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Vince Vaughn Happy That His 'Gay' Joke Is Not Removed From 'Dilemma'

2010-11-04 02:11:02

Thrilled that his 'gay' joke still stays in 'The Dilemma', Vince Vaughn is sure that pulling the line would have had a profound effect on the genre.

Vince Vaughn Defends Gay Joke in 'Dilemma'

2010-10-15 03:10:30

The actor believes making comedy out of 'differences' will break tension and bring us together or else gay bashing would never stop.

GLAAD Wants Gay Joke Removed From Vince Vaughn's The Dilemma

2010-10-12 01:10:09

After asking the studio to remove the gay insult scene from the trailer, GLAAD has now launched an online petition to urge Universal to pull the joke from the final version of the film.

Universal Releases New Trailer for Vince Vaughn's The Dilemma, Omits Gay Joke

2010-10-09 01:10:16

Since GLAAD calls the use of the 'gay' word in the scene 'slur', the studio agrees to replace it because the teaser trailer 'was not intended to cause anyone discomfort.'

Ron Howard's The Dilemma Welcomes First Trailer

2010-09-18 12:09:53

The seemingly cheerful life of Vince Vaughn's Ronny is turned upside down when he sees his best friend's wife making out with another man.


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