Arthur and the Two Worlds War Comments

Arthur and the Two Worlds War


Genre :

Animation, Fantasy

Release Date :

October 13, 2010 (France)

MPAA Rating :


Director :

Luc Besson

Starring :

Freddie Highmore, Mia Farrow, Robert Stanton, Cooper Daniels, Mike Powers, Raphael Bascoul-Gauthier

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Same as Swordser, I can't wait until I can see it in English! Watching it in French with English subtitles just isn't the same... Can't wait! Someone please tell me the dang release date for US!

posted by Lubu0369 on Nov 04, 2010 11:11:03

I can't wait til its in North America

posted by Swordser on Oct 25, 2010 08:43:13

I'm from Greece,I love Arthur and the Minimoys! Arthur+Selenia+Betameche=4 ever!

posted by Alove on Oct 09, 2010 03:27:41

I saw the first at 9 ages and I still love it while I'm 13!!!

posted by Alove on Oct 09, 2010 03:25:44

it's on of the best movie series i've seen, in my opinion. i can't wait for the nextone!!!

posted by Mcweebs on Sep 23, 2010 10:16:10

i't might not be stupid you havent even seen it yet

posted by 665554 on Sep 19, 2010 12:08:22


posted by bball on Aug 02, 2010 02:40:03