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Weezer Biography



Famous as :

Rock and roll band

Birth Date :

February 14, 1992

Birth Place :

Los Angeles, California, USA

Claim to fame :

Album "Weezer (Blue Album)" (1994)


by AceShowbiz.com

Being affected by musicals and rock-operas, he came up with a concept album called “Songs from the Black Hole.” The band quickly set out to conduct the recording sessions, beginning from early 1995. By fall, they decided to have the concept omitted since the sessions failed to come together in a desirable way. Rivers then put his efforts to re-compile a new track list while entering Harvard University. In the meantime, Brian worked with another band called Space Twins. Matt and Patrick developed a side project by forming The Rentals. This band later produced a hit single entitled “Friends of P.”

After spending almost one year to establish their next album, Weezer launched “Pinkerton” on September 24, 1996. Three singles of “Songs from the Black Hole” were also included in this sophomore album. Although it was praised by critics, the album unfortunately could not surpass its predecessor. It was partially because Rivers refused the idea of making another innovative music videos. As a result, the album could only secure 19th position at Billboard 200. The sale was also disappointing, far from the band's expectation. Despite this glum situation, they eagerly embarked on their tour. In summer 1997, Rivers abruptly announced the hiatus of the band. The members afterwards were busy with their own projects. Patrick established The Special Goodness, Brian was deeply involved with Space Twins, while Matt left to concentrate on The Rentals. Rivers went back to study at Harvard, but shortly thereafter decided to drop out. Together with Mikey Welsh (born April 20, 1971) he founded a new band called Homie.

In late February 1998, all members of Weezer gathered in L.A., except Matt. Officially quitted in April, he was replaced by Mikey. This new formation focused their attention to construct their third album. Dissatisfied with the process of rehearsals, Patrick revealed his wish to leave the band for a while. A friend of Mikey named Todd Phillips was chosen as the temporary drummer before the band eventually put off the rehearsals in early 1999. The personnel spontaneously formed Goat Punishment, performing the cover version of Nirvana's songs as well as Oasis'. In spring, the management advised Weezer to take another break, so each member once more returned to his own affairs. Patrick and Brian devoted their time to their side projects, while Mikey collaborated with his former band mate, Juliana Hatfield. As for Rivers, he persistently did ...



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