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Opera Version of Brokeback Mountain to Play in Spain

2014-01-28 11:01:53

Tom Randle will play Jack Twist portrayed by Jake Gyllenhaal in the movie, while Daniel Okulitch will play Heath Ledger's character.

Coldplay to Go on Hiatus for Three Years

2012-11-24 09:11:59

The band announce their intention to take a long break during their November 21 concert in Brisbane, Australia.

Miley Cyrus Gets Rescued Pig From PETA for 20th Birthday

2012-11-24 09:11:04

PETA expresses its gratitude toward the former 'Hannah Montana' actress by giving her a pig named Nora on her birthday since she has dedicated her time to the animal rights organization.

Ang Lee Compares Making Risky 'Life of Pi' to Brokeback Mountain

2012-11-24 09:11:10

Dubbing 'Pi' his most difficult filming experience so far, Lee admits that making the gay cowboy film was easier for him because it was 'strictly arthouse' and 'a lot cheaper.'

Michael Jackson's Daughter Paris Reveals She's Bullied at School

2012-06-11 04:06:38

Refusing to bow down to her bully, Paris Jackson says, 'They try to get to me with words, but that doesn't really work.'

Any Similarities Between 'Bunheads' and 'Gilmore Girls' Are Not on Purpose, Creator Says

2012-06-11 03:06:37

Admitting there might be a Gilmorian feel on the upcoming Sutton Foster-starring series, Amy Sherman-Palladino insists the two shows are different in terms of key characters and main plot.

Neil Patrick Harris Hurts 'His Junk' as Spider-Man at 2012 Tony Awards

2012-06-11 02:06:21

The host jokes, 'Any concerns I had about this 'Spider-Man' rig failing have been overshadowed by the searing pain in my junk.'

Justin Bieber Debuts Snippets of 'Believe' Songs

2012-06-11 02:06:35

Big Sean-assisted track 'All Around the World' and 'Beauty and the Beat' featuring Nicki Minaj are some of the songs previewed from the Biebs' upcoming album.

Alec Baldwin on His Gay Kiss in 'Rock of Ages': It's Not Like Brokeback Mountain

2012-06-11 02:06:49

Dishing on his on-screen kiss with Russell Brand, Baldwin says, 'It's not two leading men who you are used to getting down with some gorgeous girl.'

Michelle Williams and Daughter to Watch Brokeback Mountain Together

2010-12-31 11:12:59

The actress says the film means a lot for her and Matilda because she met her daughter's father, late Heath Ledger, on the set.

Kasabian to Perform at Spain Soccer Team's Victory Party

2010-07-13 10:07:21

The gig will be held in Madrid and Kasabian will treat the Spanish soccer players with a special performance.

Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow Film Brokeback Mountain Spoof

2010-07-12 03:07:03

The former Take That bandmates reportedly work on the gay cowboy movie parody before embarking on a tour in summer 2011 along with the other band's members.

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