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  • The Great Gatsby
    • Genre : Drama
    • Release Date :
    • MPAA Rating : PG-13
    • Duration : 143 minute(s)
    • Production Budget : 127
    • Studio : Warner Bros. Pictures
    • Official Site :
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      Nothing's perfect, but it's worth seeing.

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    The Great Gatsby
    Nov 12, 2013

    I loved the Great Gatsby! Especially since Leonardo DiCaprio was Gatsby. As always Leonardo dies like he does in every movie. STOP LETTING PEOPLE KILL YOU, LEO! I hate to see you die. So much better than the old version and the book now makes more sence to me! I LOVE IT WHEN LEO SAYS OLD SPORT ALL THE TIME! EVERYTIME HE DID, I GOT GOOSEBUMPS!

    May 01, 2013


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