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Kate Mara's 'Fantastic Four' Comments Are Clarified, Movie Will Be Based on Comics

2014-07-17 11:07:47

A representative for the Susan Storm depicter sets the record straight on her alleged statement that the superhero remake will not be based on any of the comic books.

Kate Mara Says 'Fantastic Four' Reboot Is Not Based on Any of the Comics

2014-07-16 01:07:45

The Sue Storm depicter says director Josh Trank told the cast reading the comic books is not necessary because 'the plot won't be based on any history of anything already published.'

'Fantastic Four' Reboot Will Have Found Footage Feel

2014-06-27 01:06:56

According to Fox's executive Emma Watts, the superhero remake will have the same vibes as Josh Trank's 'Chronicle'.

Reg E. Cathey Cast as Dr. Storm in The Fantastic Four

2014-05-09 10:05:18

The 'Wire' actor will play the on-screen father of Kate Mara's Sue Storm and Michael B. Jordan's Johnny Storm.

Tim Blake Nelson Confirms 'Fantastic Four' Role

2014-05-03 11:05:38

The Mole Man depicter also gives an idea of what to expect in the reboot as saying, 'The script has as much soul as it does action.'

Tim Blake Nelson to Play Second Villain in The Fantastic Four

2014-05-01 01:05:35

The 'Incredible Hulk' actor is expected to play a socially awkward scientist who chooses dark path and becomes Mole Man.

'Fantastic Four' Writer Says Reboot Will Explore 'Coming of Age' and Origin Story

2014-04-22 10:04:46

Simon Kinberg also explains that the tone of the movie will be 'on the spectrum between 'Spider-Man' and 'Chronicle'.'

Report: Doctor Doom to Have Army of Drones in 'Fantastic Four'

2014-04-04 01:04:53

The main baddie in the Josh Trank-directed reboot will be portrayed by 'War Horse' star Toby Kebbell.

Chris Evans Approves of Michael B. Jordan Playing Johnny Storm in 'Fantastic Four'

2014-04-02 01:04:34

The former Human Torch depicter who now portrays Captain America says the 'Fruitvale Station' star is a perfect choice to assume the role in the remake.

Toby Kebbell to Play Doctor Doom in 'Fantastic Four'

2014-04-02 08:04:11

The 'War Horse' actor pushes aside such competitors as Sam Riley, Eddie Redmayne, and Domhnall Gleeson.

Report: Fox Looking to Axe 'Fantastic Four' Director, Script and Actors

2014-03-15 01:03:24

Rumor that the studio is looking for replacements continue to run wild as no official word is released to address it.

Sam Riley and Eddie Redmayne Shortlisted for Doctor Doom Role in 'Fantastic Four'

2014-03-12 12:03:17

Joining the rumored casting mix to play the main baddie in the superhero remake are Toby Kebbell and Domhnall Gleeson.

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