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Lindsay Lohan NOT Allowed to Drive During 'Liz and Dick' Production

2012-06-19 04:06:27

The Elizabeth Taylor depicter is not permitted to get behind the wheel to prevent her from getting any trouble on the road that could affect the production.

Hilary Duff Sued by 2010 Car Crash Victim

2012-06-19 03:06:13

The 'Lizzie McGuire' lead actress is claimed to have crashed her car into another vehicle and injured the other driver.

Linkin Park Debut Music Video for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Soundtrack

2012-06-19 03:06:26

The promotional footage shows the Chester Bennington-fronted band performing 'Powerless' on stage, while plenty intense scenes from the upcoming thriller appear throughout the clip.

Benjamin Walker Premieres Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter in New York

2012-06-19 02:06:44

While Walker suits up, his co-star Mary Elizabeth Winstead goes classy in golden dress for the special screening event taking place at the AMC Loews Lincoln Square.

Seth Grahame-Smith: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Is 'an Absolutely Ridiculous Premise'

2012-06-18 10:06:56

Through the forthcoming mashup history movie, the 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies' author says that he wants to 'restore the villainy of vampires in its own small way.'

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Unveils New Intense Clips

2012-06-16 11:06:49

Abe is seen learning how to use his anger as his 'real power' in one clip, and fighting twenty vampires at the same time in another.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Screened for Sailors at Navy Aircraft Carrier

2012-06-15 10:06:26

Benjamin Walker rocks full Abe costume when attending the special screening event taking place aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln which patrols the Middle Eastern waters.

First Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Clip Shows Assassination on Train

2012-06-13 03:06:46

The America's 16th President teams up with his male friend to brutally kill plenty of vampires which invade a moving train.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Reveals New Trailer and Special Screening Schedule

2012-05-29 10:05:52

Along with the fresh trailer, 20th Century Fox announces that it will host a premiere event of the movie for the sailors abroad the Nay aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln in June.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Unveils New Action-Packed Trailer

2012-03-19 11:03:12

Being introduced at the 2012 WonderCon, the fresh promo video reveals more thrilling fight scenes between the America's 16th President and the immortal bloodsuckers.

New Dramatic Scenes Unveiled in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter International Trailer

2012-02-15 10:02:51

In addition to showing more jaw-dropping action scenes, the new sneak peek for the upcoming thriller has new footage featuring Dominic as a vampire slayer mentor to young Lincoln.

First Teaser Trailer of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Sees Epic Battles

2012-02-14 09:02:36

Benjamin Walker's Abe wields his axe to slay vampires in the gritty sneak peek, taking the fights to atop of locomotive and a wide field.

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