John Sandford's Certain Prey Comments

John Sandford's Certain Prey


Genre :


Release Date :

November 06, 2011 (TV Premiere)

Director :

Chris Gerolmo

Starring :

Mark Harmon, Tatiana Maslany, Lola Glaudini

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I love John Sanford books.This movie just silly.No relation to book character.I also love Mark Harmon but not in this role.

posted by paba on Sep 18, 2012 07:05:24

Love it

posted by Certain prey on May 02, 2012 09:46:08

Mark Harmon plays Lucas Davenport perfectly and God does he look good in Armani!

posted by quiltbunnyr on Feb 05, 2012 12:03:39

Love Sandford's Pray books Mr Harmon does a good job portraing Lucas.

posted by J.R.N. on Nov 19, 2011 06:32:36

Mark Harmon was a disaster as Lucas Davenport. Lucas in the "Prey" books is tall, dark and suave and 25 years younger than Mark Harmon. I imagine him looking like Ed Burns or someone like him. I think the only reason Mark was cast is because he is popular. I do like him in NCIS but he is so wrong for the Lucas Davenport character.

posted by Sabrina on Nov 09, 2011 11:07:24

For anyone who has actually READ the Sandford books (obviously the folks at the Times don't read) Mark Harmon is disastrously miscast----what is needed for Lucas Davenport is a younger Brian Dennehy, someone not so pretty (and blank faced) but exuding charm and sexiness. Or maybe a younger Tim Selleck?

posted by Athena on Nov 08, 2011 02:44:41

Not a good rendition of the book at all. Childish. Mark Harmon is not Lucas Davenport. Too old, too small. The lawyer was a caricature. Not a good start if more movies are in the works.

posted by rablake on Nov 07, 2011 03:00:23