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Beside Still Waters (2014)

Beside Still Waters



Drama, Comedy

Release Date

November 14, 2014 (Limited)


76 min.


Tribeca Film

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Cast and Crew


Chris Lowell


Paul Finkel, Steven Gorel, Chris Lowell, Mohit Narang, Jason Potash


Chris Lowell, Mohit Narang


  • Beck Bennett
  • Will Brill
  • Brett Dalton as James
  • Erin Darke
  • Ryan Eggold
  • Jessy Hodges
  • Britt Lower
  • Reid Scott


Daniel Thatcher, a young romantic, has recently lost both of his parents in a car accident. None of his friends came to the funeral, and now he's losing the family home. The weekend before he has to move out, Daniel hosts a memorial celebration and insists that his friends attend. In addition, Daniel invites his ex-girlfriend, Olivia, to the house, with the hopes of rekindling their old romance.

Things quickly take a turn for the worse as none of his friends share in Daniel's nostalgia of the good old days. Furthermore, when Olivia finally arrives, she's brought her new fiance. But as the night progresses, the house brings out the adolescence in all of them, and what follows is an evening full of drinking and dancing. Laughter and secrets. Sex, drugs, mischief and regret.

The next day everyone must face the revelations of the night before, none more so than Daniel, who finally confronts his friends about their absence at his parents' funeral. Once again, Daniel finds himself alone and brokenhearted. He has to let go of the past. He has to mourn. He has to forgive. In doing so, Daniel begins to see that the flaws in the people he loves are intertwined with their beauty. As everyone prepares to leave the house for the last time, their childhood memories come flooding back to them, and Daniel is left with the hope that the friendships of his past will become the family of his future.


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“..plenty of arty touches: black-and-white stills used as flashbacks..”
by Robert Abele [LA Times]
“..despite being a character-driven film, there is beautiful cinematography in the film..”
by Chris McKittrick [Movie Buzzers]