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'Survivor: Cambodia-Second Chance' Cast Announced

May 21, 2015 07:05:53 GMT

Having just wrapped up its 30th season called "Worlds Apart", "" has announced the cast for the next season which is dubbed "Survivor: Cambodia-Second Chance". The 20 contestants were chosen by fans and were revealed at the end of the 30th season finale on Wednesday night, May 20.

'Survivor: Worlds Apart' Votes the Winner

May 21, 2015 04:27:06 GMT

": Worlds Apart" has crowned the winner after 39 days in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. The season finale began with five castaways Mike Holloway, Rodney Lavoie Jr., Carolyn Rivera, Will Sims and Sierra Thomas.

CBS Officially Renews 'Good Wife', 'NCIS' and 13 Others, 'CSI' Is Still on the Bubble

May 12, 2015 04:56:26 GMT

While NBC and FOX have released their fall 2015 line-ups, CBS has just announced renewals for 15 shows. They include dramas "", "" and its spin-off "", "", "", "", "", "" and "".

'Survivor: Second Chance' Contestants to Be Picked by Viewers

May 07, 2015 08:13:02 GMT

"" is giving viewers a full control over casting for the next installment. It was announced in the May 6 episode of "Survivor: Worlds Apart" that fan could choose which former and current players who will compete in the next season dubbed "Second Chance".

Pierce Brosnan Hired to Kill Milla Jovovich in 'Survivor' Trailer

April 03, 2015 09:33:29 GMT

The first trailer for an upcoming thriller "" has just arrived, showing in an anti-Bond role. It gives a sneak peek at the former 007 actor as he plays a ruthless mercenary hired to kill 's character.

'Survivor: San Juan del Sur' Names a Winner

December 18, 2014 05:35:37 GMT

After 35 days in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, only five remained on "" season 29. Baylor Wilson and her mother Missy Payne were the blood couple left in the competition, facing off against Jaclyn Schultz, Keith Nale and Natalie Anderson in the two-hour finale.

Survivor's Singer Jimi Jamison Dies of Heart Attack

September 02, 2014 02:40:39 GMT

Jimi Jamison, who was the lead singer of Cobra and , passed away at the age of 63. According to TMZ, the singer's booking agent, Sally Irwin, said that Jamison had a heart attack at his home in Memphis, Tennessee on Sunday night, August 31.

'Survivor' Editors End Strike Over a Labor Dispute

August 15, 2014 06:26:01 GMT

"" editors have returned to work after a strike that lasted less than one day. The Motion Picture Editors Guild announced late Wednesday night, August 13 that the show's producers agreed to let the post-production crew unionize, ending the brief walkout that threatened to delay the show's season 29 premiere.

'Survivor' Editors Go on Strike, Premiere Episode Isn't Finished

August 14, 2014 04:50:12 GMT

"" editors go on strike six weeks before the new season of the show is scheduled to kick off. That post-production crew of the long-running reality competition series walked off the job on Wednesday morning, August 13 as they seek a union contract with health and retirement benefit.

'Survivor' Contestant Caleb Bankston Dies After Train Derailed

June 25, 2014 08:40:08 GMT

Former contestant on ": Blood vs. Water", Caleb Bankston, has passed away at the age of 26. As reported by PEOPLE, Bankston died on Tuesday, June 24 in a railway accident. Bankston, who worked at the Alabama Warrior Railway in Birmingham, placed ninth in the competition. Watco Companies L.L.C. told the AP that one worker died in a train derailment, but did not disclose the identity.

CBS Splits Fall 2014 Premiere Dates Into September and October Waves

June 25, 2014 02:10:26 GMT

CBS has announced the premiere dates for its new and returning shows in the coming fall season. Ditching the traditional strategy where fall shows usually debut during the same late September premiere week, this time the network will roll out its shows in several waves stretched out from mid-September to late October.

Two 'Survivor' Contestants Exited Show Before Filming Began

June 03, 2014 07:14:02 GMT

The "" drama began even before the show started the production of its 29th season, which is titled "San Juan del Sur - Blood vs. Water". Host Jeff Probst recently revealed that two contestants were forced to leave the competition just 48 hours before the filming in Nicaragua was slated to begin due to medical reasons.

'Survivor: Cagayan' Crowns a Winner in 'Dog Vs. Player' Finale

May 22, 2014 03:46:53 GMT

All those broken promises and backstabbing led to the finale of ": Cagayan". Kassandra "Kass" McQuillen, Spencer Bledsoe, Tony Vlachos and Yung "Woo" Hwang were the four remaining players in the last episode aired on Wednesday, May 21, but only two were heading to the final tribal council.

'Survivor: Cagayan' Features All-New Cast Members, Splits Contestants Into Three Teams

January 23, 2014 02:11:47 GMT

CBS has announced the cast of ": Cagayan: Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty". The upcoming 28th season of the reality show will feature 18 brand-new contestants. This will be the first time "Survivor" does not feature any returning players since 2012's "One World".

'Survivor' Season 27 Finale: The Winner Cries Tears of Joy

December 16, 2013 04:12:56 GMT

": Blood vs. Water" came to its conclusion on Sunday, December 15. The episode, which would reveal the winner of season 27, opened with Hayden joining Tina and Laura at the Redemption Island after being voted off in the last episode.

'Survivor' Renewed Through Season 30, Jeff Probst Returns as Host

December 12, 2013 23:24:08 GMT

"" is renewed through season 30. CBS has ordered two more editions of the long-running reality series in addition to securing Jeff Probst's position and executive producer of the show further.

'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' Announces Cast and New Twists

August 22, 2013 03:29:10 GMT

"" has revealed the 20 castaways of its "Blood vs. Water" edition. The upcoming season of the CBS long-running reality show will bring back 10 former contestants who will compete with their loved ones for $1 million prize.

'Survivor: Caramoan' Picks a Winner With Unanimous Vote

May 13, 2013 04:27:04 GMT

": Caramoan - Fans vs. Favorites" crowned a champion in its Sunday, May 12 episode, but not before a drama. The season finale began with an immediate medical evacuation as Erik Reichenbach started not feeling well after the last Tribal Council.

CBS Renews 18 Shows, but 'Criminal Minds' Deal Is Still Being Worked Out

March 28, 2013 04:18:00 GMT

CBS has renewed 18 of its primetime series for 2013-2014 season. "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "" and "" join previously renewed scripted series including "", "", "" and "".

French 'Survivor' Gets Cancelled After Contestant Dies on First Day of Filming

March 25, 2013 21:03:25 GMT

Production on "Koh-Lanta", the French version of "", was halted and the show was scrapped for the 2013 season after one of the contestants died during a filming in Cambodia. "It is not really a question," said TF1 spokesman Alexander Petit. "Everyone is being flown back to France."

Line-Up and Photo of 'Survivor: Caramoan' Cast Unveiled

January 12, 2013 03:17:46 GMT

CBS has announced the cast of ": Caramoan - Fans vs. Favorites". Much like "Survivor: Micronesia" which had the "Fans vs. Favorites" subtitle, the upcoming 26th installment will have 10 returning contestants from previous seasons competing with 10 new players.

'Survivor: Philippines' Reveals Winner, Pays Tribute to Newtown Shooting Victims in Finale

December 17, 2012 05:03:54 GMT

After voting Abi-Maria off in a December 12 episode of ": Philippines", the remaining castaways began to think their next strategies to win the show. Mike was glad that they had removed a tumor (Abi) from the tribe, and reconsidered his alliance with Malcolm because Malcolm might be too hard to beat.

'Survivor: Philippines' Semifinal: Abi Voted Out Despite Alliance Proposal

December 13, 2012 08:33:18 GMT

": Philippines" voted off another castaway before entering the finals. The latest episode aired Wednesday, December 12 opened with Abi-Maria thanking others for keeping her in the game. Lisa confessed that she would take someone she could beat to the finals, while Abi tried to convince Lisa that Lisa would be voted out after her.

'Facts of Life' Star and Baseball MVP Join 'Survivor: Philippines'

August 21, 2012 03:40:19 GMT

CBS has revealed most of the cast members for "" season 25. Several famous figures are included in the line-up, including former "The Facts of Life" actress Lisa Whelchel and retired Major League Baseball second baseman Jeff Kent.

'Survivor: Philippines' Will Bring Back Three Evacuated Players

May 14, 2012 09:08:48 GMT

Jeff Probst has uncovered a big twist on the upcoming season of "", which will take place in a brand new location in the Philippines. The host of the CBS reality game show opened up to Entertainment Weekly that there will be three returning players as the series returns for its 25th season this fall.

'Survivor: One World' Winner Is Kim Spradlin

May 14, 2012 02:46:06 GMT

Kim Spradlin has been declared the Sole Survivor of ": One World" in the all-women finale. Being deemed a frontrunner, she beat out Sabrina Thompson and Chelsea Meissner after Alicia Rosa and Christina Cha were voted out earlier in the May 13 episode.

'Survivor: One World' Cast Members and New Twists Announced

January 19, 2012 06:55:07 GMT

A month away before the premiere, ": One World" introduced the cast by featuring them in a picture and a video. As host Jeff Probst describes in the video, among the 18 contestants who come from different backgrounds, there are plenty of villains, some unique characters and a couple of smart people.

First Look at New Season of 'Survivor': Two Tribes Live Together

December 20, 2011 03:03:41 GMT

Having just crowned the 23rd season winner, "" is already looking forward to the new cycle. A sneak peek to the 24th season, which is subtitled "One World", was debuted during the Sunday, December 18 reunion show and the video has now landed online.

'Survivor: South Pacific' Crowns Unlikely Winner Sophie

December 19, 2011 04:27:17 GMT

": South Pacific" has ended with a surprising victory for Sophie Clarke. The medical student, who was widely seen as a dark horse, won most of the jury's votes when it was down to her, Benjamin "Coach" Wade and Albert Destrade in the race to win the grand prize.

'Survivor' Renewed for Two More Seasons, Premiere Date for 24th Cycle Announced

November 18, 2011 01:34:04 GMT

CBS will air at least three more seasons of "". The network has announced that it orders season 25 and 26 of the TV's longest-running reality competition, which will be filmed back-to-back this spring, to follow-up the upcoming 24th cycle.