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Big Nothing


Genre :

Comedy, Thriller

Release Date :

December 01, 2006 (UK)

Director :

Jean-Baptiste Andrea

Starring :

Simon Pegg, David Schwimmer, Alice Eve, Natascha McElhone, Mimi Rogers, Jon Polito, Billy Asher, Maury Chaykin

REVIEWS RATE:  Critics  Nothing's perfect, but it's worth seeing.    Readers  3 of 5 [Rate It]

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started out good, but lost its way. i absolutely LOVE pegg an schwimmer's pretty cool, too.

posted by rdog on Oct 17, 2009 05:12:05

nice movie..good soundtrack .. must have

posted by its me man on May 17, 2009 03:55:52

I just got done watching it, it's very Twisty, and it can keep you entertained,but hard to follow what all is happening ...cute movie though.. nothing i would go out of my way to watch.

posted by on Sep 25, 2007 00:00:00