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Will Smith Won't Return for 'Independence Day' Sequel

2014-02-08 09:02:49

Director Roland Emmerich apparently will have to use the second script that doesn't have Smith reprising his role as Captain Steven Hiller.

'Fantastic Four' Reboot and 'Independence Day' Sequel Get Pushed Back

2013-11-13 09:11:46

The 'Fantastic Four' remake is moved back only one month, but the 'ID Forever Part 1' is delayed for a year.

'Independence Day 2' Has Two Scripts With One Featuring Will Smith

2013-10-25 11:10:12

Roland Emmerich also reveals that there will only be one follow-up movie, instead of two like he originally planned.

Michael B. Jordan in Talks for Lead Role in 'Independence Day' Sequel

2013-09-27 01:09:28

The 'Friday Night Lights' actor reportedly has met with Roland Emmerich who will direct the upcoming 'ID Forever Part 1'.

Will Smith Could Return for 'Independence Day' Sequel

2013-09-06 11:09:25

Director Roland Emmerich reveals he and the Steven Hiller depicter 'have a meeting planned.'

'There Is Gay Character' in 'Independence Day 2', Roland Emmerich Says

2013-06-26 01:06:13

The German filmmaker of 'The White House Down' also confirms Bill Pullman's return to the sequel to the 1996 movie as Thomas J. Whitmore.

Will Smith Is 'Too Expensive' to Return to 'Independence Day' Sequel

2013-06-24 03:06:46

Director Roland Emmerich confirms Smith's absence from the follow-up to the 1996 film, and says that there is now only one sequel to put focus on.

Roland Emmerich Says 'Independence Day' Sequels Will Take Place 20 Years After the First Film

2013-03-27 12:03:30

In the upcoming movies, humankind will duplicate alien's super-advanced technology while reinforcements are sent by the alien for payback after their loss in the first movie.


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