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Chasing Papi (2003)

Chasing Papi



Comedy, Romance

Release Date

April 18, 2003

MPAA Rating



80 min.


The 20th Century Fox

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Cast and Crew


Linda Mendoza


Laura Angélica Simón, Tracey Trench, Forest Whitaker


Laura Angélica Simón, Steven Antin, Alison Balian, Elizabeth Sarnoff



Three women think they have found the perfect man.

For New York heiress Patricia (Jaci Velasquez), he’s a wild adventurer who offers her freedom from her mother’s cloying ambitions. For Lorena (Roselyn Sanchez) in Chicago, he’s every bit as idealistic as she is, a lover of poetry and a man who recognizes the spark of passion beneath the buttoned-down lawyer’s lapels. And for Miami’s fiery Cici (Sofia Vergara), he’s the only man whose flames burn as bright as her own.

Driven by passion - and the exhortations of famed astrologer Walter Mercado, whose televised horoscope readings seem tailor-made for each woman - Cici, Lorena and Patricia separately fly to Los Angeles to surprise ‘Papi Chulo,’ two by plane, and one, Cici, in a car she is supposed to deliver for a friend. The three women converge on one LA home where they are shocked to discover their three perfect men are really just one...

Tomas Fuentes (Eduardo Verastegui) is an advertising executive at the top of his game. Handsome, sophisticated and witty, Tomas’s equal passion for three dynamic, beautiful women has landed him in trouble - big trouble. Prescribed a tranquilizer for his nerves, Tomas heads home from the office, unaware that his worst fears are about to come true.

As if the collision of three lovestruck and angry women and one shocked man isn’t enough, fate has a few more cards up her sleeve. Tomas passes out from shock (and a tranquilizer/scotch cocktail); Cici’s car is hot; the FBI is on their tail; and Patricia’s Louis Vuitton bag carries a lot more than toys for her beloved dog Fifi.

Between beauty pageants, vicious gangsters and a crowded Latin dance festival, the three women embark on a journey of friendship, resourcefulness and self-discovery as they wait for Tomas to wake up and choose one of them.

Though all three think Tomas is the prize, their true reward turns out to be a lot more than any of them ever expected.


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“..a light-hearted, harmless comedy that fills its potential bubble to the max before it can burst, but sadly its circumference has no range or depth..”
by Carl Langley [Movie-Vault]
“..a movie that wants to be a screwball farce but is simply farcical and screwy..”
by Paul West [Seattle Post-Intelligencer]
“..a romantic comedy that is sexy without being gratuitous, funny without being crude..”
by Richard Horgan [Reel]