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Diary of the Dead (2008)

Diary of the Dead



Horror, Thriller

Release Date

February 15, 2008 (Limited)

MPAA Rating


Production Budget

$10 millions


The Weinstein Company

Official Site

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Cast and Crew


George A. Romero


Sam Englebardt, Peter Grunwald, Ara Katz, Art Spigel


George A. Romero


  • Nick Alachiotis
  • Matt Birman
  • George Buza
  • Shawn Roberts as Tony Ravello
  • Joshua Close
  • Michelle Morgan
  • Joe Dinicol
  • Laura DeCarteret
  • Amy Ciupak Lalonde
  • Tatiana Maslany as Mary Dexter


The master of horror returns to the kind of filmmaking he pioneered and the genre he invented. In his first independent zombie film in over twenty years, George A. Romero takes us back to ground zero in the history of the living dead.

Jason Creed and a small crew of college filmmakers are in the Pennsylvania woods making a no-budget horror film when they hear the terrifying news that the dead have started returning to life.

Led by Jason's girlfriend, Debra, the frightened young filmmakers set off in a friend's old Winnebago to try to get back to the only safety and security they know: their homes.

But there is no escape from the crisis, nor any real home for them anymore. Everything they depend upon, all that they hold dear, is fractured as the plague of the living dead begins to spread.

Jason documents the true-life horrors in a tense, first-person style that heightens the reality of each encounter. Even as his friends die, even as they are attacked by ravenous walking corpses at every stop along the way, Jason keeps filming, an obsessive, unflinching eye in the midst of chaos.

The government first denies, then promises to quell the crisis, but can't. Technology fails. Communication with the rest of the world becomes impossible. Jason and what remains of his crew end up on their own, a handful of lucky survivors, reliant on no one but themselves to stay alive.

They take final refuge in a fortress of a mansion, but their sanctuary turns out to be a trap from which there is no escape. Throughout it all, the cameras keep rolling, recording every detail for future generations…if any survive.


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“..if you are a Romero or a zombie fan, it doesn't hurt to check this out..”
by Zack Haddad [Film Threat]
“..Moderately scary, moderately amusing, intermittently dull and obvious, Diary of the Dead is not groundbreaking, nor even ground-quaking..”
by Steven Rea [Philadelphia Inquirer]
“..a noteworthy addition to Romero's bloody body of work..”
by James Verniere [Boston Herald]