Game of Death (2011)

  • Game of Death
    • Genre : Action, Thriller
    • Release Date :
    • MPAA Rating : R
    • Duration : -
    • Production Budget : -
    • Studio : Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
    • Official Site : -


  • Director Giorgio Serafini
  • Producer Billy Dietrich, Rafael Primorac, Philippe Martinez
  • Screenwriter Jim Agnew, Megan Brown
  • Starring
    • Wesley Snipes as Marcus,
    • Zoe Bell as Floria,
    • Robert Davi,
    • Gary Daniels,
    • Simon Rhee,
    • Frank Zieger,
    • Ron Balicki


The bodyguard of a diplomat and several other people are injured in a botched assassination attempt. They are all taken to the same hospital, where the bodyguard teams up with a nurse to protect the diplomat from a team of ruthless assassins. But the nurse learns there is more to the bodyguard and the assassination attempt than meets the eye.


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