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Udo Kier Filmography

Udo Kier


Famous as :


Birth Name :

Udo Kierspe

Birth Date :

October 14, 1944

Birth Place :

Cologne, Germany

Claim to fame :

As Curly in "Barb Wire" (1996)
Iron Sky: The Coming Race InfoIron Sky: The Coming Race (2016)
stars as Wolfgang Hoss

The Gathering (2016)

Margery Booth: The Spy in the Eagle's Nest (2016)
stars as Adolf Hitler

Johnny Walker (2015)
stars as Fyodor (voice)

Altes Geld (2015) - TV
stars as Rauchensteiner

Broer (2015)
stars as Frank Solek

Courier X (2015)
stars as Nathan Vogel

Zero (2015)
stars as The lord of the world

Citizens (2015)
stars as Hans

Seances (2015)

Coconut Hero (2015)
stars as Mr. Morrow (Therapist)

The Forbidden Room InfoThe Forbidden Room (2015)
stars as Count Yugh / The Butler / The Dead Father

The Editor InfoThe Editor (2014)
stars as Dr. Casini

Beethoven's Treasure (2014) - VI
stars as The real Fritz Bruchschnauser

Nymphomaniac InfoNymphomaniac (2013)
stars as The Waiter

Beware the Batman (2013) - TV
stars as Mister Toad (voice)

Heather's Dream (2013)
stars as Doctor

Iron Sky InfoIron Sky (2012) aka Rautataivas (Finland)
stars as Wolfgang Hoss

Night of the Templar InfoNight of the Templar (2012)
stars as Father Paul

Unlocking Passages (2012)
stars as The Actor

10 PM Lincoln Boulevard (2012) - VI

Keyhole InfoKeyhole (2011)
stars as Dr. Lemke

Gorunmeyen (2011)
stars as Bartok

Graf Karpatovicz und das Blonde Gift (2011)

The Theatre Bizarre (2011)
stars as Peg Poett (framing segments)

Borgia (2011) - TV
stars as Pope Innocent VIII

Der Himmel hat vier Ecken (2011)
stars as Graf Karpatovicz

UFO in Her Eyes (2011)
stars as Steve Frost

Pariser Platz - Berlin (2011)
stars as Guru

Melancholia InfoMelancholia (2011)
stars as Wedding Planner

Das Leben ist zu lang (2010)

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated (2010) - TV
stars as Professor Pericles / Shadowy Figure (voice)

Lulu und Jimi (2009) aka Lulu and Jimi
stars as Schultz

Metropia InfoMetropia (2009)
stars as Ivan Bahn (voice)

My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done InfoMy Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done (2009)
stars as Lee Meyers

Soul Kitchen (2009)
stars as Herr Jung

House of Boys (2009)
stars as Madame

1 1/2 Ritter - Auf der Suche nach der hinreibenden Herzelinde (2008) aka 11/2 Knights - In Search of the Ravishing Princess Herzelinde
stars as Luipold Trumpf

Far Cry InfoFar Cry (2008)
stars as Dr. Lucas Krieger

Fall Down Dead InfoFall Down Dead (2007)
stars as The Picasso Killer / Aaron Garvey

Grindhouse InfoGrindhouse (2007)
stars as Franz Hess (segment "Werewolf Women of the SS")

Pars: Kiraz operasyonu (2007) aka Pars: Operation Cherry
stars as Klaus Kayman

Halloween InfoHalloween (2007) aka Rob Zombie's Halloween
stars as Morgan Walker

Mother of Tears InfoMother of Tears (2007) aka Mother of Tears: The Third Mother
stars as Father Johannes

Tell InfoTell (2007)
stars as Hermann Gessler

Pray for Morning (2006)
stars as Edouard Leopold Edu

13 Graves (2006) - TM
stars as Debro

Kruistocht in spijkerbroek (2006) aka Crusade: A March Through Time
stars as Dr. Lawerence

Holly InfoHolly (2006)
stars as Klaus

Wit's End (2005)
stars as The Stranger

Children of Wax (2005) aka The Killing Grounds
stars as P.

One More Round (2005)
stars as Lance Wallace

Manderlay (2005) aka The Film 'Manderlay' as Told in Eight Straight Chapters
stars as Mr. Kirspe

Wilde Engel (2005) - TV aka 3 Wild Angels
stars as Richard Voss

Headspace (2005)
stars as Rev. Karl Hartman

BloodRayne InfoBloodRayne (2005)
stars as Regal Monk

4 gegen Z (2005) - TV
stars as Zanrelot

One Point O (2004) aka Paranoia: 1.0
stars as Derrick

Sawtooth (2004)
stars as Reverend Cain

Jargo (2004)
stars as Jargos Vater

30 Days Until I'm Famous (2004) - TM
stars as Barry Davis

Modigliani (2004) aka Colori dell'anima I - Modigliani (Italy)
stars as Max Jacob

Evil Eyes (2004)
stars as George

Dracula 3000 (2004) - TM
stars as Capt. Varna

Surviving Christmas InfoSurviving Christmas (2004)
stars as Heinrich

Montewood Hollyverita (2003) - VI
stars as Erich Muhsam

Love Object (2003)
stars as Radley

Dogville InfoDogville (2003) aka The Film 'Dogville' as Told in Nine Chapters and a Prologue
stars as The Man in the Coat

Gate to Heaven (2003) aka Tor zum Himmel (Germany)
stars as Joachim Nowak

Broken Cookies (2002)

Mrs Meitlemeihr (2002)
stars as Mrs. Meitlemeihr

Justice League (2002) - TV aka Justice League Unlimited
stars as The Music Master

FeardotCom (2002) aka Fear Dot Com
stars as Polidori

Pigs Will Fly (2002)
stars as Uncle Max

He Sees You When You're Sleeping (2002) - TM aka Mary Higgins Clark's He Sees You When You're Sleeping
stars as Hans Kramer

Die Gottesanbeterin (2001) aka Black Widow
stars as Julius Quellenreich

The Last Minute (2001)
stars as Nazi Fashion Shooter

Double Deception (2001) aka 24 Hours to Die
stars as Vincent

Invincible (2001) aka Unbesiegbar (Germany)
stars as Count Helldorf

Megiddo: The Omega Code 2 (2001) aka Megiddo
stars as The Guardian

Revelation (2001)
stars as The Grand Master

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 (2001) - VG
stars as Yuri

All the Queen's Men (2001) aka Die Manner Ihrer Majestat (Germany)
stars as General Landssdorf

Command & Conquer: Yuri's Revenge (2001) - VG aka Red Alert 2 Expansion Pack: Yuri's Revenge
stars as Lord Yuri

Auf Herz und Nieren (2001)
stars as Doc

Critical Mass (2000)
stars as Samson

Shadow of the Vampire (2000)
stars as Grau

Dancer in the Dark (2000) aka Myrkradansarinn (Iceland)
stars as Dr. Porkorny

Red Letters (2000)
stars as George Kessler

Just One Night (2000)
stars as Walter Lert

Doomsdayer (2000) aka Il giorno del giudizio (Italy: TV title)
stars as Max Gast

End of Days (1999)
stars as Head Priest

The New Adventures of Pinocchio (1999) aka Die neuen Abenteuer des Pinocchio (Germany)
stars as Madame Flambeau / Lorenzini

Final Run (1999) - TM
stars as Reddick, Train Control Supervisor

Unter den Palmen (1999) aka Under the Palms
stars as Ludwig

The Debtors (1999)

History Is Made at Night (1999) aka Spy Games - Agenten der Nacht (Germany)
stars as Ivan Bliniak

Besat (1999) aka Possessed
stars as Vincent Monreau

Die Diebin (1998) - TM aka Miss Diamond
stars as Buhler

Simon Says (1998)
stars as Stuart Moss

Schuldig (1998) aka Guilty

Immaculate Springs (1998)

Nina - Vom Kinderzimmer ins Bordell (1998) - TM
stars as Bongo

Armageddon (1998)
stars as Psychologist

Blade (1998)
stars as Vampire Elder Dragonetti

Modern Vampires (1998) - TM aka Vamps
stars as Vincent

There's No Fish Food in Heaven (1998) aka Life in the Fast Lane
stars as Rocky

The Last Call (1998)
stars as aka Stingers

Ice (1998) - TM aka Eis - wenn die Welt erfriert (Germany)
stars as Dr. Norman Kistler

Killer Deal (1998) - TM aka Parkland
stars as Dr. Roland Parker

Betty (1997)
stars as Vincent Lord

Red Shoe Diaries 7: Burning Up (1997) - VI aka Zalman King's Burning Up Red Shoe Diaries
stars as Designer

The End of Violence (1997) aka Am Ende der Gewalt (Germany: informal literal title)
stars as Zoltan Kovacs

Prince Valiant (1997) aka Prinz Eisenherz (Germany)
stars as Sligon

Riget II (1997) - TV aka The Kingdom II
stars as Aage KruĆ¼ger

Tatort (1996) - TV
stars as Beethoven

Duke of Groove (1996) - TM

United Trash (1996) aka The Slit
stars as UNO-General Werner Brenner

Barb Wire (1996)
stars as Curly

Breaking the Waves (1996)
stars as Sadistic Sailor

The Adventures of Pinocchio (1996) aka Die Legende von Pinocchio (Germany)
stars as Lorenzini

Lea (1996)
stars as Block

The Sentinel (1996) - TV
stars as Klaus Zeller

Paradise Framed (1995)

Dog Daze (1995)
stars as Erich von Stroheim

Ausgestorben (1995) aka Extinct
stars as York Cortex

Johnny Mnemonic (1995) aka Fugitivo del futuro
stars as Ralfi

Nur uber meine Leiche (1995) aka Over My Dead Body
stars as Killer

Unter Druck (1995) - TM aka Mann unter Druck

Die Gebruder Skladanowsky (1995) aka A Trick of Light
stars as Max Skladanowsky

Tod eines Weltstars (1994) - TM
stars as aka Tod eines Weltstars - Udo Kier (Germany: video title)

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994)
stars as Ron Camp

Der unbekannte Deserteur (1994)
stars as Der Alte

Riget (1994) - TV aka The Kingdom
stars as Aage Kruger

Rotwang muB weg! (1994) aka Rotwang Must Go!
stars as Arthur Eigenrauch

Josh and S.A.M. (1993)
stars as Salon Manager

Three Shake-a-Leg Steps to Heaven (1993)
stars as Edouard Mullendorf

Plotzlich und unerwartet (1993)
stars as aka Der Elephant aus Elfenbein (Germany: alternative title)

Even Cowgirls Get the Blues (1993)
stars as Commercial Director

For Love or Money (1993) aka The Concierge
stars as Mr. Himmelman

Jack Reed: Badge of Honor (1993) - TM aka Jack Reed: Badge of Honour
stars as Giles Marquette

Terror 2000 - Intensivstation Deutschland (1992)
stars as Jablo

My Own Private Idaho (1991)
stars as Hans

Europa (1991) aka Zentropa
stars as Lawrence Hartmann

Das deutsche Kettensagen Massaker (1990)
stars as aka Blackest Heart

100 Jahre Adolf Hitler - Die letzte Stunde im Fuhrerbunker (1989) aka 100 Years of Adolph Hitler
stars as Adolf Hitler

Medea (1988)
stars as Jason

Mutters Maske (1988)

Egomania - Insel ohne Hoffnung (1986)
stars as Baron Tante Teufel

Die Schlacht der Idioten (1986)

Am nachsten Morgen kehrte der Minister nicht an seinen Arbeitsplatz zuruck (1986)
stars as Minister/Kali

Die Einsteiger (1985)
stars as Graf Frackstein

Verfuhrung: Die grausame Frau (1985) aka Seduction: The Cruel Woman
stars as Gregor

Der Unbesiegbare (1985) aka The Invincible
stars as Argon

Gespenstergeschichten (1985) - TV

The Last Trip to Harrisburg (1984) aka Die letzte Fahrt nach Harrisburg (West Germany: TV title)
stars as Man and Woman in Train

Hur und Heilig (1984)

Pankow '95 (1983)
stars as Johann Wolfgang Amadeus Zart

Die wilden Funfziger (1983) aka The Roaring Fifties
stars as Fromm

Die Insel der blutigen Plantage (1983) aka Escape from Blood Plantation
stars as Hartman

Lili Marleen (1981)
stars as Drewitz

Docteur Jekyll et les femmes (1981) aka The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Miss Osbourne
stars as Dr.Henry Jekyll

Lola (1981)
stars as 2nd waiter

Berlin Alexanderplatz (1980) - TV aka Berlin Alexanderplatz: Remastered (Germany: restored version)
stars as Junger Mann an der Bar

Narcisz es Psyche (1980) aka Psyche (Hungary: TV title)
stars as Narcisz - Laci Toth

Lulu (1980)
stars as Jack the Ripper

Allegro barbaro (1979) aka Allegro barbaro - Magyar rapszodia 2 (Hungary: series title)
stars as Poor

Magyar rapszodia (1979) aka Hungarian Rhapsody
stars as Poor

Die dritte Generation (1979) aka The Third Generation
stars as Edgar Gast

Victor (1979) - TM
stars as Ein Popstar

Kretakor (1978) - TM
stars as Pao Cseng

Das funfte Gebot (1978) aka The Fifth Commandment
stars as Peter Dummel

Belcanto oder Darf eine Nutte schluchzen? (1977)
stars as Poulailler

Bolwieser (1977) - TM aka The Stationmaster's Wife
stars as Schafftaler

Suspiria (1977) aka Dario Argento's Suspiria
stars as Dr. Frank Mandel

Katonak (1977) - TM aka Soldiers

Erinnerungen an die Leidenschaft (1976) - TM

Expose (1976) aka Trauma
stars as Paul Martin

Goldflocken (1976) aka Flocons d'or (France)
stars as Franzl

Spermula (1976)
stars as Werner

Histoire d'O (1975) aka The Story of O
stars as Rene

Der letzte Schrei (1975) aka The Last Word
stars as Raimund

Dracula cerca sangue di vergine... e mori di sete!!! (1974) aka Andy Warhol's Dracula (USA)
stars as Count Dracula

Flesh for Frankenstein (1973) aka Andy Warhol's Frankenstein
stars as Baron Frankenstein

Pan (1973)
stars as Pilgrim of Death

Joseph Balsamo (1973) - TV aka Cagliostro
stars as Gilbert

Olifant (1973) - TM
stars as Olifant/Edwin

The Salzburg Connection (1972) aka Top Secret
stars as Anton

Oi erotomaneis (1971) aka Conflict of Emotions
stars as Tonis Theodorou

Hexen bis aufs Blut gequalt (1970) aka Mark of the Devil
stars as Count Christian von Meruh

Proklisis (1970) aka Provocation
stars as Angelos

La stagione dei sensi (1969) aka Season of the Senses
stars as Luca

Schamlos (1968) aka Shameless
stars as Alexander Pohlmann

Road to St. Tropez (1966) aka La route de St. Tropez (France)
stars as Boy



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