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Guardians of the Galaxy Undergoes Reshoots, Releases First Official Clip

2014-04-08 11:04:08

The reshoots include a fight scene between Gamora and Nebula, while the new sneak peek video shows Star-Lord facing off Korath.

Chris Pratt Explains Star-Lord and Yondu's Relationship in Guardians of the Galaxy

2014-03-20 11:03:15

The 'Parks and Recreation' actor reveals that blue-skinned Yondu is the one who raised young Peter Quill after he was kidnapped from earth.

Jason Momoa Turned Down Drax Role in Guardians of the Galaxy

2014-02-26 12:02:45

The 'Conan the Barbarian' actor says he let go of the coveted role because he wants to try out different characters.

Guardians of the Galaxy Debuts Character Featurettes and Official Poster

2014-02-21 09:02:32

One of the featurettes shows hot-tempered Rocket Raccoon voiced by Bradley Cooper spitting his words in anger.

Guardians of the Galaxy Full Trailer: Chris Pratt Shows Star-Lord's Hilarious Side

2014-02-19 02:02:35

The self-proclaimed Star-Lord joins rude and bored-looking fellow outlaws Drax, Gamora, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot in jail.

Guardians of the Galaxy Releases Teaser Trailer

2014-02-19 08:02:43

The video gives a brief look at the various situations where Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot fight their enemies.

Guardians of the Galaxy Debuts New Stills Ahead of Trailer Premiere

2014-02-18 08:02:10

Aside from the pictures, one of which gives a first look at the Guardians' spacecraft, Star-Lord's background story is also explained.

Guardians of the Galaxy to Premiere Teaser Trailer Next Week

2014-02-13 02:02:54

Before the full trailer which reportedly has been rated arrives, a teaser trailer will be released on February 18.

Guardians of the Galaxy Promo Art Gives First Look at Masked Star-Lord

2014-01-18 12:01:28

The Guardians leader played by Chris Pratt is wearing a mask and wielding a hand-to-hand combat weapon along with the other fully-armed heroes.

Most Anticipated New Movies of 2014

2014-01-01 12:01:23

The list goes from a classic monster terrorizing the world to a band of soldiers sent on a mission during Hilter's Third Reich to scientific theories about wormholes.

'Guardians of Galaxy' Releases First Official Still

2014-01-01 11:01:22

The picture features red-haired and green-skinned Gamora, hunky Star-Lord, pint-sized Rocket Raccoon, muscled Drax the Destroyer, and tree-like Groot.

Bradley Cooper's Rocket Raccoon Is a 'Lonely' and 'Tortured' Soul in Guardians of the Galaxy

2013-10-18 11:10:32

Chris Pratt reveals the back story of the pint-sized gunslinger which will be voiced by Bradley Cooper in the upcoming film.

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