perfect people seem perfect but on the inside they are so confused. it puts across so many messages, and even though he went through all of what he did, he lived the way he wanted to, carefree. just beautiful.

posted by Sammygirl. on Oct 03, 2009 01:41:26

Great movie, it was a short story before it was made into a movie. If you loved this movie you should definitely read the book "Etchings in the Dead Wax" it is awesome!!!!

posted by KR on Aug 21, 2009 11:44:47

God it made me cry so much. The actress is so beautiful. But the guy acted very well. Every char* was believable.

posted by Abh on Aug 03, 2009 01:47:53

the best movie ever! jesse is a brilliant actor and he is sohot to! my fave movie for all time!!!!

posted by ac on Jul 17, 2009 09:07:07

i love jesse mccartney to death he is so sexxyyy!!!<333

posted by #1 jesse mccartney f on Jul 10, 2009 03:43:24

amazing- jesse deff made it better than it would have been if he wasnt in it. but it was the cutest movie ever, i cried. it kinda reminds me of a mix between titanic and the notebook!

posted by bebebabe on Jun 22, 2009 05:43:29

I actually just found this movie on the movie channel and watched the trailer and thought it looked good so i rented it. It far exceeded any of my expectations, I thought the acting was amazing and a great story of letting people in, falling in love, and fighting for what you believe in. Great great movie, wish it had better publicity, I could have seen it sooner.

posted by A on Jun 17, 2009 05:28:30

I loooooovvvvvvveeeeeeeee Jesse McCartney

posted by krhysta on Jun 05, 2009 08:19:15

greattt moviee..

posted by sam on Jun 04, 2009 02:07:59

i thought this movie was so good and sad i was crying so much

posted by Kararly on May 02, 2009 06:04:17

I Love this moviee !! And jesse Mccartney has a really good back !! It's the best back i've ever seen in my life !! :D But i didnt really get it the first time . and then i watched it again and i was all .. ohhhhhkkk :D hehe

posted by Graaciee on Apr 23, 2009 09:34:16


posted by DaniellexGarcia on Apr 17, 2009 09:14:56

this movie is my number one favorite movie. oh my gosh jesse did an amazing job playing keith and all the characters have great chemistry and it made me cry ten times more then the notebook ever did. i love it if you haven't seen it SEE IT!

posted by christinaaawow on Apr 04, 2009 05:35:06

This is one of the most amazing films I have ever seen. The best way to describe it I think is that it's real. Everything about it just feels real, the characters, their relationships. An absolutely amazing film. I was astounded. wow! Jesse McCartney continues to amaze me :) xx

posted by bethxx5 on Apr 01, 2009 09:54:34

mesmorising,touching,sad,funny jessie put on a great performance! i just forgot to add that so i though i would :) lol

posted by ismael on Mar 30, 2009 11:02:32

this movie was one of the only mobies were i thought the charactors were belivable they acted so great! they have the chemestry to make you feel whats really going on between them. you cant find that in most movies these days you feel what the charectors feel and this movie has purpose. one of the best movies i have ever seen if not the best! mesmorising,touching sad, this movie really hits home. love it!!!

posted by ismael on Mar 30, 2009 10:59:49

Omg. That was so sad! I reaallly like this movie! It's weird how they didnt release it when it was made, and how it didn't get much publicity! It's soooo cuteee, even though it was a bit depressing. Jesse is amazingg! I criedd :[

posted by jackieeee on Mar 29, 2009 12:14:18

One of the best movies I've ever seen... <3

posted by . on Feb 28, 2009 07:28:06

The first time i watched it, i was a bit confused. But then i watched it a second time and this movie is just great. I'd have to say it was better than what i thought it was going to be.

posted by Chelseaaa. (: on Feb 16, 2009 01:32:42

wowz.. amazing! i cried almost the whole time ;(

posted by Ameliiee on Feb 13, 2009 03:19:35

the best movie i haev ever seen. it's..lifechanging

posted by jesselover on Feb 08, 2009 08:21:18

i lovee this movie i cry through the hole movie especially when jesse die i started bauling my eyes out

posted by jesse_McCartneylover on Feb 06, 2009 11:30:06

This is an amazing movie!!! I LOVE IT!!!

posted by ... on Dec 17, 2008 08:39:32

luv it <3

posted by mee on Dec 08, 2008 03:39:16

breath taking movie. i love you jesse:]

posted by staceybabe on Nov 07, 2008 12:21:45


posted by eliidhor on Oct 30, 2008 04:00:56

i love the story line.

posted by waffles_08 on Oct 07, 2008 11:36:58

i LOVE this movie! it was so sad and the acting was amazing. I LOVE you JESSE!!!

posted by kate on Oct 05, 2008 05:11:39

Prolly the best movie in YEARS! better than a walk to remember if youre going to ask me! my Goodness just can't stop watching it! elizabeth harnois it HOT as hell!

posted by Vince on Sep 28, 2008 12:15:43

Excellent movie. Very touching. A breath of fresh air and dose of reality for those who have watched too many mainstream Hollywood movies this year. Actors were well played, here's to you Jesse. :]

posted by JJ on Sep 26, 2008 05:34:02

PLEASE, could anyone tell me when and where you saw the movie? My daughter has been waitng for years for it to be released in the US. What state did you see it in, and can it be purchased? Please respond!

posted by Brittany\'s mom on Sep 21, 2008 07:51:06

i must admit, this film made me cry soo bad! i love it. it's the best film i've seen in AGES! and with jesse as the main star? I LOVE IT MORE! he's sexy :P

posted by naaaaad on Sep 15, 2008 09:25:49

Best movie ever! I loved it; the acting was great--Jesse did an EXCELLENT job. Hope to see him in more movies!

posted by Julie on Sep 14, 2008 11:59:21

Best movie ever! <3

posted by lovekeith on Sep 14, 2008 11:10:21

This is like the best movie I thought that it was cute and loving I also love you too Jesse McCartney you rock out loud I wish and this is one of my Dreams is to meet you In PERSON AND SPEND A DAY WITH YOU THAT IS MY BIGEST DREAM IF I COULD CHOOSE ANYTHING IT WOULD BE TO BEABLE TO SPEND A DAY WITH YOU. lOVE YOU LOTS, GABBIE k

posted by Gabbie on Jun 13, 2008 00:00:00

i love jesse mccartney. we grow up in the same place and school.

posted by on Mar 05, 2007 00:00:00