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Professional Organizer Cleaned Up Lindsay Lohan's 'Bad' Home

2010-03-22 04:03:17

Lindsay Lohan's mother has credited professional organizer Linda Cooper-Smith, who was called after the actress' stuff has taken over her home, for tidying up her daughter's messy home.

Rachel Weisz Is Big Winner at Laurence Olivier Awards

2010-03-22 04:03:55

For her portrayal of Blanche Dubois in 'A Streetcar Named Desire', Rachel Weisz lands the Best Actress prize at the Laurence Olivier Awards in Britain.

Julianne Moore: Don't Do What I Did in Chloe

2010-03-22 03:03:35

Julianne Moore has asked viewers of her upcoming movie not to hire hookers to trap their husbands, as her character does in the film, saying that they should ask their partners about their suspicion.

Amanda Seyfried Goes Fresh for Chloe New York Premiere

2010-03-16 03:03:29

Although she seemed freezing, the actress took off her coat to show her blue dress when attending the premiere on Monday night, March 15.

Amanda Seyfried Forbids Dad to Watch Her Film Chloe

2010-03-16 03:03:07

The 24-year-old actress has to ban her father from seeing his latest movie 'Chloe' because she doesn't want to share her intimate scenes with both sexes in the film 'for a lot of obvious reasons'.

Sugababes Change Song's Lyrics to Discourage Young Fans From Drinking

2010-03-04 04:03:05

Because they are worried their lyrics could encourage young fans' excessive alcohol consumption, Sugababes agree to change it from 'I'm a Mess' to 'She's a Mess'.

Hysterical Friend Inspired Julianne Moore to Tackle Role in Chloe

2010-03-04 04:03:27

Julianne Moore claims that she based her character Catherine in film 'Chloe' on her girl friend 'who was pretty much hysterical about her husband having an affair'.

Amanda Seyfried's Chloe Teasing Through New International Trailer

2010-02-10 04:02:52

Julianne Moore hires Amanda Seyfried to test her husband's fidelity, but the young escort will lead her on a journey of sexual and sensual re-discovery, placing her family in great risk.

Amanda Seyfried Almost Refusing Her Risque Role in Chloe

2010-01-28 10:01:19

After discussing with her agents about the role that requires her to bare all in the film, Amanda Seyfried finally agreed to play it as her agents assured her that it is a good role and hard to find.

Amanda Seyfried Naked in Chloe Red Band Trailer

2010-01-13 09:01:48

In the film, the young actress plays an escort who is hired by a doctor to seduce her husband in order to test his fidelity.

First High-Resolution Stills of Amanda Seyfried-Starring Movie Chloe

2009-12-29 10:12:03

Amanda Seyfried, Julianne Moore and Liam Neeson are highlighted on the first high-resolution pictures of 2010 film 'Chloe'.


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